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  1. I really awaited some of the fixes. Thanks!
  2. Rather self explanatory in attachments. Only equippable after putting in left hand then right clicking and equipping on both. It wasn't caused by any mods too, since I don't got any on. It's quite gamebreaking since when you need to re-equip a certain weapon (and it's two handed) then you might be screwed.
  3. Once you press the random button, job specific clothing become unavailable until you change jobs back and forth in the skills menu.
  4. I don't know how to capture any footage of this, but pretty much when I mass used vitamins, the animation stopped replaying after a bunch of times and it just was a standard idle animation with the green progress bar above my character. Not sure if intended, but I'll let you know anyway.
  5. The recipe doesn't show up in neither filter or general survivalist tab. I'm currently kind of stuck since I'm in a sticky situation and I need a quick recipe since I'm worried that the axe will get me exhaused and killed D:
  6. As stated above, it reoccurs on various containers. It was just one instance that I noticed in the IWBUMS, but yeah. It exists.
  7. Rather self explanatory. Look for attachment.
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