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  1. The problem with the regular jog is that you can't strafe or move backwards, but it sounds like you're talking about "Freelook" which is in fps games like Arma 3 and that would be great in project zomboid.
  2. So I've gotten used to the new combat mechanics and I find the walk speed while aiming to be painfully (usually gets you killed) slow and I think that adding the ability to hold shift to speed up would be great. Also if this does get implemented, I think that if the player speeds up while moving backwards could actually fall over if they bump into furniture.
  3. I usually hit/push on a closed door which I think is quieter than pressing Q or I just double tap e to open a door for half a second.
  4. The new stealth mechanics are great but I feel that there should be a separate hold sneak bind for people who are used to holding instead of toggling.
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