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  1. From playing this game for a longer time now, I realized that there is not really a reason to cook food. Why so? Because you can shove an entire stick of butter down your throat and call it a day! Cooking and preparing food is a fun mechanic in Project Zomboid, but it is rewarded way to little. To be precise, cooking food is rewarded enough, but for example, eating entire stick of butter is not PUNISHED enough. Butter is extremely good due to its calories, I always take underweight or even super underweight traits, because I know I can easily bulk with foods like butter, peanut butter, etc. Most foods you can craft, like soups or stir-frys, etc are good because you can realistically have 3 meals per day. While that is not something you need when you can just carry butter with yourself and eat that. There needs to be some mechanic like vomiting or nausea to make cooking your own pancakes and stir-frys more justified and even rewarding
  2. Upon receiving a severe injury e.g (Bullets, 50% chance of scar upon getting laceration, no scars when getting scratched, etc.) Would be cool and not really that hard to code I'd imagine, I'll keep it short, please consider this!
  3. My girlfriend is a pyromaniac. (help me) Anyway, jokes aside. She is, and she’s burned down the Rosewood prison more times than I can count. All while the power was still on. But one thing I noticed is that it was pretty easy for her to just set the place alight and horde up the zombies without much of an issue. I thought, MAN! We should really have a system for that. So, here’s my thought— —fire alarms. - Allow me to explain how this could work: When you use a Molotov to, let’s say, clear up a horde in central Rosewood. Or, you attempt to burn down a house in multiplayer that your least favorite person happens to be living in. SUGGESTED MECHANIC #1: THE BEEP-BEEP AND FLASH FLASH. When this happens, the smoke catches an alarm! Usually, at least— I don’t think trailers have fire alarms?? I could be wrong. Anyways, regardless of where they are, what ensues is a beep beep and a flash flash from the fire alarm until it’s either manually deactivated, burns up or the fire is removed. MAIN ISSUES: Now, I am not a programmer, but I feel like it might be a pain to add this to every single house. Maybe like civic structures or public locations?? I’m not sure. I imagine it’d be sort of like a house alarm, just for fires..? Another issue is epilepsy. I am not a doctor, but adding a flashing white light may not be a great idea for those with epileptic conditions. Again, not a doctor, I could be wrong, but it is something to consider. SUGGESTED MECHANIC #2: HEARING ISSUES I’ll make this simple. HEARING PROBLEMS! When a fire alarm goes off in somebodies face, and they have a trait that deters hearing (Not deaf, obviously, but you know what I mean) the alarm could cause a ringing sound to play or something of the sort, in your ears. This can also apply to house alarms. MAIN ISSUES: It might be hard to simulate perfectly, since it’s hard to get a realistic ringing sound. But that’s just me thinking, I’m not sure how sound design works either. SUGGESTED MECHANIC #3: BALANCING I am so sorry about how long this has gotten, over fire alarms for gods sake. This is the last one, I just wanted to explain in further detail how I feel this could balance the game. Molotovs are very good, and once you find a bar or something they’re essentially cake to make. Let’s say, hypothetically, you're a silly guy and start lugging a burning horde around Muldraugh. Okay, cool! But, one of them stumbles through the police station or pizza place— now there’s an alarm going off. Suddenly, a bunch of zombies are coming in from all sides of the forest and city! You either move your entire horde and escape the oncoming encirclement, or you’ve failed. In this scenario, fire alarms present a new challenge for the player during Molotov burning and motivates players to learn a new type of skill— not an in-game skill— zombie horde control. Let’s say you’re a silly guy and leave the oven on while you take a fat nap. Well, now you’ve got a horde knocking down the walls of your cute cabin in the woods, and you gotta book it and come back to clear it later! It’s little mistakes like those that keep the game interesting, throw you in for a loop and keep you playing with motivation. Finally, let’s say you wanna burn down your friend’s base in multiplayer. Maybe you could do it, but you’ll also have to escape the oncoming horde! Then again, it fuels a feud between you and your friend and creates further interesting drama when the horde shows up to slap you into oblivion. But… they can also be useful, too. Maybe setting a fire to get a horde off your back using a fire alarm, or attracting a large horde to burn them— even if it costs your life— also produces mechanics that can be used by the player. Similarly to house alarms. It also may alert a player to a fire somewhere in their area. MAIN ISSUES: I’m not sure how much of an effect this would really have on molotovs or on the game. Everything I’ve said there is completely hypothetical scenarios, and maybe it will never happen ever. Or maybe it will. CONCLUSION: Overall, my suggestion here is the addition of fire alarms to the game and mechanics related to hearing issues to go along with it. There’s plenty of issues with this suggestion I stated above, I acknowledge, but I stand by my suggestion regardless. Any add-ons or constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated!! (I am so so violently sorry about how long this is.)
  4. Integration of a complete telephony system including features such as making calls, automated voicemail, and a telephone directory for an immersive virtual communication experience (VOIP). Adding an optional post-apocalyptic starting option, immersing players into a regular day before the chaos, offering a narrative and tutorial introduction to the game. Implementing a seasonal reproduction and migration system for neutral animals, in addition to the animal movement system planned in version B42, to enrich the game's ecosystem. Incorporation of an encumbrance management system for "large items" such as furniture and ovens, limiting their transportation in containers such as car trunks (occupying a passenger space, for instance). This addition will remove the ability to attack while carrying these items by hand or on the back. Additionally, adding a forklift system, a handling device designed to transport heavy items. Dynamic evolution of TV show content based on the progression of the epidemic, providing an increased immersion into the evolving global situation within the game.
  5. Hello devs! I not sure that someone suggest the same that I want to suggest to you, you already have 302 pages of suggestions and I think that it is... not so good )) I played pretty much in zomboid and every time I get in the problem with "For what I'm playing?". I like mechanics, I like the atmosphere, but after 300 hours I not feel that I want to return to the game, because I not feel that I need to do something I see no any goal to get Current goal of the game is to NOT PLAY into the game (Just enter the game, die, this is your goal, better just not to play, right?) And I want to suggest the reasons to play that I think can make the players as I'm want to play this game much longer, to spent another 100+ hours in zomboid, in the game that we all likes So, first things first, I write here goal that can be implemented in game and below the description of this goal I written about your "good suggestion" checklist The main goal - vaccine and the path to find the solution to stop zombie apocalypse From start we will not even know that it is ever possible, but further we investigate the Knox the more we will find. Finally we will find that some researchers already trying to solve this problem, military base or military camp can have notes about this, or just get information in police departments After that we will enable relay towers (one, few or all) and at the place where relay is, or if we come to some scientic lab or scientic camp, we will take conversation with scientists or so, and said that we will be ready to help them with investigation of zombie virus You goes to the world of zombies and trying to find some samples of zombie virus from specific zombies (or just from simple zombies but lots in numbers) across the world or do some field scientic job in specific zones to help the scientists develop the vaccine And finally you find the solution how to save the world of this zombie virus, the ones that already becames the zombie will left as they are, but new ones will be fully immune to the virus, so world will be safe because of our heroic deeds Mechanics that can be added for this suggested main goal: Zombie will have evolution during the time (just spawn new much stronger by deleting two or so) this will increase interest of the late game, also zombies in the points of interest will be much stronger than original ones, of course I can suggest zombies like brutes, bombers, runners or so, playing will be much interesting with the mutated ones (Later I will say to you about your love to "Romero" zombies in list of "good suggestions") Make virus less lethal, you can delay the time of your zombification, not for always, but with using of some antibiotics you can increase the time of zombification for few days, and maybe if you at the stage 4 (when you working with scientists) you can delay for the whole time that you inject the special scientic medicine (if you have no more left then, uhhh... poor you player :D) Maybe need to add new buildings like scientic base, additional relays (I know that game already have relays, maybe they will fits) and maybe need to add some scientic cars Add events when you get in special locations, or do specific actions at (for example spawn an horde of zombies near to relay station when you activates it) Yea, the all mechanics that I suggest is just - add few buildings (scientic lab, you already added louisville, it not hard for you ), few new types of cars, zombie evolving to few new ones (models, mechanics and animations), medicine to delay zombiefication and bunch of dialogues, and this is really not so much (I'm gamedev, I know) but it will add new breath to the game! Also I can suggest the animals zombies for more horrific atmosphere, animals zombies like dogs, bears, horses, deers and mooses (if you fear of greenpeace or etc. then why you even added ability to chop people in the face by axe, why? xD) The main reason that can stop you from add this is yours "Spirit of PZ" (Especially I can't feel your feeling of "Spirit of PZ", I'm just a player, not developer of PZ) and Romero/Brooks zombies, hope that this really will not be a reason to not implement this mechanics So lets speak a little about your "good suggestion" section Is it somewhat realistic? Yes, pretty realistic, if we count ZOMBIES is realistic then this is realistic too )) Does it fit with the spirit of PZ? I not know what you feel like spirit of PZ - if it is to NOT PLAY INTO PZ then no, it will not fits Would it make the game too easy? I think it can make game even harder, because currently game is pretty easy for me, I can even survive in world filled with runners, lol Would it require rewriting the entire game (like changing the camera view, for instance) No, absolutely not, only hard this that can be is to make new enemies types, that's all Would it add enough to the gameplay that it would be worth taking the time to add? Yes, as I said with that I can play another +100 hours in your game, in game that I love Would it be found in Muldraugh, Kentucky common enough to be added? Hummm I think more yes than no? It not so about my suggestion so I think it can be skipped For zombies: Does it fit at least somewhat into Romero/Brooks zombie lore (the basis for 'proper' zombies)? If you add the mutants - I think not, it will not fits, but as I said - Zombies is already something unrealistic, dead corpses can't walk, and they decays to bones just for few weeks, so don't be so boring and add mutated ones! (And animals zombies, just imagine to walk around forest and meet zombificated moose, uhhh, goosebumps!) They will make late game more interesting!
  6. Hi, I think that the addition of more instruments in the next build/patch would be very useful for the player, for example: a cello could be used as a great weapon (but it’d be very heavy!), a tuba, a bagpipe or a flute could be used as a distraction, A double bass/contrabass could be used as a barricade, a bassoon could be used to knock out a zombie (if you use it like a club) PS: It’d be nice if you made instruments a bit more common! I always like to have an instrument or two other than a guitar or bass guitar on my playthroughs! ~~~A committed player
  7. It isn't a very complex idea neither one that would change the game much but as farming is the main theme of build 42 it would be rather nice and would make players take more care of they're plants. Most or all vegetables & fruits would have different sizes between them. Bigger ones having better stats (more cal etc) and smaller ones less. The more you water your plant / add fertilizer / or have a higher farming level would increase the chance of getting for example a potato with better stats or even gather little bit more potatoes. Wouldn't really be needed to make new sprites could just do a name change between them "(small) tomato" , "(big) tomato" and change stats between them
  8. please move the gong sound from before the game starts loading to when the "Click to Start" text appears - ... and for good measure, make it audible even if the game is minimised. my personal reason for this is that, I usually leave the game loading in the background since it takes so long for it to load, due to the immense amount of mods I have in my game lol - needless to say, it takes a while to load, and I sometimes even forget that the game was loading, to begin with. having a sound play as soon as the game is ready would be a good quality-of-life addition that I'm sure would be appreciated by a large number of players.
  9. Hey there, guys! this is the first time I write on a forum and I am not English, so please excuse my spelling mistakes. I write this after some frustration in the fights in Project zomboid, the game since all time has always had this very "random" side but still calculate attack! What I mean by that is that an attack = has a hit or not and this one depends on lots of other variables like many other video games, and it works extremely well with zombies. But I admit to being quite upset about multiplayer, especially firearms. Let me explain myself! when you shoot with a firearm there is like a visible cut that breaks the dynamics and power of weapons, when you shoot a window for example it is instantaneously broken with the casing that instantly appears on the ground etc. When you shoot in full auto, there is nothing that indicates where you shoot or even what you touch, since also the game contains no impact! Except for the windows. Similarly when you shoot someone, the person targeted has no audio information that tells him where he gets shot and where the impacts appear. (like Audio impacts, or even crack) Here, I hope the firearms will be reworked because I think the game has a huge potential on the point of the PVP What you guys think !?
  10. I think it would be realistic to be able to sit not only on the floor but also on chairs and sofas. You could also read a book, relax or simply sit on a chair. If your seat is close to a TV or radio, your character could even listen to the radio or watch TV there.
  11. TRUCKS Since this is set in America, this should have one of the most iconic things America has, and it is its long nosed Diesel semi trucks. These trucks would have a lot of use for players that wants to live the travelling nomad life, they would be safe in a large truck with a Sleeper behind.(A Sleeper is a the part of the truck where Truckers sleep, eat and entertain themselves). It would also give a lot of utility to communities if the time ever comes to Multiplayer where large groups of players have banded together with NPCs. These trucks could be their lifeline in supplies themselves or blockading a street. The challenge in having a truck in the Apocalypse would be: Repairing it and up keeping it. Trucks have larger tires than normal cars, so after a while, finding replacement wheels would be extremely hard(Trucks usually have 22.5 tires). Refueling a truck could take a lot of effort. For example, a 1980s Peterbilt 359 with a Sleeper and 6X4 Chassis would need at least 300 Gallons per Football Field to be fully refueled. Maintenance would be a nightmare as trucks do not have usual parts that you could use on cars and you would need to find a Truck shop to get the proper parts for it. Space, trucks need a ton of space to be stored, so unless you have a warehouse as a Safehouse, you would have to park it in the open, for everyone to see. Lights, trucks have a TON of lights, from the roof of the cab to the sides of the Cab and Sleeper, some would even have Spotlights, old time trucks in the 1980s would have Spotlights and Long Reverse lights attached to the top of their chrome driver and passenger side windows. These bad boys uses 4 car batteries, good luck with that. Majority of trucks use 12 Speed or 18 Speed Eaton Fullers, so the player has a lot of shifts to do to get it up to speed. Some like logging trucks has High and Low gears for Hills and Mountain roads. There are different types of trucks too, Day Cab, Flat top, Cabovers, Logging, Military and Sleepers. Day Cab: A truck that only consists of the Cab, it is shorter and used for local trucking industries as it could fit in almost anywhere and has a smaller turn circle Flat top: One of the most famous types of trucks in the 1980s and early 90's. These trucks has sleepers that has flat roofs. Cabovers: A very old design of trucks used way back then in the 80s and 90s when road regulations on truck length wasn't harsh one many states. Logging: These are the types that could plow through large hordes with ease, they are city trucks equipped for the harsh muddy roads of the Mountains. Large bullbars and headache racks. Mostly seen in Day cab with the headache rack behind the cab to protect the driver from the Logs his hauling. Military: The military uses many types of Civilian trucks converted for military use like the M915A5. A Freightliner converted for Military transport. Day Cab 1978 Peterbilt 359 Flat Top 1984 Peterbilt 359 Cabover 1994 Freightliner FLA Kenworth T800 Logging truck, the thing you see behind the cab is what truckers call "Headache" rack. United States Military M915A5 with a M1015 Flatbed Trailer (If this is too modern, there is always the M35 Semi used way back in the 70s) The benefits would be great for anyone. A truck could travel a thousand kilometers in a single tank, large hordes would be nothing as you just plow through them with a trailer, and it would be good as an intimidation to players on the road or walking along it. But one should always remember that trucks have air brakes, so you cannot just be constantly be tapping the brakes since it would lock and would take a lot seconds of revving up the engine(It is to pump air into the brakes) to unlock. They would also be noisy, and more noisy with the trailer jumping on and on in tight turns or just from speed. TRAILERS In terms of trailers, the usual 48ft Fontaine Flatbed and 53ft Wabash Dry Vans and 48ft Refrigerated Reefers you see everyday should be scattered on Industrial areas, these are their Pros and Cons: They would have large utility, but are hard to use since if you do not have a Semi truck, they cannot be moved. Replacing their tires would also be hard after a Month into the survival since they also use the same size as the Semi trucks. Hooking up a trailer would also be a hard thing if you do not know which airline to attach and how to hitch the 5th wheel. Though the creativity that could spark if you have a 48ft Flatbed, you could turn it into a house, towed battlewagon, and car/parts/object carrier while the Dry Van would serve the same purpose just excluding the battlewagon but instead as troop carrier or a more enclosed house or moving storage facility. The Dry Van could be used as a temporary or permanent blockade since 53ft is a very long length and could block off Highways and entire entrances to towns. The Reefers(Basically large fridges) could be used to freeze captured players to death or store large amount of foods. But it has a Generator and would need to be attached to a Truck to work properly. These trailers has the ability to "slide" their axles to balance out the weight, but since this is the Apocalypse, they'd be just there as an option if you want to slide the Axles backward. Examples: Wabash 53ft Dry Van trailer Velocity Fontaine 48ft Flatbed. The one on top is a Dropdeck with Spread Axles Here is a link to how Axles slide on Dry Vans: Now for the more complex trailers like Bulk tankers and specialized trailers, these should only appear in specified areas like construction sites and Gas stations. There are multiple types of Bulk Trailers and you'd see. I'll just post a picture since it would be complex to explain it all. The examples I'll use are from a Tanker Company named Polar Tanks. I don't know all the liquids they carry but the examples I could give is: Petroleum: Used to store Diesel and other types of Gasses. Up to 80,000lbs. Dry Bulk: Used for Cement and other types of Construction materials that are in liquid form. Chemicals: Used to haul dangerous chemicals from factories and is often called as the most dangerous type of trailer as if one could leak, an entire town could die. I cannot explain the others as my American Truck Simulator knowledge on tankers ends there, you guys might have to ask actual truckers on what they do. Here are more types of trailers: Wilson 42ft Grain Trailer, these should be found in large farms. There is two types of Dump trailers, one that is called "Side" Dump trailer and "Full" Dump Trailer, here are examples: EAST Full Frame Dump Trailer JET Side Dump Trailer And here is an example of a "Lowboy" trailer: JET Tri Axle Lowboy trailer, these are used to haul Construction equipment or just heavy vehicles in general. Thanks for looking into my suggestions! Keep doing great Devs!
  12. I saw the dice on twitter and thought randomly if there was a comic book store, and since there is none heres my input.
  13. There's no vehicle icon for the mapping function. PLEASE add one! Pretty please with zeds on top.
  14. What if they added fire alarms to the game Most places at the time had them and if theyre triggered somehow it will set off an alarm and attract all those zombies and soak ur clothing plus it downgrades molotov cocktail use
  15. I don't know if it would be too hard to add basements and cellars into the game because of how developed it is. Most houses in the U.S have basements and I think it would be a great addition. Plus you would have more room for stuff and also more things to loot. And more places for zombies to hide
  16. I'm kind of surprised by how short sighted is considered a "free trait point" currently when the need of glasses can be such a huge issue IRL. As such, I thought up a few suggestions that not only would make the short sighted a much more meaningful negative trait that could even be increased to +6 trait points or even +8 but are a lot more interesting in game and make it something that is actually a huge choice to make. 1- Your screen should literally blur if your character is without glasses with the exception of things within a certain range of your character getting gradually worse the farther from your character it is. Very similar to how the "fog" works outside, but near the character it should barely be noticeable while it should get stronger the farther from your character it is until things are indistinguishable from a certain distance. This means that your character wearing the glasses on their face is extremely important since without it, you as a player won't be able to see things far from your character as well as if there was a permanent fog in the game. Also it should give CRAZY negative accuracy that gets worse with the distance your character is from the target. This means that without glasses, you won't be able to hit enemies with a gun that are far from you AT ALL. Even though you can start with glasses (which is very important that you do), there are many situations in the game that make the character drop the glasses, like tripping or being brought to the ground by a zombie that caught your foot and so on. More to come with the NPCs update for sure. This also mean that you don't get to wear facemasks to protect you or full head helmets that cover your face or any sort of mask that also takes up your eyes. In runs that have the zombie virus be airborne, this means no wearing gas masks or any seriously protective masks. 2- Glasses should have a hidden "durability" that shrinks as they fall to the ground or whenever they are stepped on while on the ground. This is huge because you never know when your glasses will break, which means you need to get spares from zombies. I won't even get on the matter of prescriptions not to make this overly complicated, lets just say everyone magically has the same prescription, but if your glass breaks because a zombie tripped you and stepped on your glasses and you don't have a spare, you are very screwed. 3- Being without glasses should give stress by the hour, since it is extremely stressful to not be able to see things properly. It should also give a permanent first level of panic if without glasses outside since you can't properly see if there are zombies in the distance that can already see you. Similarly, it should reduce the boredom reduction effect of televisions if you are without glasses since you can't perfectly see the TV unless you are very close to it. With all this, short sighted would still be a pretty good negative trait to get, since you can just start with the glasses to counter its effects from character creation, but it would be a serious negative trait that properly portrays the effects of being short sighted and how important glasses are to you, being the difference of life and death in a world that not seeing things can quite literally get you killed. As someone that needs to use glasses every day or else I can't even properly see my computer screen while sitting on my chair I can tell you that being without glasses in a zombie apocalypse would be a death sentence and the game should properly portray that.
  17. When a character you've keept alive for very long dies, that can entail huge losses on skill levels grinded, yet if you choose to create a new character in the same world, in the same save, the new character is created with the exact amount of trait points than the previous one did, even though, in theory (RPing), that character has already been alive in that world ever since the first character also was, so their start should have a small amount of trait points more than the previous one since they already survived by themselves for a while. tl;dr after a character dies, the next character should get a small amount of bonus free trait points in the character creation, both for Multiplayer and for continuing in a solo play world. The amount of points would be calculated based on how much total XP was accumulated on the character that died + any amount of bonus trait points received from even older dead characters (so it is cumulative). This is a measure to make it more valuable to create a new character in the same "world" that your old character just died in instead of starting a new play from 0 in day 1 or create a new world. This is also extremely valuable for MP servers where since there is no way to accelerate time passage, the losses due to death are extremely higher and in a small server of friends, the death of multiple players may even "kill the server". The idea isn't really to remove the penalty of death, but to give some level of reward to the player on his next character that is related to how much he advanced on his previous characters and to consider the fact that the new character has already "survived alone" for a while. You aren't rewarding death nor removing the death penalty, but just rewarding the player for having been able to survive for a long time and advance the character in a world infested by zombies. That can also be a toggable mechanic on the settings when creating the world/server for those that don't want it. The new character will still be much lower in skill grades than the previous ones and the death will still have a considerable penalty, just that if you were able to survive for long and raise your skills by a lot, your new character will at least have a few free trait points extras for you to create, since the game is a lot later in time, there are no more transmissions on TV and there are a LOT more zombies around, since the amount of zombies also grow with time, so in no way, shape or form is this any OP mechanic in any way, but just a loss mitigation balancing issue that also fits the scenario lore-wise. Without a function like that, the new character actually starts way worse off than the first one since you won't have any TV shows to raise skills like carpentry and there are a greater number of zombies, possibly even be closer to a helicopter event if that haven't happened yet or if it is set to happen "sometimes" instead of "once", which is what I meant with a death killing the server or making it better to start a new world from 0 instead of continuing on an old world.
  18. I suggested this in the Steam discussions suggestion but thought I should also post it here. As much as I genuinely love the trait system, there is a pretty significant limitation to it, which is that even if you were given infinite free trait points, you don't really have full freedom to create a character min-maxing a certain ability above a certain point. Considering some servers might have some free trait points given or that a coop group could each take a certain profession and min-max that profession as much as possible, each player will still be pretty average in their profession of choice. Further still, there is the issue of character death which, if you spent dozens of IRL hours practicing a certain craft can be EXTREMELY frustrating when you can't even sacrifice points you would spend on a few crucial traits to min-max that skill as much as possible. My suggestion would be to take inspiration from the "storytelling" tabletop RPG system on a way to directly purchase skill levels. The idea is simple. After choosing the positive and negative traits, you'd have a next window to spend any remaining trait points. To purchase a level of the desired skill you would spend: Next level / 2 = cost in trait points [rounded up]. Explaining and examples: To get "Axe" level 1 with this system alone, you'd spend 1 trait point, but to get Axe level 3 you'd spend 1+1+2=4 trait points. 8 for level 4, 13 for level 5 and so on. To start with Carpentry level 10 going from Carpentry 0, you'd spend 1+1+2+2+3+3+4+4+5+5 = 30 trait points. This would be EXTREMELY useful for a server that says the story started 10 years in the future and gives players a high value of free trait points to create their characters or for a more RPing friendly server, or even a more casual server with free points on character creation or even in a normal game to create a min-maxed character.
  19. I suggested this in the Steam discussions suggestion but thought I should also post it here. Something small but with a big impact, having a pillow inside your inventory or within the vicinity when sleeping should make your character rest better and reduce the chance of neck pain by 75% or more. Cumulative to up to 2 pillows limited up to 100% neck pain reduction and 1.5x the better sleep bonus. This would not only make sense, since pillows are literally designed to provide a better sleep, it would give a proper use to an item in the game which currently only works to craft mattresses and you can't even rip it into Ripped Sheets or remove its covering to use as curtains, which you should for both. It would also make bad and average beds usable in emergency and be extremely useful for people with the "restless sleeper" trait, making a pillow be to those with that trait the same as the glasses are to those with the "short sighted" trait and cigarettes to those with the "smoker" trait, something almost mandatory to have with you to counter the effects of your trait.
  20. I posted this suggestion on the Steam suggestions as well, but thought I maybe should share it here as well. There are three things I'd like to say about the Smoker negative trait. 1- It should be possible to plant Tobacco, dry it, treat it and craft your own cigarettes. There should also be "smoking paper" and "cigar filters" which should also be a craftable out of wood with specific tools for it and cotton(which should also be farmable), respectively. In a big base very late game or even in a server with friends, those are things that are needed for there to be a production of cigarettes instead of relying on finding cigarettes in the world. Imagine a game with 20 people all 20 having the smoker negative trait. The number of cigarettes per day will be pretty high and just finding them in the world by scavenging will not be enough for their characters needs, but they could have a tobacco farm and produce cigarettes in high amounts. 2- Smoking should have negative effects on your character as well and not just be about having to smoke and finding cigarettes in the world. There should be a hidden counter of how many cigarettes your character has smoked and for how many days they have been a smoker. After a while of smoking, a few weeks to a few months or after a certain number of cigarettes, there should be a % chance that you character develops a temporary version of the "asthmatic" trait after every cigarettes they smoke. After a year, there should be a small chance they develop it permanently. After 2 years there should be a chance to develop a temporary "out of shape" after every cigarettes. After 3 years a chance to develop it permanently. After 5 years a chance do develop a permanent version of "prone to illness" and after 10 years a % chance to develop a sickness that doesn't go away, may randomly cause "pain" status and can grow until it kills your character (cancer). This percentage chance should start low but grow a tiny little bit every in-game year after that. 3- It should be possible to lose the "smoker" trait by not smoking for over 1 year in-game and dealing with the stress and negative effects of trying to not smoke. There should be an invisible counter of how many days your character has not smoked. After a few days, you would develop a temporary "Hearty Eater" that comes and goes every few days. Then after a while a temporary "Restless Sleeper" that lasts until close to the end of that 1 year period. After a few more days, develop "Sleepyhead" as well. So your character is stress eating, resting little and feeling tired all the time. You should also randomly receive high amounts of stress. And sometimes receive a temporary "High Thirst". If you already had any of these negative traits, it should temporarily increase their effects. After that one year period has ended, you'd have lost these temporary versions of the negative traits and lose the "smoker" negative trait. If you smoke a cigarette, you'd also lose the temporary version, but reset the marker back to 0. If at any moment your character smoke a single cigarette after losing the smoker trait, they should immediately receive the smoker trait back again. Even without the smoker trait, there should be a random low % possibility of your character receiving the first stage of stress due to the smoker trait which the percentage shrinks lower every passing year until it reaches 0% after several years. The permanent negative traits you gained due to smoking in suggestion 2 should also be lost gradually every few years after your character stops smoking. (With the exception of the sickness) It only uses mechanics already present in the game, is much more realistic to the effects of cigarettes (coming from someone who smoked for years and has stopped for over 10 years) and doesn't rely solely on scavenging for cigarettes. Smoking in the game is currently not much more than a small scavenging hassle when it should have long-term issues to that short-term bonus 4 points. Both keeping smoking and stopping to smoke should be a hassle, if you keep smoking you get long-term issues, if you stop smoking you get one very bad in-game year. This not only make the smoker trait something you really have to think about but portrays cigarettes as they actually are. Also, cigarettes should reduce your boredom a tiny bit. They don't only reduce stress, but smokers also actually like to smoke and smoke when they are bored as well, I can assure you of that..
  21. So, right now all of the crafting routine is handled by character inventory. All of the materials are there as well as the instrument. But I think would be interesting to bring, in addition to that, some workbench system, that would require a stationary workbench in order to create something, or just simplify the familiar craft tasks. For example, there could be a stationary metal band saw, that can create metal sheets from some other cheap material, or maybe even from furniture, with additional efficiency and higher drop rate, or maybe it can do some other importing operations. But its work require the resources, that can be gain only in that special facility, where it is located. So, as a result, you can get very cheap, possibly unique, craft opportunity at this spot, but you will need to fight all of the zombies in the area, that can be attracted by a band saw noise, secure that place, and turn it back to power, but all of it will worth it at the end It could also be a vehicle parts crafting benches, that obviously required an factory environment, some heavy machinery for precision engineering, lens production for scopes, glasses and binoculars, ammunition production benches, or maybe even just a simple stationary workbench, that you can craft yourself and put it in your base, to make some importing stuff, or make some of the resources requirements lower, and production faster, but you obviously can't take it with you on the journey, and can use it only when you at home
  22. It would be awesome if u could show your map to other players or even draw on the same map at the same time.
  23. We all know hunting will come to the game soon, suggestion to that would be the ability to see tracks, to follow eather animals, maybe zombies and players or npc in the future. The ability should be implemented with the skill tree added soon. Depending on your level it will show you not all tracks. lvl 1 -> Zombies lvl 2 -> Animals lvl 3 -> NPC lvl 4 -> Players You will be able to see all tracks, but you wont be able to distuingish them. You will need a magazine for it or sth along the lines. This will greatly enhance hunting and will enhance player interaction. like following someone to their hideout. Also a skill to counteract it would be Track Hiding. Like the name implies, a skill to hide your tracks, with level system. depending on the level of the tracker, the tracker wont see your tracks if you the track hider have a higher lvl than your tracker. Track hiding is a manual work, so you will only move like you would be foraging or sneaking. I really just want to roleplay as Daryll Dixon ;^
  24. It would be great if we could have access to some ChatServer functions in our server-side lua script to send messages to client chats - sendServerAlertMessageToServerChat - sendMessageToServerChat - sendMessageToAdminChat
  25. Suggestion to make it a bit easier for server mods to handle some of the situation. Most of it is doable in a hacky way but having those in the core engine would just make it cleaner and more efficient for us. EVENTS: OnServerPlayerConnected (playerObj, isNewPlayer) When the player officially connected to the server, passing a parameter to inform if it's a brand new player. Use cases: Show a message, an existing player has connected. Show a message, a new player has connected. Do something every time a player join. Do something one-time only when a new player joined for the first time. ___________________________________________ OnServerPlayerDisconnected (playerObj, reason) When the player has left the server, passing a parameter to inform the reason of leaving. (Logged Out, Kicked, Banned, Unknown/Crash) Use cases: Show a message, a player has left and why. Do something special when a player disconnect based on the reason. ___________________________________________ OnServerPlayerSpawned (playerObj, isNewCharacter) Similar to OnServerPlayerConnected but also trigger after re-spawning a new character (after death). Use cases: Do something every time a player spawn. Do something when a player spawn with a new character. ___________________________________________ OnServerPlayerDied (playerObj, reason) Trigger when a player has died, potentially add the cause of the death. Use cases: Show a message, when a player died and why. Do something every time a player died.
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