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  1. **** Wanted **** The Bedford Militia is looking for location of the bandit known as Smashy, Wanted on Charges of Murdering the 2nd in Command of the Bedford Militia after enlisting. I great reward will be given when the location of His Bandit Group has been made known to and verified by Militia Forces. Anyone seen assisting this man will be considered a Bandit as well and will join his fate of Trial By Bullets****** Bedford is under the protection of the Militia, the world may have ended by we are still humans, and as such Their is still Law in the Streets, I am your Judge, I am Your Jury, Harm my City or its remaining Citizens and you will face Justice and the hand of my Shotgun. Those who would like to be the last voice of reason in this dark world, Enlist with Me and help us reclaim our fair city from the hands of the undead. Commander Salvag3 Bedford Militia
  2. ok so in like 11 hours the server will come down then ? if im doing my math right
  3. I'll be giving up my bandit ways after the reset, and reforming my milita, talk to me in game to find out how to join. Milita Back ground, after the fall Salvage ( Me ) a old army vet started to rally together any and all survivors he could find. Staying true to his vow to defend this nation from all threats but forgien and domestic. The militia is made up of both fighters, scouts and non combatants ( ie farmers, fishermen, lumber jacks ) we defend the groups of survivors from both the zombies ( house to house, street to street sweeps ) and hunt down bandits. If you want to join a group of highly organized / well armed and supplied players talk to me in game and we can get you setup. The zombies are going to be harder, we will need to stick together.
  4. Well I think we can all agree that eating babies is just bad news bears lol.
  5. Yeah it would be to much to watch a baby torn apart by zombies it's just in poor taste.
  6. So I was wondering are their plans to allow players to swim / walk into water ? It just seemed a bit silly to have to walk all the way around the lake/streams in Bedford because I can't walk across a two tile wide creek with out building a bridge.
  7. Just one more thing, because it just keeps coming up in a lot of people's post about the time it would take in real life to do some of these things. You guys don't seem to have a problem with being able to build a house in a few days to a week with the way carpentry works, or how you can build a house with just nails and a hammer. Or being able to cut down 20 trees and turn them into wood planks with no back ground skill in woodworking is just a few hours. Nor do you seem to have any worries about crops going from seeds, to seed bearing fully mature plants with fruit in a matter of days and it taking no time at all to harvest seeds or being able to grow strawberries in December. Because let's face it it would not be fun to wait two growing Seasons to get your carrots to grow seeds like in real life, it would not be fun for it to take 6 months to build single room house by your self. It's a game it's fun to be able to build all kinds of things even if you can fine something just as good maybe you just want to see your guy in chain mail vs a leather jacket. 1) could a person in real life in KY make/find, make shift armor or body armour/ equipment that would havefer protection from damage ? Yes for sure 2) is it something that could be done with out rewriting a the game ? Yes you could add armor with out rewriting the game 3) does it fit with feel of Zomboid ? A huge part of the game is looting and crafting so yes here too 4) would it make the game to easy ? No it would not if their was a trade off and it was balanced, make body armor super rare to find, make certain armor better for different things ( flack jacket dosent help vs zombies much but help vs bullets, riot gear is great vs bullets and zombies but is hard to find, hard to repair, takes up most of your personal body space, is hot as he'll in the summer, hinders mobility ) 5) Would it add to the game play enough to make it wroth adding ? I would say yes, it would be super fun to make armor from spare bits, it would be cool as hell to find and collect bits of a riot suite and have it save your life when your safe house comes under attck from armed bandits ect ect. Thx for the read sorry I write a lot in my posts.
  8. I think one thing a lot if people are missing about the idea of armoring your self is important to note, in most cases we are talking about equipment to stop bites, and fingernails, not blades and bullets. I mean if I gave you my soccer shin guards or my fieldshear riding jacket I would enjoy seeing how long it takes you to claw/chew your way though it, or bite your way through foot ball pads. I don't care if you even have the idea the zombies are super strong ( and Proper Zeds are not any stronger than you or I, they in fact would start getting weaker as they decay, the just don't tire like us warm bloods do ) the human teeth just don't have the right shape to cut through a lot of human made stuff, at least the stuff you would protect your self with. Give this a try on your own or a buddies arm, wrap a magazine around it then tape it in place with duct tape, then they to bite through it, in the end I think you will find that you end up with a bruise not a bite. point two, with about a days time I could take a street sign down, bend and shape it with pliers and metal shears file down the sides, then drill a few holes around the edges so you can attach padding and have some holes to tie the back and front togetherr on your body and in the matter of 8-10 hours of work you have a Breast plate. You follow a pretty similar plan to make arm and leg guards. Now would this be loud when you move around ? Yeah prolly. Would it take time to put on and take off ? Yeah prolly, would fighting take more out of you and reduce you skills until you got used to it, yeah prolly, but ... Would you be more protected from bites and scratches gonna go with with yes . Another really important thing to note, like in my example you would not be trying to make things starting from scratch. It ate a lot of work and skill to turn a iron bar into metal links, it takes no skills to bend heavy gauge wire into links, nor would it take a lot of skill to cut apart soda cans layer them, sinch them down and then insert them into the arms or sew onto a heavy jacket, besides places like miltary surplus stores carry stuff like balastic helmets, flak jackets, ect ect. You really think the gun store in WP has not a single piece of protective equipment in it ? Or that the cops had no riot gear ? Bullet proof vests ? Where is the dirt bike gear and motorcycle gear you really think that here In he south in a rural spot like this you won't find a fair share of riders ? I ride and Own 4 jackets and my wife owns 2 I don't see us taking more than 1 each of we were packing to get out of town before zombies. In short protection from bites is a need, people would very quickly address the need people would not just settle for a sweater and call it good.
  9. So first off I just to say I'm not trying to beat a dead horse, nor am I looking to flame anyone, nor am I looking to start a text war like I have seen on some of the other posts on this topic line. That being said after reading a few of the other post in regards to smithing I just thought it would be nice to take a different look at the idea. I only feel the need because, well some of the things I read don't make sense. I grew up with a father that was a civil and mech engineer, he loved to tinker and he loved to work with his hands, he also loved to repair/reinvent things. One our fav things to do was to drive around in his beat up truck and grab stuff people threw away and make it useful again. I work with my hands a lot, I grew up in MO here in the states, friends had farms that I worked on and I also managed a light construction, and landscaping company for about 5 years ,It will make sense why I'm bringing all this up in a bit. 1) the idea that your player learns skills at any sort of reasonable rate in regards to carpentry or farming is absurd, both these skills take years to master. It's one thing to be a farm hand and be told to dig a ditch or bail some hay, it's a whole different beast to harvest seeds by hand and to tend crops. Building a multi level dwelling is much the same way, it's even more silly to try to do these things with out the proper tools ( level, protractor, measuring tape, chisel, sand paper, L-joints, bracing fixtures ect ect) the idea that some one can go from no skill in wood working to being able to build a house with a saw hammer and nails in a matter of a week or two is silly. These are skills that in old times you were raised into, taught your whole life to master. But it's how it is because it's a game, and it's fun this way so why would smithing need to be so ultra realistic either. 2) a forge can be built by the avg guy, not some crazy thing that takes weeks to build ,but cinder blocks stacked and then covered with dirt to form a mound will work for making a basic forge ( I know because I have made one ). Need a anvil? there's construction site that have I-beams just laying there get a metal saw from the hard ware store and spend a day cutting a small section off one, now you have a totally flat class 2 tempered steal ready to go anvil. Just get 2 buddies or a wheel barrel/shopping cart or car to get it back home ( all things that may be in the pipe line ) Need fuel ? Get charcoal from the super market. Need something to protect u from the heat? Go to the fire dept and get a fire fighting outfit and use your knife to make it work. The parts would be all over the place for someone that wanted to make it happen. 3) you wouldn't need ore as some people have said, you have a world of already to go metal all around you: rebar, street signs, nails, shell casings, coins, silverware, car bumpers, tin cans you would never run out of metal, there's also a lot that would take way less work to turn into a weapon like a lawn mower blade ( heat it, flatten it, grind it, sharpen it, add glue and the a handle and now you have a short sword/club, or really how much work would it take to turn a sturdy garden hoe into a spear. 4) as for it not breaking the Game balance that seems easy too, no skill books past level 2-3 I'm sure the public library in your small town has some books that would give the avg joe some useful tips on making stuff in a forge, or how shaping metal in gen works, but for the good stuff to be built you need to invest lots of time and resources into learning what your doing. Make weapons at the low tier no better than stuff u can find, or have their durability crappy until you get more skill, and make the combines take a long time. Want 100 nails great ! Well spend two days in game making them and have someone watching your back to deal with the Zeds that pounding a hammer on metal is going to make, and be sure to have a great supply of water and food, cause that forage is hot and it's hard work swinging a hammer all day. 5) the need overcomes the difficulty, what I mean is that if you have no nails and you need to make your home safer, would you just say "well there's no more nails guess the zombies are gonna get me" or would you find some way to make something happen ? Your player is a survivor that's what survivors do, the beat the odds, they make it happen, they figure out ways to over come problems. In short 1) would it be fun to build your own/reconfigure/salvage your own tools and weapons ? I vote yes 2) is it something that the avg person could do ? Well at some point a long time ago all over the world people figured it out and I have done some basic stuff ,so I'm gonna go with yes 3) is it in keeping with the Romero lore ? Gonna have to go with yes, it seems like salvaging and rebuilding is very much a coroner stone of a zombie Apoc. Sorry the post was so long thank you for reading, please add your constructive comments PS: anyone that thinks I'm off base with the farming/wood working please try one of two things before you counter, go cut a sapling down, and then try to make a plank with a bow/hacksaw and post your finished product here with the amount of time it took you to make it. Or go talk to a Amish farmer and find out how to harvest seeds from the stuff you can grow in zomboid.
  10. Zombies would have to be able to climb too then, we have all seen the movies getting on top of a car won't save you when your surrounded by 20 Zeds. I'm not saying that they climb walls like in 28 days later but 50 zombies press against a wall, ones in the back end up pushing the ones at the front to the bottom and pretty soon the have made a ramp of undeath and are getting over. They would be able to pull them selves over counter tops just like when they come though windows ect ect.
  11. I love building, it's my fav thing to do in zomboid, now that multi player is here it's great to build forts and homes for myself and other players. My idea is two fold: 1) have the ability to open a construction menu that you would need a notebook/paper and pen/pencil to use. With it open you can build just like you build in game but all you would be doing is making a plan, you could then gather mats and while holding the plan or by reading the plan you can just tell your guy to start building and he follows the building plan. This would allow you to do a few things, see the materials your going to need to build it, also more than one copy of the plan could be made with a copy plan option or the ability to study and learn the plan. That way two or more people could be on the same page as far as building with less micro managing. 2) a way besides stairs to go up a level because it can be down right silly to build something like a 6x6 wide watch tower 4 levels up, the construction process ends up looking like some thing out of a MC Essier painting. A ladder or something that's not 4 tiles long would be helpful.
  12. I does I have been following zomboid for quite a while now, I guess I wua confused by the steam updates and "betas" I was foolishly under the impression the game had moved to a beta stage. Thx Rathlord and keep up the great work the game has come a long way and gets better with every update.
  13. So I know that new weapons are a confirmed yes, and armor a maybe but I was wondering if you have a list of weapons / Armor that you would like to add, it just seems that with multi player now added the ability to have weapons that have synergy would be and important add on. What I mean is something like a spear ( one of the most basic weapons man has made) would be super effective at killing zombies and much safer than a knife/bat/axe. Made even more safe if the guy in front of you had any kind of shield. Also armor that could save you from a bite or scratch would be pretty easy to find/make motor cycle gear/ sporting goods/ magazines and duck tape, leather belts stitched or tapped together ? It just seems like in a game that's so focused on being able to craft stuff to help you survive is lacking in that dept. In the real world weapons and armor would be just as high up on the list as food and water in terms of what your gonna need to make it. I hope this post doesn't rub anyone the wrong way I'm not trying to bash your game or dev skills in any way, I think this is the best zombie game ever, I'm just trying to understand what you guys are thinking a little bit better.
  14. I mean or a root caller, it's really just a hole in the ground the size if a small room, fill it with straw and boom food lasts way longer than it would in the open air. Maybe once snow is part of the game you could collect it , pack it into sand bags and line your root feller with it then cover that with straw, it keeps the hard packed snow from melting for months and will make a root cellar like 50 all the way through summer.
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