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  1. StOnGdUkE

    WorldEd not accepting png/bmp files

    thanks man you really helped!
  2. StOnGdUkE

    WorldEd not accepting png/bmp files

    how would one put in a vegetation map?
  3. StOnGdUkE

    WorldEd not accepting png/bmp files

    Okay so I followed all of the mapping tutorials and got right up to this point: And then as I tried to click on the files in the right, drag them, etc. Nothing happened. Nothing at all. I've got my map sizes right, etc. Is there anything I need to do to the images? Thank you!
  4. StOnGdUkE

    The One Stop TileZed Mapping Shop

    So uh, I was making a map, following instructions perfectly, and I'm here: First, I know the image is compressed. I tried to upload it here and it wouldn't work. *ahem* Okay, so the problem is that whenever I click on my map image, png or bmp, it simply wont show up in WorldEd. Nothing, just no reaction no matter what I do. I've looked everywhere for some kind of help and nothing has come up. I'm doing things the exact way they're supposed to be done. Can anyone help? EDIT: Nvm I got it guys