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  1. I want to give my map that typical vanilla feeling. Are there any sources for vanilla buildings or do I have to recreate them myself?
  2. I think the wedding dress is pretty rare to find? Also santa costume, jason masks, crash helmet as well as the usual stuff like motorcycle helmet, big and small spiffo plush etc. Things I have not found yet are leather trousers, spiffo costume, home alarms, pilot helmet.
  3. Each his own I guess but what really bother me with this post is that it completely disregards what the devs said in their thursdoids about the endgame as well the general history and reasoning for why it is in development for so long. Yet this guy has the audicity to call the people behind PZ incompetent. They know that there is no real endgame and thats why we will get one both with the crafting update as well as npcs. By their vision we will be able to play on the same safe for literal years (in real life) with new challenges coming up over time. There are reasons why this game took so long which I'm not going to elliborate on anymore as it has all been said a hundred times until now but after the big chunk of work that B41 was is out now the development will, according to the devs, be much faster now. You know if you don't like the game and its not for you that okey. But at least provide some constructive feedback instead of this useless rand because you, for unknown reasons, reject to use sandbox and tweak the game. With an sandbox game like PZ there will never be 'optimal' settings that satisfy everyone and if you don't like the standard settings with respawns etc. just turn them off damn it... There's even a mod that lets you do this midgame so you don't need to start a new save.. but maybe you were just to incompetent to find out yourself right?
  4. Me and my friends are thinking about starting an mp server and a big question that came up on my side was how we will prevent loot cycling. For those that don't know, loot cycling is when people throw all the stuff from containers on the ground and leave it there. Many people doing this over and over again will greatly hurt server performance in the long run (we want the world to be persistent). Now what I thought off was to add items that are usually dumped to the ground (books, tools, trash items) to the removal list (thats a setting the game provides) so that the game will automatically delete those after some time. The problem with that approach is that this will also remove player based items in bases and thus limit the ability of players to decorate their base with items. Does anybody know a mod or some other way to effectively counter loot cycling like a server plugin or setting etc.? We will, of course, also make a rule that disallows loot cycling and would, if we decide to add items to the removal list, tell people about which items specifically on our discord. But you know how people are sometimes... Some will not follow it because they don't care and it's hard to catch them in the moment they do this so we really need a solution for that problem.
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