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  1. I've been pouring over the code and found the IsoDummyCameraCharacter class and the IsoCamera class, but I don't know if that's right or how to put it together. I'd like to make a mod that allows the player to "peek" around a corner if a mirror is equipped. I thought maybe make an IsoDummyCameraCharacter one IsoSquare away and then set IsoCamera to it, but is that right? How? I'm stuck. Thanks, Scruffy Fren
  2. I've noticed in my playing that as soon as a moodle appears, I want to "relieve it". I was trying to figure out why having them there bothered me so much, and I realized: it's the color! Currently, the moodles are using shades of red, which are largely indistinguishable, especially at the periphery of my vision. I wind up feeling like I have to take care of the moodle. Proposal: Just recalibrating the color. So, instead of starting with any shade of red, start with a pale yellow-green, then yellow, the the deepening reds as it becomes important to pay attent
  3. For the test, create a simple mod with a single lua-file, in which we write the following code (no matter what for - it's just a shortcut to confirm the bug): require "OptionScreens/ModSelector" require "ISUI/ISLabel" local def_create = ModSelector.create function ModSelector:create() def_create(self) self.test = ISLabel:new(0, 0, 17, "test", 1, 1, 1, 1, UIFont.Small, true) self.test:addToUIManager() --self.test:removeFromUIManager() end Such a mod turns on without errors, but if you want to enable something else or disable this mod, the following will happen: ERROR: General
  4. Error trying to use <RIGHT>; from console.txt: function: render -- file: RichTextLayout.lua line # 407 ... LOG : General, 1593545810494> Object tried to call nil in render in RichTextLayout.lua: 404: if orient == "centre" then 405: ui:drawTextCentre(string.trim(v), x + self.width / 2 , y + self.marginTop + self.lineY[c], r, g, b,1, self.font) 406: elseif orient == "right" then 407: ui:drawTextLeft(string.trim(v), x + self.marginLeft + self.lineX[c], y + self.marginTop + self.lineY[c], r, g, b,1, self.font) 408: else 409: ui:drawText(string.tri
  5. Hi Folks, I looked through the bug tracker and haven't seen this one mentioned, so I hope it's not a dupe of something already reported. I've recently returned to Zomboid after a little hiatus and been playing with the latest build of 41.39 and was excited to hear that clothing can actually be repaired! However, when I attempt to repair clothing I see the progress dialog bar but nothing gets repaired and the resources are consumed. I also see little red error boxes in the lower right of UI after I inspect clothing and right-click Hole to get the Patch Hole c
  6. ...more precisely, the function works, but not correctly, because of which it seems that it does not work - the confirmation button is blocked and immediately becomes available again. an error in the function `ISTextBox:updateButtons()`, which is called every (frame update?) in `ISTextBox:prerender()` function ISTextBox:updateButtons() self.yes:setEnable(true); self.yes.tooltip = nil; local text = self.entry:getText() if self.validateFunc and self.validateText ~= text then self.validateText = text -- after that the next iteration doesn't check and self.yes.enab
  7. Hey, so I was wondering if it would be possible to add an interaction button to zeds, nothing fancy, more like a proof-of-concept. If you press your right mouse button on an zed an small interaction button should pop up (like on anything else interactable), if i click it some function or so should be triggered. Im pretty new to modding Project Zomboid, im not quite sure where to start but I found some example LUA scripts from the devs located in: \media\luaexamples\ui But I dont know if its the right to look at, any tips or help would be appreciated.
  8. Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2004998206 Minimal Display Bars 4.3.3 Current Display Bars: Health, Hunger, Thirst, Endurance, Fatigue, Boredom, Unhappiness, Temperature, Calories. [06/27/2020] - Tested on Build 40.43 and IWBUMS Build 41.39. Tested on a Build 40.43 multiplayer server. Link: (Change Notes) Mod Info: Displays some of your stats. (Right-click a bar and click "Hide" if you don
  9. Hi, i encountered this bug, when i wanted to add another mod to my already running game. When you click on the "choose mods" button when loading the game, you get an empty screen (only the background picure of the game still exists). Now, this bug doesnt happen, if you clicked atleast once on the "Mods" button in the main menu before attempting to do this (once per game start is enough). As i found out, the reason for this is, that the game tries to display a box with text, using a function that does not exist. In the file "ISModsNagPanel.lua" in the location Steam\steama
  10. I've already posted it on reddit, but I was in doubt if it would reach the devs there, so I'm posting it here. How I think the condition of items in primary/secondary/hotbar should appear in UI to be easy to see the condition of the items on hotbar and primary/secondary slots. Note: today (build 41) the game use a Star next to the item to represent the condition on items (I removed that on the image above). I think it's not a good way to represent that, it's not easy to see nor obvious for some players. The suggestion is to replace the "Star" with the above a "
  11. I've just about clocked my 24th hour on the current IWBUMS build, with 100+ prior plus a handful more from the Kate + Baldspot versions. I'm really enjoying the new mechanics and features so far; the following is a bunch of things I hope to see changed/added. Beyond the list of commonly suggested suggestions (Some of which I will be reiterating), I'm somewhat ignorant of currently planned features and content, so I apologise if any of this already is. Likewise I'm going to ignore developmental constraints and engine limitations for the time being and present everything as I'd like to see it. W
  12. This is simultaneously a straightforwards yet somewhat complex suggestion; The ability to have re-usable items (any tool required to perform a contextual action eg. medical, carpentry, mechanics) returned automatically its container after use. For example, I keep a tin opener stored alongside all my canned foods - but I'll often open a tin, eat the food and forget to place the can opener back into the container. As another example, medkits are currently very inconvenient to use for this same reason, especially considering you have to drop it to put stuff back in (If I'm not mistaken)
  13. Hi, This is a usability issue, not a big one, but still. As a moderator without access to server internals, I can't copy values from DB Viewer table. For example, to see all users with the same steamid, I need to open a separate notepad window, write there down steamid digit by digit manually, then paste it in DB Viewer in the game. On the other hand, an admin account can click on a record from viewer table, then press 'modify' and and finally copy value from corresponding 'filters' table field with ctrl+c. There should be a more convinient way to do this for a non-admi
  14. How to reproduce: start/continue a game press Esc, click on OPTIONS click on any of the drop-down menus press Esc – you are back in the game but the drop-down menu is still showing press Esc again – you are back in the options, but the drop-down menu is not showing (I think it is behind the options window now) click on the same drop-down menu as in 3. All drop-down menus in the Game Options are now broken until you quit the current game and reload. Restarting the program is not necessary. version IWBUMS 41.14 Fedora 30 x64, nvidia 450GTS
  15. Project Zomboid should have its own game-exclusive cursor because I have a custom cursor and it just doesn't fit too well. I'd hate to change my cursor just for the sake of not having it distract me during game but I feel as if it would be really easy to just add a cursor in-game so that I don't have my multicolored out of place cursor distracting me in game. Also it could be made so that it could be turned off so that people could use their own cursors from their desktop. But please make a cursor that's just for the game.
  16. This game's interface seems heavily influenced from Wurm (also a Java game). While that's good in some respects, it's bad in others. From https://steamcommunity.com/app/108600/discussions/0/1837937637881281572/: Why can't items be combined outside of the main player inventory container? So annoying having to move everything just to combine them! Certain items can't be combined. Seems silly to me why thread, twine, and wire can't be combined individually (obviously not different materials on the same reel/spool). It's especially odd that wire can't be combine
  17. I'd like to make a quality-of-life suggestion for the container window. Currently, in order to show this window (and the main inventory as well), there are 2 modes. The player can either left-click the container, or mouse hover over the proximity/container window, or have it "pinned"/"always-on" so as it is always visible. I would like to suggest a third optional mode, where the window would automatically appear/unfold when there are items to be shown. Alternatively the window could appear when there is a container to be shown - whether it be empty or has items (or this could e
  18. Currently, and especially with mods; it is a pain knowing what things you can and cannot currently make. You have to check each and every crafting category tab in order to find out what you currently can craft. I would therefore like a new tab that only lists the "currently craft-able" items. The recipes that you currently do have the materials for.
  19. If you equip a wooden cage trap in your primary and secondary and you set the traps on the ground they will disappear from your inventory but still show in your primary and secondary hand (not actually there). Display bug only, it doesn't impact gameplay.
  20. This probably would take a lot of reworking for the firearms but as of right now they're near useless anyway. The current system relies on chance and accuracy with no feedback other than click (miss) click (miss) click (awe yeah you got a hit) Reworking firearms to show more feedback to the aiming factor with a visible cone that narrows as you sit still with accuracy factoring how quickly it narrows and how narrow it's final AoE can affect. Panic could cause it to fluctuate depending on the level of panic while tiredness could cause it to narrow slower and not as well.
  21. Hello Can I 360 rotate ISButton, or another one ISUI? ps Can anyone create a tutorial about: ISUI, custom addCombo() and NewbieGuide2 (3 guides.. )
  22. Contrary to the inventory and loot windows, the map window (when you read a map) cannot be resized. this is really annoying even if you pin it (whenever you mouse out of the windows it foldes back up, when you mouse over it, it unfolds down). Also Consider that the Map UI window is really big ( it takes more than half the area of the game's HUD). Is it possible that one can convert that window to something like the inventory or loot one (so you can resize it ) through some minor modding? I will happily try to do it.. but I need some major guidance for it. Regards
  23. May be a suggestion, but seeing it's probably an omission, I decided to post it as a bug instead. When dismantling items, a text is being shown over character head. Normally, for those things a character speech is used (can't read book yet, already know the knowledges from book or in the recent build, inability to get out of car). The current text when the character fails dismantling uses a different mechanic and is surrounded by star signs and uses a different font that is hard to read. It also seems to disappear quicker? It would be nice if those text could be replace
  24. So it seems there's no limit on which day of the month you can (try to) set in Multiplayer by editing options. Fortunately, it only seems to be visual issue, not affecting actual game setting .
  25. It seems that list of mods gets cuts off at one point suddenly when browsing multiplayer options. Ideally, I would love to see them all multi-line, but even if some limit is going to be kept, it would at least be nice if ellipsis (…) could be added at the end.
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