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Found 125 results

  1. So, I bought project zomboid after I had played it at a friends house, but after I downloaded it, the game doesn't open. When I launch the game through either my desktop or library, a little command prompt window opens and closes after about half a second. I would really appreciate it if I got some help from you guys, I really want to play this game.
  2. I am currently using the early access build version 30.9; I'm a little over one month in on regular survival. While building something on the second floor of my base, I accidently fell and fractured right shin. From what I've looked up and from what I understand, I SHOULD have what I need to make a splint (One ripped sheet, a sturdy stick and/or a tree branch). I currently have 8 ripped sheets, 1 tree branch, 16 sturdy sticks and 1 regular sheet all in my inventory and I am not getting an option to make a splint. Am I doing something wrong?
  3. Hi all, First off I just want to say that I love PZ and I am excited to watch it grow into something great. I've been playing for a while now and I wanted to try my hand at creating a mod or two. I have an idea for a series of mods that I'm going to start working on called PZMD. I'm a medical student and basically, I'd like to try and inject some more realism regarding human physiology, medicine, pharmacology, etc. However, a lot of this is pretty complex so I wanted to start somewhere easy so my first mod is going to be "PZMD Hygeine". This is what I would like to to do: Track player hygeine level and have effects based around poor/good hygiene (increased happiness, decreased chance of infection, etc.) Allow player to perform hygiene related actions such as brush teeth, shower, wash hands, etc. To that end, I've decided to start with the "Brush Teeth" action. I'd like to use the existing toothbrush and toothpaste items in the players inventory to allow for the activation of a timed action when either the player right clicks on a water source (e.g. sink, bathtub) or has a water source in their inventory (e.g. bottle of water). So, I've started but I think I need a little direction. I've been trying to do some reverse engineering (RoboMat's Lockpicking mod) and I've been looking through the javadocs but I can't seem to figure out how to determine if the player is clicking on a water source item or not. Getting the inventory shouldn't be too difficult but I'm a little lost with the other bits. If any one could havefer a nudge in the right direction, that would be great. Thanks! Cheers, - Vanek
  4. Can someone please give me a detailed walkthrough of how to install the NATURAL CLOCK MOD and get it working? Along with the Building Mod, the recycling mod required to use the building mod, and the utilitymod required to use the recycling mod. Every time I tried to activate the utility and recycling mod, my screen would go black and I'd have to delete and reinstall the entire game. The natural clock mod shows up as a selectable mod, it just doesn't appear in game.
  5. memsid

    Luas don't match

    I'm installing mods on a remote server and keep getting 'luas do not match the servers' even though they are the exact same files, I've added them in servertest.ini, and loaded.txt in different orders. The mods also work just fine in single player... what's the problem?
  6. Hi, I have been looking into lua and the mod tutorials and am just about to try to do some simple modding. But my question is, how moddable is PZ? Can you do a total conversion mod and make it into a completely different game? or are the mods more "cheats" and new items?
  7. Hello everyone, Im an indie game developer at EGGHEAD. I am happy to announce my first 2 game which is available at EGGHEAD . Please visit my website for details. 1. Krash On Planet X The story so far..... You are Commander Krash and your Assistant Engineer Bubo are escaping from General Zolt Army. You crash on Planet X after depleting the energy crystal. Collect all the crystal on planet x to excape. 15 level to complete, The Desert, Underground Carven, Ghost Castle, Frozen Ice and The Forest. 2. Precision Lander. The story so far.... Control your Lander on an unknown planet. Avoid hitting rock and wall or you explode. You have a limited fuel for 300 sec. Refuel at any station for extra 15 sec. You might encounter hidden relic. Collect them. 34 maze level to complete. Best regards, Neil Gomes @ EGGHEAD STUDIOS
  8. I just started adding mods to project zomboid and noticed some files are .rar files, and since those aren't folders, what do? (Yes, i'm legitimately this stupid, and yes, i do have winrar)
  9. Hello everyone, I'm new to project zomboid and as many people have probably found out the map editor used for project zomboid is available so you can recreate your hometown or a map of your choice. I really wanted to make my own map so I downloaded the tools and 32 bit tools folders from http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/4674-map-tools/. I replaced everything except the rules.txt folder but then I just had a folder with nothing to do. I managed to find out that it used the program Tiled despite it not being mentioned anywhere on the original post. However, now i'm stuck again. Where do I install the "tools" folder in Tiled to get it to work. Please Help, Thank you.
  10. I'm looking in particular any mods that will give me god mode, I have necroforge for spawning in items but it doesn't include god mode. Zspawn doesn't work for me and neither does dida55's multihack. Or if anyone could direct me to a file in the game that I can edit to do it myself that would be awesome.
  11. This is a quick question (I guess). When I try to port forwarding using the Minecraft port (25565) it all work perfectly fine, but when I try using the PZ port (16261) it say: Someone please explain this to me:
  12. I am new to lua editing and scripting. I have made a mod adding new items, along with distribution scripts. However, I cannot make my mod work properly. It appears in the in-game mod list, but when I enable it and reload lua, it disables automatically. I think my scripting was the problem. I scripted the items in .txt, but the distribution script is in .lua. I need someone with good scripting experience who understands the language to revise my mod. If done successfully, you will be credited in my mod. E-mail me at becenti_j@hotmail.com and I will respond with the mod attached. Thank you in advance.
  13. I'm hosting a private server for just me and my friends via hamachi. It was working rather well until there was a power surge in my area. Both me and one of my friends playing were immediately kicked from the server because my computer had shut off, thus ending it abruptly. After which, we came back into the game to find that for some reason the in game time had jumped ahead several months. It was from July 30th, to January 1st. And our characters nearly froze to death. I also found this odd because by default the power was set to go out anytime between 0-2 months. Yet it was still on. Because of that fact I decided I'd reset my server to the first day. I did this by deleting Map_t.bin and map_meta.bin. Doing this usually allows me to reset the server time which turns the power and water back on but leaves everything else alone, loot, zombies, and player built walls etc. This time however, this happened: http://postimg.org/image/kdhoj05ml/ We're all experiencing the issue on the server. However, we're each experiencing it differently. Edit* Forgot to mention that the black bits aren't passable and make a square around my base. There's no way past them and I can see cells after them. I tried deleting the files again, and I also tried restoring the map_t and map_meta originally deleted, this brought the game time back to January, however the glitch remained. If anyone has any experience with this I'd greatly appreciate the help.
  14. Hello, I'm new to modding Project Zomboid and, if someone has a moment, I'm having a few difficulties. My questions revolve around an issue I'm having where I'm not able to use 'require' to get my other modules like I normally would. Here is what I would like to do in a bare bones example: --File: media/lua/server/MyMod/MyMod.lua MyMod = {} print('Setting up...'); MyMod.module1 = require 'MyMod/Module1.lua'; print('Loaded module: '..MyMod.module1.foo()); --File: media/lua/server/MyMod/Module1.lua local M = {} function M.foo() return 'I\'m Module1!'; end return M; When I load the mod I get an exception telling me MyMod.module1 is null, when I expect to get my returned Module1 table, or an exception that it could not find the file. --Output: Loading: ../media/lua/server/MyMod/MyMod.lua Setting up... ----------------------------------------- attempted index: foo of non-table: null ----------------------------------------- So, if you bare with me I have three related questions: 1. Does PZ stop me from using require to load other lua files? why? (or am I doing it wrong?) 2. Why does PZ load every .lua file in my mod. I normally expect a single point of entry, such as loading the file "MyMod/MyMod.lua" which would then allow me to decide what modules the mod loads. Is there a reason it doesn't have a single point of entry and how should I be using this to my advantage? 3. Other mods declare their modules using their mod name as a prefix to avoid possible conflicts; I was hoping I could avoid pollution of the global scope and just have everything under one roof, i.e inside MyMod, instead of MyMod;MyModModule1;MyModModule2;etc. Is there any way to do this? Thanks for reading, Any questions/clarifications please ask! Logan. Update: I'm guessing my issue with require() has something to do with the differences between Kahlua2 and Lua 5.1? (only because my example works fine using Lua 5.1)
  15. daorkboypl

    Port Forwarding

    I made a post about port forwarding. And I still haven't figured it out. I got a program for doing it and yet again I have failed at forwarding. I post some screens of the program, and the stuffs. Please help me. WE ARE DOOMED
  16. Hi guys.I really need help ASAP. I can connect to my server via, but I can't connect with my public IP. My friends also can't connect. Please help me! I think It may be a port forwarding issue. On some port checkers it says my ports are open, but on others they're not. Also I tried allowing them through my firewall and I tried opening them, but I don't think it worked.
  17. Hello everyone! I'm VenomDG and i've noticed while playing multiplayer that you CAN NOT sleep. This is an issue due to some sicknesses only being curable with sleep and rest. The main and most common being nausea. Me and my friends have tried many things and tried searching up MANY times on how to fix this issue but the only cure we found was sleep. We have died every time we were effected by this which sucks because as soon as you see you know your queasy, And that leads to one inescapable thing... Adding the ability to sleep in multiplayer sort of like how minecraft does with everyone needing to sleep at once for it to work, or just making it where you lay in a bed and you have a 5 minute timer or something and need to wait while your character rests would be AMAZING. I'm tired of dying every time from a sickness you practically cant avoid. Hopefully something will be added in to cure nausea besides sleep or sleep added to multiplayer. Thanks for your time.
  18. Hello everyone, First and foremost I'd like to say I love this game ( the small amount of time I have actually played). But the main reason I bought it was to play with a buddy of mine. We are mostly wanting to play alone which means, we aren't really up for joining a random server. With that said, I hosted my own for the two of us and finally we got it to work today using Hamachi (Sadly we couldn't ever connect without it). While playing we discovered that PvP was a problem and other things we may what to check. I have looked at many different posts and threads about servers, server options, and changing everything. But most of these seem to be pre-update 26 or maybe my computer just displays things differently than others. First Question: Where exactly is my server folder everyone talks about? I have found the following in the media folder than the lua (see below). But after opening it there is no serverOptions.ini file or anything (see below). Am I missing something? Looking in the wrong area? Any help on this matter would be welcomed. Second Question: To "restart" the server. What do I need to delete? Is it found in the Sandbox File shown in the following picture? If so what file needs to be delete? Or does the whole folder need to be delete (See below for files found in the folder). Or is it somewhere else that I have missed? Thanks for any help that can be given. Like I said above I looked through countless post and threads searching for answers. I am new to this whole running servers and such. I just need a bit of help and guidance. -Prongs
  19. I tried running a server with the new build 26 but alas, it prints out this error everytime someone tries to log in. I tried using my external and internal IP without success. Tried hosting it on two different machines. - I5-3570K | 8GB RAM | HD7950 and Athlon 2650e | 1.5GB RAM | Mobility X1200 - Windows 8.1 X64 and Windows Home Server 2008 R2 - ~30mbps for both upload and download - Used steam to verify the integrity, deleted my server files and started a new one from scratch - Here is the code printed when I try to log : ID_NEW_INCOMING_CONNECTIONid=0 guid=81065501593803479User Xorg is trying to connect.java.lang.NullPointerException at zombie.network.ServerWorldDatabase.authClient(ServerWorldDatabase.java:239) at zombie.network.GameServer.mainLoopDealWithNetData(GameServer.java:1056) at zombie.network.GameServer.main(GameServer.java:271)ID_DISCONNECTION_NOTIFICATION-The server runs on a physical machine.
  20. Hello, I'm having a really frustrating bug where I can play Build 23 fine but Builds 25 & 26 when I start up a world, I can't see my character, just the shadow! Please Help me. http://imgur.com/adhfdWp
  21. For some reason me and my friends are having the problem of players not being able to load the map around them, resulting in basically an unpassable black border while they're stuck on a part of the map. All of us can host games and everyone is able to join them, however there is always 1 person who has this bug. Everyone has their ports forwarded and can join successfully, but there's always at least 1 person who can't load the map and they become stuck in a square. Anyone know if there's a fix to this?
  22. SurvivingWithLightning


    Hello I'm gonna get right to the matter I need help with. Basically I've installed MindMod, RMLockPicking, RMUtility successfully, and I wanted to try and install the Super Powers mod into my Project Zomboid folder, I transferred my mods from C:\User\[Me]\Zomboid\mods to C:\Users\[Me]\Desktop\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\mods and then I put the other stuff like the stuff that goes in UI into C:\Users\[Me]\Desktop\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\ui\Traits And Sound in C:\Users\[Me]\Desktop\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\sound Everything worked fine until I tried installing that mod, I left SuperPowers in C:\User\[Me]\Zomboid\mods and it worked perfectly, I also left CraftHelper in there (I also tried installing that) and again it was fine! But when I tried installing it, I ran every beta mode I had in there, and it still didn't work. I used to just use Beta and now it won't work, when I enter the game the main menu won't appear, (the screen with the guy and woman in the night near a window and the logo is there, but the stuff like, EXIT, Options, Mods, stuff like that, dosen't appear, I reload the game in Build23, and it says the mods are there, all ticked and working, I go into a save and start playing, MindMod won't work, and whilst it's something I can live with whilst doing Vanilla gameplay, say if I suddenly want to play Mods, it's gonna be annoying. So anyway if anyone has an answer on how to fix this please tell me, I really want to know what's wrong.
  23. Then ever I place a window on a exterior wall, it either places a window inside the window, or pushes the window to the side. Please help me resolve this issue, since I can't continue on my building untill it's fixed somehow.
  24. my main question is does anyone know of any modz for build 23 that r like pillow silencer, lockpicking and so on cuz i cant get any of the mods to work for the newer version.... also is there a way to down grade my game version so mods do work on it... and last but not least i have done everything correct for downloading the mods, in steamapps/common/projectzombiod/mods but i cant get any of the mods to show up in the title mod screen! also a list of build 23 mods would help get me started
  25. I am trying to make a juice mod (Don't know if there's already one out there, it is more of a way of learning than making something new), but some of the icon textures in the inventory will not show up. This one works: item juicer{Weight = 0.5,Type = Normal,DisplayName = Hand Juicer,Icon = juicer.png,} But this one doesn't: item orangeJuice{HungerChange = -10,ThirstChange = -40,Weight = 1.0,Type = Food,DisplayName = Orange Juice,DaysFresh = 12,DaysTotallyRotten = 15,ReplaceOnUse = MuglIcon = orangejuice.png,} Does anyone have any ideas on what may be going wrong? I've tried everything I can think of. Any help would be appreciated.
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