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  1. I noticed in the latest update, that the weight is sporadic... Now I know that there are a lot of questions and suggestions about the weight of items, however when I can carry a weight of 8 and I am at full weight (8/8), and I add something to my inventory at 1 it goes to 9.... I then add it to an equipped bag, my main inventory then jumps to 11. I take it out of the bag and put it back in my main and it jumps to 13! What's going on here?
  2. Honestly, I think the weight system is fine. I have clothing, hammer, axe, saw, nails, bat and two bags and I can carry 12 planks. As for the number of planks used for wall construct... the walls change in look and strength depending on the level of experience at craft. Therefore, based on that, the higher the lever of craft xp (I.e. stronger, prettier walls) the more planks should be used. Thats if they want it realistic. P.s. Gou- agreed, carts would be nice. Though they do plan on implementing cars later on
  3. Hey guys, some of you may have read this suggestion earlier, however after reading a post about suggestions, I thought I would make it easier to understand. One thing I would like to see implemented into Project Zomboid is the modification/upgrade of constructed features, I.e. (wooden walls, crates, wooden doors, frames ect.) The idea behind this is that as your character levels their construction abilities, they can then upgrade features previously constructed without having to tear them down (whilst losing marerials) and rebuilding them.
  4. well one of the newest updates made the sleep a bit quicker so im happy
  5. hey everyone, it may just be me, and maybe there are some things I haven't read yet that are going to be implemented later on, or have been recently but here goes... I would love to be able to "Modify" / "Upgrade" construction projects, i.e walls, floors, doors, crates, etc. so that as you level your construction ability you are able to change the strength and look of objects built in lower levels... On that same note, if that is not going to be something considered... (if we must tear down walls, etc, to replace them with new ones) can there be an option (right click a wall or item) for destroy like there is with furniture? I had walls built and a crate full of wood planks near the wall. I took down the wall and the crate and everything inside disappeared... Sleep...Takes forever... I understand it is good for the ambiance of the game. but can there at least be a way to wake the character? (have them be not fully rested, or drowsey?)
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