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  1. Oh my god, these are amazing. HOW can I add these into the existing map? I checked the tutorial and still have NO IDEA.
  2. Just checking, is there a known solution to textures not showing up? I am on 39 stable, Steam ORGM release (with Silencers addon, no Necroforge), on iMac / iOS Mojave and I have proper models for all the weapons, but no textures - all the guns are just white/slight pink models. Just checking if there is a fix by now for this? Watching the above YT video, it kinda makes me sad all my weapons are white and missing textures...:/
  3. I'm playing 39 stable and used separate vehicle mods from Steam and I have a bug where all vehicles have wrong textures on the wheels/tires. It's the same on all cars from your mods. Even if I use "smaller cars mod" with only vanilla cars, still the same bug? Running on iMac / iOS Mojave, 2015 iMac with Radeon.
  4. jonaleks

    2 Player game tips

    It's as easy as hosting a multiplayer game from the game. However this way server is going to be up only when the host is running the game. We did this with 2 other friends but later decided we'll invest in a dedicated rented server so anyone can connect at any time. We all play on Mac's/OSX. No idea about running your own server though, with full uptime from your computer, that was beyond my tech skills.
  5. Thanks @EUDOXIO, I will try FTPing the files over. Isit also possible to migrate our previous MP game over, the world and the characters? One more thing, I cannot save Additional Mods in Nitrado since it says I have to separate them with a comma, but it should actually be a ; - so Mod1;Mod2;Mod3 etc... When I click Save, it saves just the first mod and also erases everything else in servertest.ini file. Should I just leave this window empty and set it all in servertest.ini?
  6. Hey guys, me and my friend rented our first server ever, at Nitrado.net Setup was very easy but I do not know what I am doing since its the first time we rented a server. Could someone help out me with few things: 1. Loging in to server: I can find my server in PZ but cannot connect to it! What kind of username and password should I use? If I want to login as admin or as a regular player? Where do I define this? What option should I select if I want my server to be private or password protected? 2. Adding mods to the Server: I know how to define mods in the ini/info file, basicly I just copied over settings from our previous MP game that I was hosting from my pc. But do I also have to copy mod folders to the online server? Thanks guys!
  7. Hey @iyarkonan I was actually just reading this on reddit right now! Doing what ButterBot wrote should be enough? Because further down someone wrote you also need to change ORGM mod lua files but I didnt understand what he meant. So if I understand correctly, I should just add "o.maxTime = time" in a new line where exactly in your case? Can you show screenshot? And then add two -- on the line mentioned in that post just to disable that line right? And yes, we play with just one friend, I always hosted a game but we just bought our server minutes ago. Go to ISReloadAction.lua (ProjectZomboid\media\lua\shared\Reloading) and comment out line 47 --o.maxTime = reloadManager.reloadWeapon:getReloadTime() * char:getReloadingMod() + panicLevel*30 then add o.maxTime = time on line 42 If I copy paste the portion from my lua its like this: o.stopOnRun = true o.maxTime = time -- Custom fields o.mgr = reloadManager local moodles = char:getMoodles(); local panicLevel = moodles:getMoodleLevel(MoodleType.Panic); —- o.maxTime = reloadManager.reloadWeapon:getReloadTime() * char:getReloadingMod() + panicLevel*30 o.reloadable = reloadManager.reloadable I think it works this way - I can load bullets into magazine. But it loads each individual bullet, one by one? I mean, its very SLOW, just loading 15 bullets for a handgun takes 1 minute. Is it supposed to be like that? Even with reloading at 3?
  8. Thanks guys, I cant seem to figure this out what causes textures not loading up. Its just beyond me, I will wait out maybe one day some Mac user comes along and has a fix. Just one last question as I just now (after 5 years???) discovered there are multiple Reload Options. I always played with Easy as I never knew there are other settings lol. However, on 36.4 build, Normal and Hardcore are not working for me as I cannot fill an ejected mag with ammo. Is this a common issue and cant be fixed? I can reload mags and rack guns etc, but cant fill mags with ammo. Only shotguns work as they have direct feed. And also a subquestion - if I start a new game with Reload on Easy, all containers will have no magazines. But if I chnage reload to Normal midgame, will the magazines immediately show up in containers? Or will they at least be populated and spawned at next spawn cycle (1 day, month, week...)? Thank you so much!
  9. Yes, when I installed no3Dmodels fix (replaced some scripts...), then the textures and vanilla models came back but of course, now no new 3d models were present. I now reverted back to no no3Dmodels and still, no textures loading up. I inspected the folders and have both of those folders, including .txt and .png files. Loading PNG shouldnt be an issue as vanilla files are also in PNG. Also, the icons textures are loading correctly, as I can see all weapons and ammo in container, invetories etc... just the 3D models dont have textures applied. Is there some sort of an error log somewhere,, maybe the reason why textures arent loaded is logged somewhere? By the way. I just picked up the Springfield 1911 pistol and this model + texture shows up. Its the only gun so far with a texture. Can someone confirm they have the same model and texture for M1911 pistol? And are you sure all these textures are already ingame? Or are untextured guns simply what it should be since all weapons havent yet been textured? Does MP5 have a texture? M4? Five Seven? Can someone post screenshots of these guns equipped so I know what it should look like? Screen with Springfield 1911 below: EDIT: I just figured out for the first time, there is a RELOAD setting in the options. Yeah, never knew that. Is this mod and 36.4 compatible with Normal/Hardcore Reloading? Ive had this on Easy all this time. It has nothing to with my problem of weapon model tetures not showing up, but just wondering, how do we fill a magazine with ammo once its ejected. I see no option for it? Also, if you play the game or start a new one with Normal Reloading setting, will it populate the loot containers with extra, spare magazines/mags?
  10. Yeah, either way, love what you guys are doing, keep the guns coming! I initially wrote here because I have no textures on guns - I now tried turning of all other mods and just keep Gun mod loaded & running, but still doesnt help. I will try removing Steam mod and instal it myself directly, however is the mod / release version on the first page here the current one? BTW, I am playing it on iMac 27 Retina. No Nvidia graphics card, but a Radeon M295 4GB. EDIT 2 I now applied the no3dmodels patch and eplaced few scripts, and now gun textures are back in, but models arent working, all guns have vanilla pistol, shotgun,sawnoff models etc. Am I the only one here playing PZ and this mod on Mac? And yes, my computer supports 3D models, I have them on All On and 3D zombies work etc...
  11. I understand, I'd love to eventually see both the SCAR and ACR in game, just saying that SCAR is issued and has been since 2010 or so. I've never been in the army and am European so don't know to what extent SCAR is used exactly, but I do know that it is widely utilised in many branches as an issued weapon. It's issue name is Mk16 and Mk17, I am sure Google would bring up a lot. But yeah, it's all about the gun porn in the end. However IF you end up doing SCAR weapons, please remember to do it in dark earth/FDE (tan colour). Too many games have black SCAR weapons, which is wrong I mean't that you could add a new item, a SCAR Conversion Kit, that would enable switching one SCAR between multiple setups, be it H, L or even SV and HAMR variant as you mentioned. I mentioned Gun Maintenance kit as you could simple make it's graphic in black/grey colour and turn it into a new item - SCK. If you ever played Jagged Alliance and such games, they had a SCAR conversion kit with which you could switch between gun setups. Not sure if this is even doable in PZ code & tools at disposal, but just putting the idea out there. Many games utilised this ability as SCAR is one of the few weapons that can be modified in such fashion, instantly, even on the field.
  12. Thanks guys, I'll try turning off all the other mods to find the problem. BTW @ORMtnMan if I can chip in to the conversation here: the SCAR L & H are very much standard issue in many branches of the US forces. Mostly Rangers and Navy, still, it's more common than ACR as I don't think it's even issued? In the current PZ map setting, if you are going for realism, SCAR would be found in Military bases and ACR probably on some gun ranges & gun shops as many civilians & hobby shooters sport ACR. And a further idea for SCAR - since it's a very moddable and convertible weapon in reality, why not add a SCAR Conversion kit as an item (something like gun brush, gun maintenance items..) so we could switch between 5.56 (L) and 7.62 (H) caliber? But only if the conversion kit is in the inventory. It would need two sets of models however since SCAR H has a wider lower receiver and a bigger mag (7.62) + a longer barrel, compared to SCAR L. Also another question - is it possible to up the number of possible attachments for certain guns? Like M4, et cetera? A real M4 (with a rail system) should accept a scope, laser/light, sling, collapsible buttstock, foregrip and a silencer. And are you working on a silencer attachment mod yourself too? I am using one on Steam (forgot who the author is, sorry) and if those silencers are used, we can't equip lasers & flashlights to the front. Is this somehow fixable? Sorry, one more question - will you ever adapt your ammo calibers to be compatible with vanilla "Gunpowder" recipe? For making Engineer bombs? I can only dismantle PZ vanilla ammo to gunpowder, but that is so hard to find as it's mostly your weapons.
  13. hey guys, love this mod! Just a quick question - do we need metalworking skill to create metal sheets? I cant find any of them in the world? Also, how does glassworking work? And something a bit offtopic / I always thought zombies cant destroy wooden walls, only doors/windows, maybe something that was way back in old builds.. Does plastering a regular, vanilla PZ wall make it indestructible to zombies?
  14. Hey guys, thank you for this amazing mod! I am playing 36.4 Steam build with ORGM mod instaled from Steam (playing on Mac/OSX) + ORGM silencer mod, however I have a problem with weapon textures. All weapons are just white, untextured. The models seem to be correct (shotguns, pistols, rifles etc.. ) but textures dont show up. Anyway to fix this? Some people have mentioned model loaders etc...no idea what this is. Am I the only one with this problem? Do I need an additional plugin/mod? Also, another issue - on weapons that can switch auto/semi firing mode, if I have bullets loaded and any attachments up, if I switch firing mode, ammo and any attachments are lost. Thanks for the help guys
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