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  1. Would like everything Strepan mentions, though I think vehicle modification should be quite extensive - reinforcing the chassis and other major components, in addition to different types of passive weapons and armour, eg. a cow-catcher, wire mesh and/or bars over/instead of windows, that sorta stuff. Nothing too mad-max but just enough options for the player's vehicle to be able to be somewhat unique. These would have course make the car heavier, slower to accelerate, harder to handle, less fuel-efficient and harder on its tires, suspension, brakes etc - the player could balance this out by stripping out non-essentials and using different parts. That said, realistically, I think you probably could run over a zombie at low speeds without doing significant damage to the vehicle or occupants - doing so to a zombie at a time, 100 times over, I don't think would make much of a difference. Rather, I think cars should have a risk of getting their wheels caught in piles of corpses so it's more risky to use against crowds. With the changes to damage to vehicles from hitting zombies, I think cars should preserve much more intertia at medium and high speeds, especially if they're on the heavier side. On the subject of vehicles in general, something else I'd like to see is being able to use "seats" for both passengers and cargo, regardless of whether there's a seat installed - currently that just means even more empty space, but for some reason you aren't allowed to use it. For passengers, it could mean they're much more susceptible to damage from crashes - cargo could be dropped/damaged on crashes, especially if the boot's open or the car's missing doors.
  2. If we want to be pedantic about it (I always do!), they aren't quite the same dimensionally and 5.56 is loaded to higher pressures than .223 - making it inadvisable to attempt to fire 5.56 out a gun chambered in .223. That said, an M16 (and other firearms chambered in 5.56) would be still able to feed and fire .223 in addition to its native 5.56. I imagine the reason you can't do so in-game is because of development/mechanical limitations, ie whether the game can allow for different rounds being loaded into the same magazine type, and whether it can track two different cartridge types loaded in the same mag. I'd guess the answer is no, and is probably way more trouble than it'd be worth to implement considering the very limited roles firearms currently play in the game. A reasonable compromise though might be for .223 to be converted to 5.56 when loaded into a 5.56 mag, and potentially vice-versa. Or even more simply, have them both share .223 and eliminate 5.56 as a calibre in the game.
  3. In summary, the ability for the player to wear multiple backpacks and bags - up to two of each type. A second backpack would be worn backwards, ie over the chest; Duffels would be slung on alternate shoulders. For balancing purposes, the obvious level of encumbrance that'd be incurred isn't sufficient. Ideally a backpack over the chest and/or two duffels slung would severely diminish the effectiveness of most weapons, as well as reducing interaction speeds and such. Wearing a single backpack and duffelbag simultaneously however, wouldn't cause many issues. Ideally the types of containers this applies to wouldn't be able to be held on the character's person - They're either worn, or must be empty to be carried inside another pack/bag.
  4. I like the idea of having seat-belts too. Something that might cost precious seconds in some circumstances, but is necessary to save your life in others.
  5. I strongly agree that vehicles are OP - not in a combat sense, but general survival, exploration and looting. The only significant risks to using them are that they can attract a horde (which can be used to your advantage in many circumstances), and/or damaging the car to the point its engine refuses to start potentially stranding you. I think degradation should be a bit more severe, or have more factors to consider. Potholes on the road, weather conditions compromising handling, different surfaces affecting degradation. Engine condition affecting the consistency of acceleration, top speed and fuel consumption. More breakdowns and types thereof, chance of which increases as components degrade. Having to deal with engine/oil temperature would add greater depth to the actual use of a vehicle, ie it won't be able to maintain max performance under sustained use. Weight of passengers/cargo contributing to fuel consumption and tyre wear. Right now they allow you to traverse the map with practical impunity for as long as you have fuel, keys (or the ability to hotwire), avoid the most dense zombie populations and avoid crashing. As for using them to kill zombies, I feel like they should preserve more momentum, but recieve more damage at higher speeds, particularly for lighter vehicles. Currently the biggest danger from running zeds over isn't from the damage caused by the impact, but how much easier it makes it for surrounding zombies to overwhelm the vehicle by the degree to which hitting one slows you, and I feel like the reverse should be closer to true instead.
  6. Is that still the case when it comes to tow trucks? They lift the car off its front wheels, taking steering out of the equation and if I'm not mistaken making a collision between the tower and tow-ee much less likely As for using non-tow trucks to tow other vehicles, I think it'd be cool if those difficulties were reflected in-game. Using a tow rope on your own might be viable just to shift a wreck or non-functional car off the road, but without a second driver you're going to have to decelerate and take corners very gently to keep the towed car from bumping into yours if you intend to drag it a long distance.
  7. Slocan Lake works fine, though I don't think it fits your definition of canon. I'm running the same save with Bedford Falls, Over the River and I think one more, but haven't been their way yet so I can't confirm whether they're free of issues. That said, they haven't crashed my game so far
  8. Cheers I mocked up what the sandbox UI might look like for Zombie Definitions, and expanded on it a bit. "Use Zombie Definitions" and "Proper Zombies" would be mutually-exclusive. You would be able to save and load definitions. Hitting "Add" would bring up a box to input its name. Incidence would be in 1% increments up to 10%, 5% increments from there - any left-over would be filled with the most common type (Or maybe this is completely unnecessary and it could be 1% increments all the way). I was also going to add a section: "Restricted to:", with checkboxes for zombies of X, Y, Z profession, but didn't give myself the room - and that's probably more complexity than it's worth. I'm also not sure what the difference is between basic and "advanced" navigation is, but threw it in there cause it's an option in the game. Note: I do not endorse the supply of firearms or munitions to undead forces. Infection, mortality rate and reanimation time would be configurable by type; Ie I could set "Walkers" to only transmit via blood with death in ~3 days, reanimation in several hours; while "Scary Buggers" can pass it through bites, killing inside the hour, reanimating in seconds. There'd be more levels to most attributes: Sight: Blind > Poor > Normal > Enhanced > Eagle Hearing: Deaf > Poor > Normal > Enhanced > Pinpoint Smell: Anosmic > Poor > Normal > Enhanced > Bloodhound Strength: Pushover > Weak > Normal > Strong > Superhuman Speed: Crawler > Shambler > Fast Shambler > Runner > Sprinter Toughness: Fragile > Weak > Normal > Tough > Tank Infection options become a bunch of sliders, for more granular control over mortality and reanimation length, and the ability to adjust the chance of infection from successful bite (saliva) and scratch (Blood(?)) attacks. I threw "Contact" and "Corpses" in there, not fully fleshed out the ideas but in the former case, if a zombie grabs you they don't have to injure you to infect you. In the latter case, hanging around corpses has X chance to infect you per Y in-game minutes spent in proximity. "Weight" of an attribute's variance: Disclaimer, this part is where it probably gets too complicated to be worthwhile. There'd probably a much better way of doing it, but this is the best I could come up with. Going by the example in the image, for Scary Buggers I set Toughness to "Tough" (4), with a variance of +/- 2, weighted "Negative Low". This means that of all zombies of this preset, the majority will be Tough. The next most common variation on this type will have Normal toughness. Tank and Weak variations would be equally uncommon. If I were to set it to "Negative High", this would make Weak varations the 2nd most common, with Tank and Normal being equally uncommon. Where the variance is only positive or negative, weight would only be "High" or "Low". If the attribute is set to its highest or lowest, variance can only be negative or positive, respectively. Where the variance is for example +3, High; +2 and +3 would be tied for 2nd most common variation. Where the variance is for example +4, Low; +1 and +2 would be tied for 2nd most common variation. Where the variance is +/-, Weight can be "Neutral High/Low", meaning eg. +1/-1 would be tied for 2nd most common variation. Where variance is + or - 1, "High" or "Low" weight will determine what percentage of the Zombie type have the + 1 (Ie. 20% for low, 40% for high)
  9. Quite often in PZ, being able to hear your surroundings is much more important than hearing the music. Having to go into the options to change the volume to zero is inconvenient at best; In MP, it's potentially fatal. The player would be able to mute/unmute the music at the press of a button (Ideally something unlikely to be pressed accidentally by default, eg. numpad *), and unmuting would put it back at the volume it was in the first place.
  10. I'd really like to see web-gear which acts as a secondary backpack (ie accessible from within inventory). SWAT tactical vests, Military ALICE/LBV webbing, hunter and utility vests, crafted rigs and anything in between. These could give a small bonus (or negate a malus) to reloading speed if the mag/ammo being loaded is taken from it. But that's all more a mechanical suggestion than anything that could really fit with the current clothing system. But while I'm on that track, I'd like to see some clothing items (Particularly jackets) confer (very) small bonuses to base inventory carry weight (As "Weight" is an abstraction of both weight and volume) - more clothes means more pockets with which to carry more stuff, generally speaking, while some more specialised clothing items may lack pockets entirely. Other stuff: Utility/Cargo pants/shorts Suit Jackets Flat caps Visor hats Biker helmets (Old-style; Stahlhelm-esque, Modern w/Visor) Old leather pilot helmet + goggles Bandanas (Already in? Facewear variants too) Balaclavas Ski Masks SWDG Goggles Eyepatches Shemaghs Camelbaks - Again this has mechanical implications as it would only really store fluids - and would probably warrant a more generic name Baseball, (American) Football, Basketball uniforms & gear SWAT uniform & gear Police Riot Gear FBI jackets NASCAR driver Hi-Vis overalls (Though I'm not sure that's appropriate to the location and/or time period) Punk-themed stuff - sleeveless leather jackets, motorcycle helmets, leather pants, chains hanging off everything etc - again not sure how common this stuff might've been in '90s Kentucky Clown clothes, shoes, nose and wig (and makeup? HONK) Wetsuits/Diving suits Superhero costume(s)
  11. While I understand the logic and think it's a good compromise, I feel it's still pretty out-of-whack in some areas. I'll expound with specifics once I've dealt with my current in-game situation and got back to proper looting. One that I can think of off the top of my head is empty vs full fuel cans - 0.3 vs 5.0 iirc. It might only weigh 300"g" empty, but it takes up the same volume regardless of whether it's filled. It might be worth rephrasing it as "Mass" rather than "weight", I think players would be quicker to interpret it the way you describe.
  12. This is simultaneously a straightforwards yet somewhat complex suggestion; The ability to have re-usable items (any tool required to perform a contextual action eg. medical, carpentry, mechanics) returned automatically its container after use. For example, I keep a tin opener stored alongside all my canned foods - but I'll often open a tin, eat the food and forget to place the can opener back into the container. As another example, medkits are currently very inconvenient to use for this same reason, especially considering you have to drop it to put stuff back in (If I'm not mistaken). I pluck glass out of a wound with tweezers, disinfect it with alcohol wipes, suture it with a suture needle, then bandage it - now my inventory is a mess, and I have to make considerable effort to clean it back up. As an aside, the weight/weight reduction of the First Aid kit and its default contents make it way too inefficient despite how much it could help in keeping things organised. For a third, I use a couple backpacks for specific purposes; A mechanic kit containing a screwdriver, wrench, lug wrench, jack and tire pump; A carpentry kit containing a saw, wood-axe, hammer and nails. Again, I might end up using all those tools in disassembling a vehicle or building an object - along with my weapons and basic equipment it then becomes very easy to overlook one tool or another. The question is how and whether this could be implemented in an intuitive fashion. The idea I have in that regard is either making it default behaviour (meaning the player has to manually transfer tools between parts of their inventory and/or containers if they wish to rearrange), and/or giving the player toggles for both in-inventory containers (eg. First Aid kits) and between player inventory and object (furniture, floor, trunks etc) inventories. The other method I could think of is allowing the player to toggle this behaviour on each item, but that sounds like more of a pain than it's worth. Better ideas are of course welcome - "Just remember to put things back" isn't a better idea though; That might be how it works in reality where these objects are tangible, but that's not the case for PZ.
  13. I've just about clocked my 24th hour on the current IWBUMS build, with 100+ prior plus a handful more from the Kate + Baldspot versions. I'm really enjoying the new mechanics and features so far; the following is a bunch of things I hope to see changed/added. Beyond the list of commonly suggested suggestions (Some of which I will be reiterating), I'm somewhat ignorant of currently planned features and content, so I apologise if any of this already is. Likewise I'm going to ignore developmental constraints and engine limitations for the time being and present everything as I'd like to see it. Where stats and numbers are concerned, in most cases I'm pulling them out my arse for examples' sake. Anything marked with *, even I think might be too complex to be worthwhile Sandbox - Weighted "Random" Zombie attributes, and/or zombie type definitions & Loot Rarity options This is probably the most simple suggestion here, and the one I feel most strongly about so I'll start with it - the customisation options regarding zombies are quite limited. In short, I'd wish for the player to be able to weight each attribute to their pleasing. For example, I could choose for 5% of zombies to have the ability to navigate + use doors, while 10% are sprinters, 20% are blind, etc - making them unpredictable, without having an overwhelming number of zombies with or without X and Y properties. As for zombie type definitions, you create several rulesets and again, weight them for incidence. For example, my Type 1 Zombie constitues 80% of the population, and I go with the standard lore for them. For the remaining 20%, my Type 2 Zombies are weak, blind sprinters with a hightened sense of smell, but they are unable to pass on the infection. This could go so far as to be targeted to existing zombie types, eg. the player could choose for firemen zombies to always be strong, police zombies will always have better eyesight, military zombies will always be sprinters etc but I digress. The same could apply somewhat to vehicles. For example I'd like to be able to set parked cars to either have 0 fuel or 10-100%, and in generally fine condition, but are almost certainly locked and alarmed - While survivor vehicles will be beat up, either out of fuel and/or too damaged to start, and never alarmed Also, being able to allow zombies to use (melee) weapons would certainly be interesting. As for loot rarity settings, I'd like to see them further divided; "Weapons" into Melee, Firearm, Ranged, Ammunition ; "Other" into Medical, Crafting, Books, Electronics etc. Food is fine as it is I suppose. Sound This was pointed out in another thread, but there's quite a disconnect between the sounds the player hears, and those heard by the zombies. Doors opening and closing are, as far as I can tell, completely silent as far as the zombies are concerned, but early on I remember being very hesitant to touch them because I hear them. For this case, the player could have a toggle to open/close doors quietly, taking longer to do so in the latter case. More importantly, I find that it's practically impossible to tell how far north/south a sound is coming from, while East/West seems easy enough. The sound of gunshots seems to travel much further than the player hears. Sounds produced inside or from behind buildings & obstacles are muffled for the player, but I can't tell if this is the case for zombies. If it isn't, I'd hope that changes. Firearms - Dirt vs Condition The most common cause of a firearm malfunctioning beyond mishandling is dirt and debris entering the action, rather than outright damage. Simply enough, firearm condition would take a loooong time to degrade unless they're directly damaged (And the more degraded its moving parts, the quicker it will damage its self) - but firing them, crawling through woodland with them on your person, dropping them and splattering zombie guts all over them would all contribute to increased dirt. At low levels, just water can be used to clean it. But for a seriously gunked-up firearm, it'd necessitate disassembly, cleaning with water and tools, and re-oiling. If we want to go really into depth with it, as if we weren't already, you wouldn't just be able to duct-tape the working parts back into functionality. Rather, you'd be able to strip the components from compatible weapons in the same fashion as the vehicle mechanics currently work; My M16's bolt is damaged - I need to find (or manufacture, good luck?) another. My shotgun's stock is cracked - That I can fix with wood-glue or duct-tape. Where applicable, mechanics, metalwork and carpentry skill would factor in. Suppressors Yes, it's been suggested many times (even by myself) and somewhat definitively shot down, but while I'm here I'd like to reiterate why I think they'd be a positive addition, while addressing some of the misconceptions around them as applied to Zomboid. To get that bit out the way first: A suppressor does not make a firearm truly silent - far from it. All the mods that include them, to my memory, had them completely nullify the volume of a shot. This is uninteresting from a gameplay standpoint in addition to being almost entirely unrealistic. So with that said, what is the need for suppressors in the game? Currently, firearms are in a weird place. In reality, they'd probably be one of the most valuable tools attainable, or at least would appear to be as evidenced by how high novice players especially tend to place them on the priority list. Throughout most of the game however, they're practically irrelevant especially as weapons. If you're in a situation bad enough to warrant their use, firing a few shots is almost always going to make it even worse - the only real exceptions being very remote areas. Ultimately, firearms' utility boils down to them being an on-demand loud noise that can be used to kite zombies away from your intended destination. That is until you've stockpiled enough guns, ammo and if MP/NPCs, people, to use them to clear out the entire cell's worth of zombies that will be attracted to the noise. How would I have them work? -* The noise of a shot is divided into two components - The report (The gunshot its self, the radius surrounding the shooter in which the shot is heard) and the bullet (Noise in direction of fire, extends beyond distance of report radius) - To (poorly) illustrate: - The best suppressor reduces the volume of the report by up to 70%, the distance it travels by up to 60% - dependent on calibre. In other words, the already-quieter and weaker guns would get the most volume reduction; the louder and more powerful a firearm the less benefit a suppressor would convey. - *Subsonic ammunition (where the "standard" round is otherwise supersonic) can be used to decrease the volume of the noise generated by the bullet, whether or not it's suppressed - *at the cost of range and/or damage. - Military/commercial-grade suppressors can be found. Extremely rare, most likely found in military storage/NPCs/zombies - Absolutely minuscule chance of spawning in homes or already attached to firearms - Several levels of improvised suppressors can be crafted, contingent on Metalwork and Mechanics skills - possibly necessitating a skill magazine too - *Military/commercial suppressors are caliber-specific. Crafted suppressors are generic until attached to a firearm. - Suppressors have durability; The more they degrade, the less effective they are (But they will always keep a firearm quieter than otherwise). *The higher the calibre, the more quickly they degrade. A commercial-grade suppressor will last roughly 500 shots before its effectivness bottoms out, while a top-tier crafted suppressor will last roughly 300. - Using a suppressor increases the chance of a firearm malfunctioning and/or increases rate of firearm degradation/dirt gain through firing. *The more crude the suppressor, the greater its influence on degradation/malfunction/dirt. Even with the quietest possible firearm, you wouldn't be able to use it with impunity just because it's suppressed - it'd still be heard for a block or two, but toward the edges of that radius it might not be so loud as to overpower everything else a given zombie is hearing. So for more sparsely populated areas as well as the interior of large buildings, using a firearm becomes much more viable beyond kiting - using a suppressed gun in an emergency would stand a much greater chance of getting you out of it without attracting too much more attention. Bows In the same vein as suppressors, bows and crossbows would make for an interesting addition; Again there would be craftable and non-craftable variants. Compared to (even suppressed) firearms they'd be relatively quiet and more sustainable in terms of ammo consumption. However, they'd be much more difficult to use than firearms, with generally shorter range - though their relative quietness would allow you to gain more experience in practice. I feel like they could use their own set of skills, but that might be going overboard. - Short Bows: Short range, low damage, quietest, decent refire rate, low exertion. Crafting requires beginner carpentry. - Long Bows: Longest range, middling damage, middling volume, slower refire rate, highest exertion. Crafting requires intermediate carpentry. - Crossbows: Middling range, highest damage, loudest, slowest refire rate, middling exertion. Crafting requires intermediate mechanics, beginner metalwork and beginner carpentry. Again, the ability to craft them could be contingent on skill magazines. There could be several varieties of each type, particularly amongst "found" ones, each modifying some of those stats. For example a modern composite bow might be a lot quieter, a modern crossbow pistol might be much faster yet do less damage. I don't know much about archery, but I imagine it's even more bottomless pit of possibilities than I'm presenting here. Vehicle modification & repairs I won't go too into depth with this one, but it essentially boils down to weaponising and up-armouring vehicles. Create a plow and strap it to the front to reduce slowdown and damage caused by mowing down zombies (And humans!), bullbars to reduce collision damage, weld bars across windows and windshields to protect them (reduced visibility?), metal plating on bodywork to protect components and occupants from firearms. Would require metalworking and mechanics skills where applicable. I would like to see the ability to repair bodywork- minor dents would only require a hammer, while more serious damage could be patched over with metal sheets and such. Of course, all that added weight will reduce acceleration, max speed and increase fuel consumption. To go even further with it, you could frankensetein cars together, eg shove a V8 into a hatchback and become an accident waiting to happen. Medical & Physiological I feel like wounds are too easy to disinfect, and antibiotics are a get-out-of-jail-free card should you be unable to disinfect them. I think that for the more persistent injuries you should have to disinfect them multiple times - and regardless, that there should still be a chance of infection dependent on First Aid skill and the quality of dressings, especially if you're still fighting zombies or pissing about in the mud. As for the zombie infection, again I'm aware it's a definitive "no" for a cure, but I feel like giving the player a death sentence with no way to come back from it kinda sucks. Eating plenty could help delay it, amputation could prevent it spreading (but that's a pretty tall order considering the development implications). Beyond that, I think the best compromise would be a drug that can delay it perpetually so long as you have a supply, necessitating a sorta gun-to-your-head approach in getting your next dose. It'd have to be very rare, but maybe there could be a chemistry skill allowing synthesis of this drug at the highest level, with some difficult to acquire/sustain ingredients - in addition to allowing synthesis of disinfectants, medicinal drugs and alcohol. I've also found it a lot more difficult to lose weight in PZ than in reality - I've lost 7kg over the past two months, and as soon as I started maintaining a calorie deficit it started dropping - This doesn't seem to be how it works in-game, with some weird long lag period between not eating and losing the weight. There's no real reason a full day of not eating should not result in weight loss. For relatively minor arm and hand injuries (scratches particularly), I find attack speed is diminished way too much - Adrenaline and the instinct for self-preservation are going to take precedence over keeping such injuries safe in the face of a handful of zombies. I'd rather they diminished accuracy, with only lacerations or anything more serious affecting attack speed. Also rather than the speed of the entire process being reduced, I think it should just be recovery - so the length of time between swings/stabs stays the same, but there's no delay between starting and connecting the attack. Having wounds re-open as a consequence of fighting while injured would give this more depth too, though it could possibly be too frustrating. Improvised Armour & Tailoring As I understand it the protection system is still in its infancy, but again the depth it could go to is endless. Improvised armour could be modifications to existing clothing items, or stand-alone clothing items in themselves. Why not both, beyond the countless hours to code it all and create art? Facetiousness aside, improvised armour would be applicable to each body part that can be damaged. It could be made from all sorts - the heavier the material/larger the piece, the larger the debuffs to movement speed, exertion and/or attack speed dependent on which body part they're worn on, but the greater the protection. So you could be a walking tank but the moment you have to run you're buggered, or you could travel very light and get bitten by the next zombie you encounter, or anything in between. Ballistic protection With armoured vests already in the game and NPCs on the way (or already here with Super(b) survivors, not to mention PvP functionality in MP), ballistic protection has a role to play. Most items that can protect against scratches and bites would likely be useless in the face of a bullet - however some types of improvised (if implemented) or found armour might be better than nothing. Eg. a shot to a flak jacket might cause what would otherwise be a bullet wound to be a bruise. Having both entry and exit wounds possible would also be interesting. Traits Some traits I think should be able to be acquired through gameplay, especially across in-game years, eg. near/far-sightedness, deafness (esp. if you've been in proximity to firearms being shot). As another example, if you smoke too many cigarettes too quickly, you gain the smoker trait; If you abstain, you lose it (after a long time). I feel like athletic, strong, stout and fit shouldn't be traits at all beyond defining your character's starting attributes, and from there would be defined by diet and exercise as with over/underweightedness. Desensitisation could occur after X time in a panic state, with that time lengthened by the Coward trait and shortened by the Brave trait. Professions I feel like some of them are quite lacking - they give you a leg up compared to a traitless, professionless character for sure, but I don't feel like they anywhere near fully reflect the experience someone in that given line of work would really have. For example, I'd imagine a combat veteran to be much more than 20% better than the uninitiated when it comes to all things firearm, and to have some experience with construction, greater aptitude for figuring out improvised explosives. A carpenter by trade would be able to make something much more refined than a bunch of wooden planks assembled into the form of a chair Quality of life/"minor" feature/content wishlist - (Toggle to?) Automatically drop vehicle components when removed - Wheels, brakes, suspension, seats, gas tanks, doors, windows etc. - Allow queueing of constructions eg. walls - Allow all interactions with wounds at all times (assuming I have the requisite supplies) so I don't have to wait for eg. a disinfect operation to complete before I can queue up the bandage. - Almost all clothing items should, imo, provide some scratch and/or bite defence even if it's 1-5% - Leaving car key in ignition drains battery - Skill books renamed to <Skill> for Beginners, <Skill> for Intermediates for better sorting - Maps renamed to Map of <Location> - Annotated maps suffixed with (Annotated). Eg. "Map of West Point (Annotated)" - Welding mask functions as apparrel face item - More options regarding meta events, ie. Frequency, cut-off dates etc. - Generally increase range of firearms - With the Aiming skill given by the Police profession, you can't even attempt a target across a road which I find to be silly. - Different types of belt with greater capacity - Ejecting a magazine from a firearm should not immediately replace it if another is available - Eg. I'll pick up a pistol that I intend to throw away to nick its mag, only to load one I was carrying with me into it - Fix for eating, smoking or otherwise performing animated actions that still allow you to move, the player-character stops every time they change direction. - Aiming/looking/sneaking should be able to be performed while crouched, instead of standing up to do so. - Switching equipped items via the belt possible while sprinting, with a chance of dropping it dependent on All Thumbs/Dextrous trait, and Sprinting skill - Reloading firearms possible while jogging, with a chance of dropping the mag to load dependent on All Thumbs/Dextrous trait and Reloading skill - Bandaging/disinfecting arms, torso and head possible while jogging, with a chance of failure and/or dropping/wasting the bandage/wipe/disinfectant dependent on All Thumbs/Dextrous trait and First Aid skill - A proper equipment/clothing UI, similar to the Medical menu instead of sectioning off part of the existing inventory list - More in-depth categorisation of items, eg. medical supplies, construction/crafting items etc. - The ability to "Loot/Transfer All in Category" when mousing over a given item in container/inventory - Ability to change sandbox settings in SP - Button to leave the current car's key in its glovebox - Keys spawn for ALL vehicles - but they might be on a zombie on the other side of town - or a different town - Vehicle cruise control - Wire Cutters to cut holes in wire fences - Jimmy vehicle door locks with screwdriver, pry locked doors open with crowbar - high chance of destroying the lock, room for a skill/trait to factor in - Reading in darkness takes longer, increases boredom gain - at some point it becomes impossible to read - Reduce exertion of Wood Axe, currently feels more efficient to use regular Axe to chop trees NPC/Meta/Story events - Special Forces/Hazmat teams investigating certain sites, analysing zombie corpses, downloading computer data, extracting VIPs and such - If suppressors ever get in, they'd have them, and they'd shoot survivors on-sight. Good loot on them but practically impossible to kill without an army of your own and/or severe manipulation of the zombie hordes - And that's if you even cross paths with them in the first place. - Helicopter crashlanding - would havefer a decent stock of relatively obscure supplies, at great risk. Could have some more worldbuilding/story items on board. After a given length of time, the wreck could be destroyed and its important contents recovered by aforementioned SF teams - especially if there are survivors of the crash. There could also be civilian variations, a news chopper for example. - Injured/imperiled survivor(s) on ham radio asking for assistance - Survivors intending to rob you, using above as a lure as one option So, that's a big old text dump. There's probably a lot more I could add to this list that currently escapes me. And of what's already here, there will be a lot that each of you will disagree with, but please do mention anything you would really like before you shoot the rest of it down. But beyond that go crazy, it's a lot more effort for the devs to implement any of this rambling than it is for me to think and type it up.
  14. I'm currently on weapons rare, everything else normal, and I was swimming in guns after a couple hours' looting. I've found roughly 6 normal and double-barrel shotguns, 2 hunting rifles, 2 varmint rifles, 3 1911s, 5 pistols, 6 .38 revolvers, 1 magnum. Bucketloads of ammo for each of them. I mainly found shotguns in the wood crates around construction sites and such. That said, this was on New Denver, I'm not sure if this is affected by the fact it's on a custom map.
  15. Yeah, it serves the same purpose for shotguns too. Press R and your character will start loading shells in to it, so long as there's room in the shotgun and you have it in your hands.
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