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Found 55 results

  1. We can build walls and doors on level 3 carpentry, but there is for some reason not a single way to make a roof for your own base, unless u wait untill level 6 carpentry, build stairs and build a floor on a second story. So... Can we please get an abbility to build roofs? uwu
  2. After the latest update Carpentry Menu has disappeared from radial Menu. Have tried reinstalling the game and installing on different computer, removing mods, nothing helped. Even barricade windows is not working anymore. Version 41.43, have any ideas what could be done?
  3. 4000+ Downloads ! Thanks for supporting the Dowels ! This mod is an answer to my own suggestion here : http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/1043-les-chevilles-de-bois-carpentry-suggestion/ Handmade Wooden Dowels are pieces of wood that experimented roofmakers and cabinetmakers are using to build some "full wooden furnitures / structures" for cottage furnishing and strong roof structures. If you want to know how does it works or why is it so hard to use and why it's really something reallistic : I invite you to read my suggestion, I have added a lot of pictures and drawings to answer all that questions. MOD UPDATED for BUILD 36 Mod Informations : Download : Download on PZ-MOD : http://pz-mods.net/weapons-items/WoodenDowels/ Download on Git-Hub : https://github.com/JulienLaclaverie/PZ_WoodenDowels Download on Steam workshop : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=498634342 Installation (if not from Steamworkshop) : Extract in the folder : "C:\Users\USERNAME\Zomboid\mods" Changelog : Version 1.5 (release) - Carpentry level scaled angain to fit all crafts (new values & new crafts) - Compatible with Build 36 - Compatible with the new wall system - Compatible with the new dismantle system - Sawing dowels now makes the saw noise - New recipe ! You can now manage to craft one dowel from a treebrach - In order to make the mod more realistic, you can now use alternatives to the screwdriver to carve your dowels (Kitchen or Hunting knife) Version 1.4 - Carpentry level scaled to fit all crafts - Build 31 compatible Version 1.3 - New crafts added (Shelves, Bed, etc...) - Carpentry level +1 for all crafts (anticipating the Build 31 update) - Build 30 compatible Version 1.2 - Craft with nails bug is now solved you can now build with nails or dowels without bug - Destroying a furniture or wall crafted with dowels now drop dowels (and nails furniture drop nails) Version 1.1 - Now with a mod description - You can now craft drawers with dowels Version 1.0 - Updated for Build 26 - Updated for the last recipes Version 0.7 - fully balanced "Build with Dowels" recipes - level 5 is now required for strategical furnitures - more planks are needed Version 0.6 - balancing the "Build with Dowels" recipes - you need more dowels than nais to build something Version 0.5 - removed inapropriated crafts from the "Build with Dowels" Version 0.4 - Bugfix for the vanilla "build" menu - New build menu renamed "Build with Dowels" Version 0.3 - New "build" menu - Removed ability to find wodden dowels in crates - Added crafting recipe for wooden dowels Version 0.0.2 - Icon fully fonctional (thanks to Eggplanticus tutorial) - One icon selected and resized Version 0.1 - Added the dowel item - Designed 5 icons
  4. This idea popped in my mind as I was barricading one of my safe house exits and didn't really want to do it because I would be essentially going to deny my way out from that direction. So the idea is wooden door latches that could be built on the inside of doors and would allow you to open them from the inside only. something that would look like this: You'd need 2-3 wooden planks and 2-4 nails to build it. It would reinforce the door as much as a normal barricade and the one plank would be removable (when opening). This could also be the only way you could lock a self made door. Now atm doors open south and east? directions so all doors wouldn't work "realistically". so that's why there could be three vertical "bars" one on each side of the door and one on the door, then you'd just place the last plank as a barricade between the bars. This way if the door opens outwards NPCs aren't able to pull it open and it's also harder for the zombies to push it in. Now I think this goes above my mod making skills for now so that's why I put it as a suggestion if someone more experienced in coding could make this happen. I wouldn't mind it in vanilla but I decided to approach it this way... I've got some clydes stashed in my crib that I could share with ya fellas... Here's a taste:
  5. Can allow build because this furniture not set canBeAlwaysPlaced = false. but if set this string to false. Can't place anywhere. I think ISSimpleFurniture needs an extra validation to set canBeAlwaysPlaced to false(in this furniture), and let it place only on not occuppied walls.
  6. I had never built a metal roof until today, and having always used wood floors as roofs, I assumed by the description that the metal roof would be placed above me, not at my feet... It's interesting because the new(ish, for me anyway) system for picking up items is so much better than the building system, it's a shame the same ideas weren't carried across. It's especially difficult to get placement right if you're on a high level and want to line up with a structure below. With the devs saying they're adding underground levels sometime, it makes sense that the building system is upgraded to show more clearly what level you are building at. I suggest the current one-tile highlight is expanded vertically into a sort of wireframe column, with the ghost of the piece you are building at the same level as the player model. There should be keys to rotate or raise/lower the ghost before building. If the column is over the player, the player should be highlighted to indicate that the column is on the same tile, so if you're on a higher level it's easier to get oriented. The section of the column indicating the underground level could be in red, whilst those above could be varying shades of green to indicate height. Also, the same system that's used for destroying with a sledgehammer should be used for painting, as it's easy to paint through the wall you want to paint and paint the wall behind, even though you have no physical access. Some items - such as the aforementioned Metal Roof - should by default be placed at a certain position, i.e. above. Please just add wooden roofs too! It's not clear for example where wooden columns (under Walls) can be placed, sometimes they work and sometimes they don't, depending on whether they intersect a fence at a certain corner or something, I haven't worked it out. Maybe some info in the tooltip? Also, could there be an option to pause while building, so you can get the placement right without wasting time? THIS: (where is it going?) vs. THIS: (a bit clearer)
  7. IMHO a master carpenter should be able to uninstall a window 100% of the time, not 50%. In any case, it seems the chance is far lower. EDIT: 7 windows in this house, all failed and smashed... that doesn't seem like 50%.
  8. Hello, I have some troubles finding Hydrocraft trees to cut them down through craft menu. Can anyone tell me where should I try to find them? Thanks.
  9. Not sure whether it's the window or not, as there's one window wall I did manage to plaster. The one on the left won't work but the one on the right was OK: EDIT: still no option to plaster even though I removed the window:
  10. For some reason I can't salvage these road barriers, there's no right-click option and when I use the Pick Up Tool "Disassemble" option, it tells me I have the right tools but it's highlighted in red. I have already successfully salvaged similar road barriers, e.g. at the country club.
  11. Two related suggestions: - craftable drawbridge - when cellars are introduced (i.e. underground structures) will players be able to dig trenches? If so, will they fill up with water over time? Trench with water + drawbridge = moat! Also related, if players can dig trenches, surely there must be a max no. of corpses that can fit in it? Therefore there should really be a max no. of corpses that can fill any tile before they stack up enough to block the tile. Maybe then you would have to climb over them, and zombies could... OMG no!
  12. Faded

    Carpentry Bugs

    Hi, I have a few multiplayer carpentry bugs to report: 1) When building a new second floor on a server hosted via steam client, I cannot add wood floor tiles to extend the second floor to previous wooden floors that someone else built. If I restart the server, it seems to update the location of the new wooden floor tiles on the 2nd floor which will allow me to continue building from the wooden tiles that were not initially built by me. This seems to also affect wooden wall frames because I cannot build wooden wall frames on second floor wooden floor tiles that were not build by me until the server restart. A trick around this is to build a wooden floor tile on the same location from where there is already a wooden floor tile that was not built by the player in question, which will allow you to extend from that spot. 2) Sheet Rope: When building sheet rope on a server, it will not allow you to quick climb down using the E button until you restart the server? It seems to need to update/save the newly built sheet rope there before it will allow you to quick climb through. You can quick climb up no problem using E when it is built but the problem seems to be with climbing down. 3) You cannot drop antique outdoor lamps that are looted from houses with a screwdriver and electricity. When clicking and dragging to the floor or right clicking and selecting drop, they still stay in inventory. You can only drop them by putting them in a bag and dropping the bag or by building them on a wall.
  13. So I was hoping that at some point someone would introduce a way to make some base improvements that aren't in the game. The ability to move furniture was an AWESOME addition, however I still don't have a way to build or steal a fireplace, build certain kinds of walls and wall details, etc. One of my favorite things in game is making a cool base to show off in multiplayer, but without a bunch of cheats or just making a whole new map, I can't make my base look like a crazy torture dungeon or a medieval tavern, and that defeats the purpose. So if you all could please implement a way to steal fireplaces, or a way to steal wallpapers, or the wall details such as baseboards or wainscoting (I think that's what it's called?) eventually, that would make me pretty happy. =)
  14. So I was laying in bed last night and a thought ran across my mind: "When putting a door together, you don't use nails to put the hinges on, you use screws." I think by giving the door a "dismantle" option with a screwdriver in your inventory, you should be granted a door, two hinges, a door handle, and a few screws. All of these could also drop broken versions, planks and scrap metal, depending on how high your carpentry level is and how the D20 rolls. This would give screws a use in building doors, give players a chance to use the type of door they wanted for aesthetic reasons, and also drop scrap metal for use in the metal crafting (currently in IWBUMS).
  15. I don't know, if it's possible to implement some things in this post, so if I sound stupid, please correct me. The new stage system for carpentry is great, so why not expand it a little bit more? 1. Preparation Some kind of not required pre-buildings on a tile, foundations and other helpful stuff. Trench for the wall. Would require a shovel before and after installation of wall, but no consumables. Minor HP improve. Improved trench with wooden foundation. Requires some planks and a shovel. Moderate HP improve. Even better trench filled with concrete. High HP improvement. Supports from the sides. Requires plank (Or stick) and some sharp thingie like a knife or a saw. Moderate HP improve. Not compatible with concrete trench. Stacks of materials. Piles of logs, planks and metal. Could work like a container-furniture with only 1 time of item allowed (Could it be done? Like the keyrings.) © BayCon 2. Correct tools Bonus points for having all tools needed in inventory! If items like: Hammer. It's a basic item for most building recipes, but it would be cool, if one could use crude tools (Stone hammers, stones, etc), instead, to make less sturdy walls. Saw. Isn't usually required, but could be an additional tool, that can improve wall's HP. Ruler. Could come in 3 versions - school ruler, smallest HP improvement; rolling ruler, small HP improvement, but has very low "weight"; special ruler for building, that has some liquid in it, so you couldn't make a wry wall for the best HP. Chisel. Both for metal and woodworking. Pencil/pen and paper, simulating that character is making blueprints, thus decreasing building time. Toolbox. Similar to current First Aid Kit, contains all needed tools for building, but is very rare loot. 3. The last, but not least Repairing walls. with some planks/metal in exchange for unusable wood/metal. What do you think about it? Leave a like and subscribe!
  16. Inspired by zombie flipping fence on it's side instead of completely ripping it to shreds. I like current wall HP system, but what if very large horde just pushed it with all it's might? It wouldn't be completely destroyed, it would just lie on the ground, without any point. So, I suggest to add to zombies and walls something like this: Each tile of wall has some "Stability". When on a tile near it attacks it looses x points of stability per some amout of time. Or when zombie walks into the wall. When there is no zombies nearby stability slowly regenerates to some point. When wall looses all it's stability points it flips on the side, allowing to walk through, without vanishing. So the player could repair with less materials than crafting new wall. Supports could add stability points to any wall, depending on the direction it facing. And, bring some eye-candy to the fortifications.
  17. TL/DR : Get new electrical cable in game (14/2 gage), be able to make makeshift electrical post, connect generator from a safe distance. I was reading some posts in steam discussion and I thought that this would be a good idea : having some electrical cable and being able to connect a generator far from one's base. Right now, you need to connect generator close to your base or at least where you keep your food. This has two major drawbacks : (1) noise attrack zombies, (2) risk of explosion (when condition is low). Seems to me in a zombie appocalipse, as soon I'd notice a zombie lurking near my generator I'd move it as far as is reasonable from my base. If possible I'd put it on a now dead electrical tower and run a rope bridge or some such to it so I can reach it safely without crossing zombies... but that's just me. I was thinking along the lines of making some electical posts (like lamp post, but with cable attached to it). Would require pretty much the same thing as a lamp post, but the lamp (and rope?) would be replaced by electrical cable and 1-2 extra (bent) nails to hold the cable in place. The cable required would definitely not be the one in game, it's too small and weight next to nothing. I'm talking about standard 14/2 cable that could be found mostly at hardware store and in garages. According to the info I found, it's about half a pound (232 grams) per meter including the spindle. That's to simplify things (because they have maximum recommended intensity and minimal operating temperature). If we wanted more realism and keep on track with the scavenging part of the game, we could chop down old electrical post to get log and higher grade of cable. Now, to keep it simple, I'd suggest that you'd need one post every few squares (5?) that would effectively extend the range of the generator of 5 in both direction of that post. Any thoughts?
  18. It's the end of the world. You just watched your neighbor's home get smashed through. They simply pounded on the door until there wasn't one. Heaved themselves at the windows until all that was left was broken glass, blood, and gore. You wake up in a cold sweat. Was that wildlife scurrying through the underbrush? Or was that one of them? Have they found you? Your walls. Your walls keep you safe, you remind yourself. You worked hard to get the materials together. Spent day, after backbreaking, awful day building the framework, setting the rebar, pouring the cement, and waiting. Waiting with desperate, fervent hope that it would set before it was too late. The chain hoist, wrapped to the tree. It was a desperate gambit, but piece by piece, you raised those walls, slid them to fit together, reinforced them internally. Inside those walls of stone and metal, you are safe from the gnawing, hungry masses. They would break themselves upon the rock. Now if only you were as safe from the rest of the world. From starvation, sickness. From those who would take what you have. Your walls, your safety. Your life. --- Pardon the dramatic entry. My suggestion is simple; to give us more uses for concrete, and to add rebar as a construction material, and maybe a weapon. Concrete and rebar walls should be something to strive for. Something difficult to achieve. Having the skill and knowledge is only part of the equation. Finding the materials, having the mechanical advantage, waiting for the cement to cure and harden... Give us the ability to create concrete constructions... and make us pay in blood and tears to try and make it happen.
  19. Planks could be sawn for building wooden blocks, these blocks could be used in different ways in carpentry, also would not be balanced using a whole and heavy plank to make a small, lightweight mortar. the mortar and pestle should be a consumable item, not with only one use. I think the drinking fountain, those with a blue gallon above, should function as BBQ that use propane. the crowbar should also can be used to unlock doors and unbarricade. these are some ideas that could be added to the game
  20. It'd be pretty nice late-game to have a glass skylight to light up your house/room on sunny days and moonlight nights. Problem is, so far as I've seen there's no way to remove glass without breaking it. So why not change that? Bring knife, cut polyurethane/tar free, receive Glass Sheet ready for use. Maybe require more than one sheet for skylights like the one on the Convenience Store near the medical office.
  21. While I don't particularly think they need "bars" perse, I think it'd be nice for a medium to high level carpenter to know when walls, barricades, and other constructs have been damaged and in need of replacement/repair. A right click on the construct and "check status" option would be nice. Realistically, a person of moderate (maybe even little or no) skill would be able to see that a board is loose and falling off of a barricade or wall.
  22. After looking at setting up a long term residence with renewable food supply, It came to my attention that rain barrels for collection is implemented but there is not an "efficient" way to direct water to moderate / large size food plots. A solution for this would be to place a rain barrel(s) elevated so that gravity can act as the pumping mechanisim and attaching a gated trough or valved piping system to do the initial dispersment to the crop rows. With trencing dug between rows to allow for watering of the adjacent crop tiles. Gated trough recipe could / should be a lvl 4 Carpentry given that collection is made available at that level, and consist of 4 planks + 5 Sturdy sticks + 10 nails + 1 rope. Water trough extensions would require only 3 planks + 6 nails Pipe with valve assembly could potentially be salvaged from drained sinks or commodes, or alternatively implemented as a drop at appropriate locations on the map. Same argument could be made for the raw pipe itself. Difference between the two would be the piped structure could also direct water into a housing structure for renewable indoor plumbing via barracaded opening in wall. Could also be interesting in multiplayer as well since water collection would have to be secured else risk tampering / poisioning ( rotten food , zombie corpse in the well, etc.)
  23. Originally I started this in the mod suggestion forum as a temporary "hey wouldn't it be nice if..." http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/16106-farming-water-management-irrigation/ However the more I've thought about it I see it as a necessity for any long term ( more than 2 week game time ) setttlement / safe haven, while not breaking the z-realisim factor.
  24. Just found my first Sledgehammer and I said ''Cool! Now I can take down those doors I wanna break for hinges and planks. Maybe even get myself some more planks from some wooden houses I saw.'', but, when I destroyed my first door IT LEFT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BEHIND. Then tried with house's wall, same result. With a wooden wall I built? Same result.... It's as if more than a sledgehammer, it was a sort of ''Delete'' button that magically disintegrates everything it touches. Why is that? Why can a humble hammer or ax demolish a door more realistically than a sledge? Why do demolished walls don't leave a single bit of rubble? This turns the rare and sought-after sledgehammer in little more than just a big eraser you can use to remove stuff (something which, by itself, is pretty unrealistic. See my other thread for ideas about these furniture issues.) When destroyed by a sledge, doors should behave just like when this is done by a hammer or axe, same for anything player-built. Normal house parts should leave behind different stuff depending on their material; wooden fences and walls should leave planks, roofs should leave roof tiles (which should be used for building a roof instead of just Wooden Floor-ing everything), metallic walls should leave scrap metal or metal plates, etc. I'm really surprised this hasn't been implemented yet.
  25. Here are three new items with their respective mechanics that would flawlessly fit this game: 1. Ladders Ever seen one of these? These foldable metal ladders (which are rather commonplace in garages, construction sites and tool shops) would make quite a great addition to the game. First, they could be used to access the second-floor window of a house you were trying to get into. The downside would be that the zeds could knock it down as you are climbing and send you to your death (or a lot of fractures if you happen to survive). Also, they could be useful for building roofs to our bases, instead of having to waste wood and nails on building a freaking stair. They should be pretty rare (sorta like Sledges, which are hard to find), but completely indestructible. Another downside would be that you wouldn't be able to put it on your pack; you'd have to carry it in both hands (just like with a corpse) and its great weight (I think 10lbs would be a good weight) would slow you down. 2. Machetes No zombie game or movie is complete without one of these, and the same goes for pretty much every garden shed. Currently, the most practical weapons in PZ are always Blunt weapons (with the sole exception of the Axe, which is pretty uncommon); all Bladed weapons either do too little damage, break too fast or have a range so short you end up getting bitten. The addition of a machete to that list would help to balance against the more advantageous Blunt weapons like the Crowbar and the Baseball Bat (Nailed or not). Because the Axe is on the same level of rarity of the Sledge (which would be its Blunt counterpart) and given its wood-chopping capabilities, most ppl prefer (or at least so I've seen) to use it exclusively for lumberjack'n. Machetes should be the Bladed counterpart of the Crowbars; uncommon but not that rare, weighty but durable, and with a real good damage. They would also be found on the same places as Crowbars (crates, tool sheds, hardware stores, etc) which wouldn't make it to hard for them to be implemented. 3. Fire Extinguishers Technically, these are ALREADY in game, but they serve as much purpose as combs and toothbrushes (according to the Wiki, at least). But, let's be honest, we've all gotten our safehouse consumed by flames at least once. So, at the moment we see the flames emerging, why shouldn't we be able to grab one of these and put them out before they do more damage? It would require the same mechanics of a shotgun; just wear them in both hands aim at the flames and unleash a cone of CO2 upon them. However, they would run out after a few uses, just like a paint can. Not to mention they would be quite noisy and probably attract some zeds. Given they wouldn't have any combat use, they'd probably be pretty common. They could be found at houses' kitchens, offices, shops, schools, storehouses; in fact, they'd be found in lots and lots of places. Thing is, many of them would probably have little charge left or be plain empty. And, you wouldn't be able to refill them in any way; it takes a lot of specific tools and materials to get such task done, and it wouldn't be possible in a post-apoc setting. 3. Nightsticks Commonplace in many zombie games, and some places in real life too. So I was pretty surprised that I didn't found any of these in the police station. They would be a decent Blunt Weapon; less range than the Bat, but with a faster swing and much more durable. (Police Officer and Security Guard Jobs could come with a swing speed bonus to it, kinda like Axe Man does for Firemen and Lumberjacks). As for places to find it, Police Stations or any place that may require a guard (Like Banks, some Offices, Stores and Supermarkets, etc ), and sometimes maybe in the corpse of a zombie. (Zombie Cops should be a thing too) 4. Mops/Brooms Who doesn't have one of these at home or has seen the one the janitor of your office uses? They're not exactly a deadly weapon, tho (Unless you're Rei Miyamoto from Highschool of the Dead...). They'd be the shovel's weaker but more commonplace cousin; long range and lightweight but prone to breaking and rather weak. However, they'd be utterly common, and clearly a much better weapon choice than a pencil or your bare hands. 5. Wrench/Spanner Now were's a commonplace favorite I can't believe I forgot about! And although they're not common in people's houses or garden sheds (unless you're the handyman type or the ''Screw mechanics, I'll fix my own car!'' type), they'd be omnipresent on Auto Repairs, Hardware Stores and maybe even the trunks of cars and trucks (when they get added, that is). Combat-wise, they'd be the crowbar's bigger cousin; heavier but deadlier too, yet not as strong as the Sledge. Plus, now that the new Engineer Job that comes on at Build 32, they'd make a fitting weapon for them, or maybe even have some purpose disassembling stuff (it takes more than a Screwdriver to dismantle freezer) . Not to mention that if you're female, you could call yourself a Wrench Wench, one with a mighty Wrench Whack
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