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  1. "I can see my house from here. WHOOPS!"
  2. I think the degree at which you are cold should be a factor. If it was a sunny, calm, sixty degrees Fahrenheit, should be easy to get, or stay warm. If you're edging into frostbite territory, in a stormy 20 degree before factoring windchill situation... well... not so much. In agreement with Kat on preventative measures. We need harder Kentucky winters... blizzards and high winds, and all that "I'm literally buried in my own house" fun. [For anyone who has never experienced this? Not actually fun. Would be even less fun with the living dead slowly clawing their way towards your location.]
  3. I'm not big on arbitrarily punishing a player with death, maybe in concert with mitigating and exacerbating factors, such as an increased chance due to height, or null-lightning if indoors. [We would need to see construction revamped to count ceiling/floor for internal/external spaces, if this hasn't already been done.] Lightning, I think, should only happen during rain, which should prevent fire from spreading. The treeline density is ... well, it would make things very interesting if this just kept happening. Fog, though? Heavy rain limiting visibility/audio? I'm all for these things. Every weather type should have some impact on the situation.
  4. It's the end of the world. You just watched your neighbor's home get smashed through. They simply pounded on the door until there wasn't one. Heaved themselves at the windows until all that was left was broken glass, blood, and gore. You wake up in a cold sweat. Was that wildlife scurrying through the underbrush? Or was that one of them? Have they found you? Your walls. Your walls keep you safe, you remind yourself. You worked hard to get the materials together. Spent day, after backbreaking, awful day building the framework, setting the rebar, pouring the cement, and waiting. Waiting with desperate, fervent hope that it would set before it was too late. The chain hoist, wrapped to the tree. It was a desperate gambit, but piece by piece, you raised those walls, slid them to fit together, reinforced them internally. Inside those walls of stone and metal, you are safe from the gnawing, hungry masses. They would break themselves upon the rock. Now if only you were as safe from the rest of the world. From starvation, sickness. From those who would take what you have. Your walls, your safety. Your life. --- Pardon the dramatic entry. My suggestion is simple; to give us more uses for concrete, and to add rebar as a construction material, and maybe a weapon. Concrete and rebar walls should be something to strive for. Something difficult to achieve. Having the skill and knowledge is only part of the equation. Finding the materials, having the mechanical advantage, waiting for the cement to cure and harden... Give us the ability to create concrete constructions... and make us pay in blood and tears to try and make it happen.
  5. Thought; Tie it to carpentry. [Action; Inspect structure] At zero to three, you get "Undamaged" [>75%] "Damaged" [>25] "Failing" At four to seven, "Damaged" [>50%] "Very damaged" [>25]. At 8 or higher, just show a health bar as we walk past the given structure, since we have the chops to eyeball the situation with some degree of accuracy.
  6. Love the sense of humor. Seriously though, I'm looking forward to being able to use the furniture. That ... that is planned, right?
  7. I don't know about you, but if society as I know it were to fall apart, one of the first things I'd be packing is a pen and a notebook. In the event that you have to leave everything you've ever known behind, and go fates only know where, trying to evade death at every turn... something has to keep your mind occupied when you're holed up in a gas station crawl space for the night. So I suggest a collection of travel logs to be found on zombies throughout the end of the world. A paragraph here, a bloodstained chapter there, no complete stories, simply a diary from when they first knew it was all coming to an end until their death. What they were thinking, who they missed, what they wished they hadn't left behind. Hopes, fears, love and loss. Can we perhaps create a forum category to submit these and maybe [how exciting would this be?] see our submissions in game? Can we talk a dev into writing a few [hundred?] out to give us something to read around [Or feed to] the campfire?
  8. I've been leaving notepads with descriptors in my varying containers. It would be a lot easier for me to be able to just mark the container itself.
  9. I'm in agreement here, if you don't have the time to put together an update package, I'm sure there are plenty of people (myself included.) who would be happy to put together a draft for revision and potential publication. Alone, or in collaboration as a community. There's no benefit to not putting out at least the occasional image update. A stagnant advertisement says worse than nothing about the company, and equally so the product. I know it's not exactly high on the priorities list of the development team, but I hope you'll give my objections genuine consideration. The game has come much too far to be adequately represented by the current page.
  10. I'm honestly having a hard time wrapping my mind around not being able to create a stair-type object that faces other directions. If the visibility cut is the issue, then a highlighted base floor texture could mark out the placement of the stairs [While explaining why there's suddenly a wall in the middle of the room.] Still, this isn't really a huge deal to me. I don't build many stairs... [Which raises a host of questions regarding the whys and hows of our constructions, no?]
  11. One of the more interesting things a gymnast ever taught me is how to properly jump, and properly land. It's a pretty deep topic, a lot of physics, and the like. But the bare bones of it is that with good training, and a moment's preparation before a jump, one can fall quite a fair distance with minimal risk of injury in the process if they know -how-. [Or get lucky.] A lot of it has to do with how you land, stiff joints, poor balance, or the inability to properly roll out the impact can really ruin your day, even from a short fall. If you tense, panic, or just plain have no say over what part of you is touching the ground first, you're going to be worse for the wear. But a gymnast, a free runner, a track team jumper, a dancer, anyone who's made it through military training (Especially those prone to jumping out of planes!] all of these people probably have a good idea of what they're doing, what they need to do to get out of it with working legs. So my proposal is one of these, or something akin to it: 1: A skill specifically for landing that reduces fall damage by one story. A single story fall is fine. Two story fall becomes one, in terms of damage. Three would be as [almost] invariably fatal as a normal two story fall. 2: Nimble adds a new bonus, reducing fall damage overall by X% by level, effectively cutting it by 50% at max.
  12. ... You can make a coolant with things you'd probably find pretty common in and around farms. Ammonium nitrate is the key here. It's a fertilizer, and a common ingredient in instant cold packs. If you mix this with water, it will dramatically reduce that water's temperature. The ammonium nitrate and water mixture creates an endothermic reaction (It absorbs heat from the surroundings) which lowers the temperature of those surroundings. Given time this is sufficient to freeze the water in the bowl. Kind of a neat little science experiment, though thanks to certain high-profile fertilizer "incidents", you're probably better off not getting the materials to try this at home. Here's a video though, pretty cool stuff. Edited to add; In regards to long-term cold storage, good insulation, and a basement are your best friends.
  13. Anvils aren't actually terribly hard to make. In fact, the in game map supplies you with everything you need to make a small, respectably portable and sturdy anvil! The rail line that runs through it. Old rail lines are good, heavy steel and with a little patience, [Okay, a -lot- of patience if you're using hand tools and a welding torch.] it wouldn't be impossible, or even very far fetched to make a suitable anvil. Also, oxy/gasoline welding is doable, but it burns on the hot side. It performs similarly to acetylene in most respects but I think is actually more stable. Don't take my word on that though. I'm no chemist.
  14. As a player with a low-end pc, I appreciate how hard everyone is working to continue to make this game functional on older/cheaper machines. But as a member of the community, and a passionate believer in the mission, please don't sacrifice a great game over my ten year old hardware. What you have is something special, and it deserves all the love and attention it can get, regardless of whether or not my old rig can run it. My suggestion, and my humble, heartfelt request is that if a choice must be made, please put your vision ahead of my frame-rate. I want it to be the best zombie not-survival game on the market.
  15. There are ways one might search for water, relying on specific geological and topographical features to give clues. A good example of one such clue is to search for a place where the local grasses and weeds are thriving, even if the surrounding areas are not. It suggests that there is a water table beneath that soil. But yes, not just anyone is going to know that, and not every well is going to yield results.
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