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  1. After the 32 update, the server me and my two friends play on got the zombies respawned as expected, but we had our zombie settings down to low count, kept it urban focused, and a few other settings. The numbers we had after the update seemed out of scale as suddenly our safehouse had hundreds of zeds pour out of the woods after us when we decided to try clearing them out again, when only about 80-100 showed up to all of our shooting before 32. With the new 32 management system our server still had the old settings file, but seemingly no way of changing the new settings. I read in the patch notes mentioned a zombies.ini file, but we could not find that anywhere. We just want to know how we can check all of our settings and zombie settings for the server and maybe change them unless we need to start a new one to lose what I assume is the default settings.
  2. I was playing the other day and had my shotgun with a sling on it and it made me think that the slings should have more use than just giving a weapon a flat weight decrease. My thought was that instead of a sling reducing the weight of a shotgun or rifle, the weapon would maintain it's regular weight while being wielded or stored in a container, but having the sling on would give you the option to carry the weapon on your shoulder or across your back so you can keep it on your person in case of emergency. On top of this, adding the option to tie a sheet or rope to a weapon as a crude sling would be easy enough thing to do in reality.. Only while the weapon is over your shoulder would it give you the weight reduction and depending on if it's a cloth sling of an actual weapon sling can dictate how much weight is reduced and how quickly it can be drawn or put away As for melee weapons, being able to craft a sling out of sheets for melee weapons like the bat or axe and have them function the same as the gun slings would be simple enough to do. Even the frying pan wouldn't be hard to do in reality like threading the cloth through the loop in the handle and tying it to a belt or backpack loop. Finally, pistols and knives can have holsters/sheathes be lootable objects most commonly found in areas like the police station and be worn be the character. A pistol holster could be essentially programmed like a backpack, but instead of a "put on back" option be "tie to belt", "tie to leg" or "wear on shoulder" depending on what type of holster it is. The object could then be set up as only allowing storage of 1 item - the weapon it's designed for- and have a right click option for "holster" on a pistol or knife and "draw weapon/equip primary" on a filled holster on the character menu. Just some ideas I think would help help out and fit in pretty well into the game
  3. Hello, I didn't see a thread like this beforehand, but I'm sorry if I there is one already and I missed it My idea was that I feel that the player character should be able to improve more over time when it comes to skills. Things like the coward/brave and weak/strong skills should work like the stats in-game such as sprinting. It would make sense that a person who's survived for a month or two and has killed hundreds of zombies should be able to control themselves more over time so they don't get to extreme panic when they sneak up to 2-3 zombies to bludgeon them with a bat. Same goes for characters being able to improve their carry weight or capacity to swing a bat/run before getting to high exertion. Constantly carrying stuff near their limit, killing zombies with melee and building structures like walls and fences could give exp for a strength stat. Those that pick the stout or strong perks at the beginning could start with having a few levels of it unlocked or have exp boosts for the stat while those with weak or feeble could start with either none or a debuff/negative exp or reduced exp gain. The skills chosen at the beginning could still affect your character long term such as a coward character still becoming higher levels of panic easier than others or strong characters still having a bonus to knockdown chance.
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