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Found 66 results

  1. booner352

    Shoving With Ranged Weapons

    I haven't seen this and I even searched for it seeming that I couldn't be the only one who has thought of this so far. I think when you are using the shotgun that if a zombie is close to you, you should have to shove the zombie away before shooting. The sawed off and pistol can still be used to kill zombies in close combat, this seems realistic. I can't imagine having a zombie in my face and still be able to use the shotgun effectively. On the same note, when you run out of ammo with a weapon, you should be able to shove zombies away. I had to reload my shotgun today, but needed to shove a zombie off of me first. By the time I figured I couldn't shove a zombie while having a shooting weapon equipped, it was too late and I was eaten. Not that I care that I died - I mean don't we all in the end - but I thought it was weird that this wasn't a feature with ranged weapons, but is already a feature with melee weapons.
  2. AndrewLee

    Weapon Attributes/Stats

    OK I've been looking into resent suggestions and have seen somewhat of what I'm suggesting but not the full thing and if this is wrong for me to post this please do tell. So what I was thinking was Gun stats and attributes. The attributes affecting the stats and the stats affecting the Gun/Weapon. I was reading the Big No's and I saw no specific names for the firearms like AK47 or M14 as it said and this I can understand, it makes things alot easier, that being said I do think that it would be a good thing have. Now when I say attributes I mean like scopes or extended magazines and the stats give some over view of the weapons overall damage, accuracy, durability, etc. These attributes can be classified as just Rifle Scope and giving a +6 accuracy to said rifle obviously this system could go very in depth to how weapons work and I do realize that I'm mainly targeting firearms but this can also work with melee weapons as in sharping a knife or everyone's favorite a nailed bat. I do believe that this could make specifically guns more of a burden as they would not be as good with out attributes than with thus making a rifle near useless without a scope. I understand if this is not wanted, as it would be a fairly lengthy process to get all the factors in but, please consider my suggestion.
  3. Zabuzaxsta

    Police Department

    So one thought I had, after checking the various suggestions and seeing that it was not present, is to incorporate an amped up police station into the map. There could be several unique and powerful items in this police station, thus making it a high-value looting location, but I think the devs could balance this out by making it extraordinarily difficult to loot. For example, it could be construed as a failed "safe point" for evacuation. This would make it heavily fortified and difficult to get in and out of, but absolutely infested with large numbers of zeds. Some of these zeds could potentially be armed (ex-police) or a few could be armored (i.e. wearing body armor). This would obviously include one new item, body armor - it could give the player the equivalent of a "tough skin" perk even if they hadn't selected it in character creation. It should, of course, have durability, and probably be irreparable (I don't think it's plausible that you could find new kevlar to patch the vest in the zombie apocalypse). This could also be a (the only? IDK, it is Kentucky) location to find assault rifles, and perhaps something like tear gas. Tear gas could be done in a bunch of different ways; it could completely knock zeds out for a certain time period, it could knock them out for 30 minutes then they could become crawlers for another 30 (stuff messes you up) then could become walkers after that, or any other possible combination. This item could be valuable for incapacitating groups without drawing large-scale attention. As for the station itself, with so many goodies and being an ex-safezone, it should be difficult as crap to get in to. There could be the aforementioned armed zeds, multiple locked doors and everything hooked up to alarms, a high spawn rate around the station (everyone went there to be safe and is now a zed), numerous hidden "bathroom" zeds, a confusing layout, a solitary entrance so that when you set off alarms your retreat path is quickly cut off, and a linear path throughout the station leading through numerous zed-infested rooms in order to get to the armory at the end. Like, you could enter into the general grounds and a lobby full of survior zeds, then have to go through booking/cells full of prisoner zeds, then through offices of ex-police zeds, then a motor pool, locker room, and bunk room full of surprise zeds. At the end of it all, you'd finally get into the armory (the door to which and other various doors you'd have to bash with a heavy ass sledgehammer), but the moment you got into it you'd set off a LOUD-ass alarm that would pull zeds from everywhere. The only way out would be back down the path you came, now infested with zeds - you'd have to use pretty much everything you got in the armory to get out safely (unless you were super creative). I know this suggestion proposes items that have already been suggested (assault rifles, body armor, etc.) but I think that this would be a neat scenario in which to implement all of these items, would give them a legitimate context, and honestly add a bit of plot/imagined backstory to the game. As I also suggested, it would be quest-like; the player could find notes or graffiti that indicated there was some sort of safe house at the police station, only to find it overrun when they discover it. Also, given that it was a failed city-wide safehouse, there could be numerous medications and foodstuffs found on site in tents set up around the police station, as well as sandbag barricades and whatnot that could be deconstructed and then reconstructed at the player's safehouse (for those who want to play it safe and not risk the armory). EDIT - Just wanted to say thank you to the developers for making one of my most favorite games in history, and for being responsive to the community suggestion-wise. You dudes rock! And re-worded it so that it was "amped-up police station" and not just "police station" as I originally said, which was confusing.
  4. b133d_4_u

    Project BLEACH

    Project BLEACH is my second mod ever. It will add many Zanpakuto to the game. I am currently having trouble with the coding so if anyone wants to help out, feel free to contact me. Adds: Reishi Reiatsu Shakkaho Sokatsui Soren Sokatsui Haien Zabimaru Zangetsu Tensa Zangetsu Tekken Ryujinjakka Shiden Tengumaru Tachikaze Suzumebachi Two new professions and traits! This will add the professions/traits of Soul Reaper and Arrancar to the game. By picking one of these professions you will start out with an Asauchi which you can use to create ONE(1) Zanpakuto of your choice. Each Zanpakuto has its advantages and disadvantages so choose wisely! Planned Features: Construction(Senkaimon and Garganta) Locations(Hueco Mundo,Rukon District,and Sereitei) NPC's(Hollows) The mod itself is complete, but i am currently debugging(nothing works right),and could use some help.
  5. I would love to see a high score mod that you can see how many zombies you have killed as well as the longest you have lived, favorite food (most food) you ate, most mood were in, favorite weapon, ect. I am not sure if this has already been suggested but I think this would really add to the replayability to the game.
  6. masterjen

    Airdrops (For MP)

    Wouldn't it be cool to see airdrops in the mp? They could contain food, water, tools, ammo and possibly weapons. The point of this would be to force survivors out of there bases for the valuable supplies sadly it would attract a horde of infected and also attract other survivors.
  7. I was looking around my house, and I realized how many things I could use for weapons. Here's some stuff I found translated to PZ as best as possible REAL WEAPONS: Aluminum Bat- Baseball Bat Hatchet- Axe Ka-Bar USMC Knife- Kitchen Knife Cutlery Set- Kitchen Knife x 10 .22 Rifles x 2- Pistol(.22s aren't very powerful and would only be truly effective at relatively close range) 12-Gauge Shotgun- The Shotgun obviously. Poolstick x 6- Poolsticks MAKESHIFT WEAPONRY: 3 Lamps- With their Metal Frame, though thin, they would likely be equivalent to a crowbar or close to it. Walking Stick- Sturdy Stick, but that isn't a weapon so baseball bat. Metal Towel Rack- Easily equivalent to a crowbar, except in length and weight. Drumsticks/Mallets x Alot- Sturdy Stick, which isn't a weapon, so a Hammer, but drastically reduced damage. Rolling Pin- Rolling Pin Frying Pan x 2- Frying Pan Golf Clubs x 20 I have yet to see what is in my garage, but let me know what random items you find in your house that you could use in a zombie situation!
  8. Disclaimer: I've only played a couple hours since 2012 so I'm not entirely sure if some of the mechanics and additions I describe would fit in with the game, or be possible in the engine, but here goes. Suppressors I think firearm suppressors would be a great addition to the game because right now, firearms are very rarely a viable option, and can turn an emergency situation into an even worse one by attracting more zombies. Crafting: This would necessitate the existence of a mechanics/physics skill, or maybe a firearms knowledge skill? Anyway, the player would need several materials, tools and the correct level of said skill/knowledge. This would make it difficult to acquire quickly. There could be several levels of crafted suppressors, each being more effective than the last, but likewise requiring more materials, time and knowledge. Looting: Pre-apocalypse manufactured suppressors would be extremely rare (There'd be a good chance of none spawning) but to make up for this they would be more effective than a DIY one. However, they would only work for a certain class of firearm and no others, whereas crafted ones can be made for any firearm. Gameplay: When attached to a firearm, a suppressor would nullify the report. However, the volume of the shot in the direction of fire would remain similar to that of an unsuppressed gunshot. This means that if there are zombies between you and your target, they will also hear the shot, however the radius the noise travels from the shooter would be reduced. At longer distances though, it would be practically silent. Ammunition crafting: Now this one is a bit complicated and probably won't be added, but with advanced firearms knowledge the player would basically be able to craft different loads, IE high-velocity, or sub-sonic ammuntion. Sub-sonic ammunition would reduce the volume in the direction of fire at a cost of decreased penetration and damage, and would be practically useless without a suppressor. High-velocity ammunition would be the opposite, it would make the firearm have a louder report in exchange for increased damage and penetration. It would also degrade the firearm and the suppressor faster than regular or subsonic ammunition. The player could also manufacture hollowpoint rounds which have increased damage against a single target but virtually no penetration. This doesn't yet seem necessary since zombies will die to one shot anyway, but if there are any changes to that it would be a welcome addition. Weapon Modification: With advanced knowledge in firearms, survivors would be able to make minor modifications to their weapons provided they have the materials. These would include magazine size (In the two higher reloading difficulties, these modifications would be made to the magazines themselves where applicable), stability/accuracy (Stocks and grips [Though they seem 100% accurate at the moment]) and view distance (Improvised/looted optics). With a scope attached, when in aiming mode your field of view would be very narrow, but very long and increase the distance you can scroll off-screen. If you've played Jagged Alliance 2, you have some idea of how I imagine it in my head. Firemodes would also be another possible modification, in other words making a semi-auto weapon full-auto. The rate of fire of shotguns could also be increased by converting it from pump-action to semi auto (I'm not sure how possible this would be IRL but I'm sure it would be, given enough patience and knoweldge) The main suggestion here is suppressors. The other two are ballpark, but I included them anyway.
  9. Rad5002


    So I was thinking for some time how the weapons could be made slightly more effective with more of a downside. Such as a few more weapons to the game, or allowing certain levels of accuracy to change the effect on zombies. Such as crit. hits on the head, making zombies going into crawlers, that sort of stuff. So what I would out up for discussion would be slight more additions to the firearms. Only a few, and nothing overpowered. I'd suggest the addition of an Sub-machine gun (Semi-automatic only) It'd be an improvement over the pistol in most ways, and use the exact same 9mm ammo. For instance, range could be increased, the magazine could be increased to 30 although the accuracy would be exactly the same. However, there would be a few downsides to this. It would be louder than the pistol, causing more zombies to hear it. Level 2/3 accuracy (Or reload) would be needed. I assume a sub-machine gun would be harder to aim than a pistol and so without the correct accuracy/reload level then the player would just not be able to use it 'stating something along the lines of I don't trust myself with this' or something. Also, it could not be equipped with a silencer. Which brings me to my next point. Silencers. Silencers could be extremely rare, accuracy level one and to of read a book on equipping silencers. This would mean that people who use handguns (As it'd be for handguns only) could use it to be more silent. It'd be as loud as a melee weapon then, or a little louder. The downside could be that accuracy is reduced, and the handgun's 'life' is reduced from 1/60 to 1/20 or 1/15. Lastly, what about skill books for guns, only causing a slight xp boost. Sorry about the rant about guns, I really enjoy using the guns in PZ, and I find having the sandbox settings of Zombies - Insane, high health and extremely strong with loot abundant to be quite fun!
  10. okamixxx

    Make Shift Mod

    Please leave recommendations as what else to add/ change it will help me balance the mod also I am looking for a better artist my stuff is ok but I want this to be a high quality mod just noticed a new version of project zomboid came out I will make an updated version compatible with the newest version tomarrow Planned chisel: will be used to craft items stone: will be used to make tools stone Axe head: recipe = chisel + stone handle: Recipe = stick+ kichen knife stone axe recipe: handle, stoneAxe head,SheetRope, nails spade: will give the ablity to dig dirt Dirt-Bag: will have same use as sandbag will be crafted using 3x sheets 5x dirt hobo Stick: 1x sturdy stick,1x sheet exact stats to be determined but it will be better than plasitc bag syringe: will give you the ablity to see if you are infected or not. improvied weapons: they will be put under planned features when I think of a name for them more will be added as I think of more emplemented stone axeneeds balanced current recipe's stone axe place holder recipe = 1x plank ,1x sheet rope , hammer, Current Version 0.1 MakeShiftMod ver
  11. kinyoshi

    Zombies Drop More Stuff Mod

    Made for Suggestion Here. People now will have carried more stuff before they died and turned... Bug: It breaks the savegame so it doesn't reload it after you quit. Works fine on ** So after making and reloading a whole bunch of games, it seems to work fine now for ** I'm so confused.. DOWNLOAD: Main Download (PZ-Mods) || Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link)
  12. EuphoriaToRegret

    More Melee!

    Are there any mods that create more melee weapons into the game? If not, then would anyone care to make one? :cool: It would be interesting to have a spear, katana, hatchet, etc. into the game.
  13. So basically, we've all had that one time where we've been out scavving with a loaded shotgun and we clicked on a context menu believing that this could only result in picking up a bag of sugar on your quest for tea (in memory of Connall, but all you did was fire off the loudest most unexpected shotgun blast ever. Not only did you not get your much needed sugar, you now have about 200 zombies shambling as fast as their little decaying legs will shamble and you have one less round in your beloved shotty. That sucks, implementing a manually toggled "safe mode" would make this a thing of the past, and though you may argue that this would be clunky you gotta admit, hitting a button to make sure you don't fire off a round into a wall is better than the UI bugging and you getting mauled to death. Your 2 cents is welcome. And yes I know this has probably been suggested just like every single other suggestion on this subforum.
  14. tommysticks

    Reloading Weapons

    Hello Everyone. Let me start off by saying I'm really bad at understanding any programming language, but I'm pretty good at piecing together/slightly modding other people's work to get what I need done. That being said, I have a question and some ramblings. TL;DR Is there a way to make custom weapons require reloading using the game's reloading Lua?
  15. I know this has probably been asked before, but last night I was dreaming, and I realised, ti was a post-apocalyptic, btu also zombie-survival-ish dream. What I also realised, since I suppose it might og been a partly lucid dream, is that I apparently know logic for 'weapons' to protect myself, such as how certian things can work for certian types of weapons. But to put it simply, what came to mind is the idea of "If we have found a knife, and say we found a shaft of wood like from a plunger, or a broom handle. Why couldn't we take that, to make a spear, to kill zombies at range with a accurate, hard jab to the head to destroy the brain." and similarly "Or if we say, broke a sledgehammer, Why not jurry rig a new one usign the old hammer head if we were able to salvage it somehow, with a new shaft." To put it simply, Jury Rigging "better" weapons, that the effectiveness/style of combat would be based on simply the weapon design, aka jabbing, or swinging, therefore either a longer range, very low knockback, higher damage weapon, or a shorter range, high knockback, high damage weapon. Though then my brain went and realised some other things, some materials are better then others, I mean, if you used a wooden bat, you could make improvements to it, but it might not last as long as a aluminum bat, however, it would hit harder in a swing from more weight to it, so it would have a harder knockback, and maybe more damage, but be a bit less durable in the end. ....Yeah my brain went into a stupid ammount of detail last night @_@
  16. The game should have weapons that doesn't have a certain amount of uses, something like a knife that would have uses from 15-20 kills, just so that we wouldn't get bored just having certain amount of kills to be determined in a certain weapon. Something where people could say "aww it's just knife that has a durability of 12 or yay the knife goes up to more than 18 kills!" I don't know with you people but you can say anything here.