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  1. Hello! I've been playing this great game for some time and about 2-3 weeks ago I bought a copy for my girlfriend. Since then I've been trying to start a server for us, but I just can't. Whatever I tried, my girlfriend was unable to connect. I've tried hamachi, connecting by ethernet, port forwarding, sarcificing a lamb... I just honestly tried to do what I can and nothing helps. So I'm asking you, dear fellow players and developers, for any help. Let us smash zombie heads together. Don't stop us now I'm ready to take this step by step, from begining, and I'll provide any infromation I can. Here's what I can think of, what can be useful: -both copies are on GOG -I have windows 7 64-b on my computer (where I want to host server) and my girlfriend has windows 8.1 64-b on her -our router is technicolor 7200.U (or just 7200)
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