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  1. Yeah it is the Marijuana mod, and thanks for the reply guys i totally forgot i posted this.
  2. Hi there, i'm not really sure where to post this but i'm looking for someone who is experienced in lua that could help me fix this mod and make it usable again. Let me know if you can, or know someone that can help!
  3. Hey man big fan of your marijuana mod.. if you ever happen to come back to the PZ world would love for you to update it.

  4. Hi everyone, i've decided to start my server up again for build 33.5 as i can't find a server that currently fits my needs. I'm gonna be running the server as much as i can depending on how many people decide to join me. Please join using a realistic name or you will kicked until you do. Ex. Gerald Davidson IP: Port: 16261 Spots available: 14 Mods: Hydrocraft and Littering
  5. Server's back up guys! It will be a lot of more active
  6. The server is online if anyone wants to play
  7. Yeah the server is gonna be down until tomorrow morning, just been busy with stuff.
  8. Sorry guys, server was down all day. Should be up all day tomorrow
  9. What did you film if you don't mind me asking? And where can i watch it? haha
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