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  1. Using zombie guts to disguise ourselves.

    Confirmed No : Since the beginning of suggestions, maybe thats why you couldnt find it !
  2. [AU]Black Talons|AIZ 2|Hydrocraft|XPx10

    Does the server still exist ? We are looking for AUS server but cant find any... Any one have a clue ?
  3. More Defenses

    Plywood may be stronger than one or two planks on a window, and have the advantage to be put in only one action, and block the view like a sheet curtain would do. But it must defenitely be weaker than three or more planks on a window. Can be put on both sides like planks ? Also maybe less noisy when hit ? And maybe you can put plywood sheet and wood planks together to make a more durable and less noisy window defense ?
  4. You said this so well, i'm pretty sure the Holy Spiffo blessed your words.
  5. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Same isssue yesterday, you just need to click on the same little box for vehicules for solo and for the server host and friends. At least it worked for us
  6. Stash in the Attic

    I'm really happy for every progress you guys are making, it's every small steps like those that are going to make this game so awesome ! I've been playing since the very first release on Desura, and i'm very willing to wait years more to see this completed. Your game is a dream for survival gamers, and more than a dream it become more real every update. Keep it going as you ever did. Excuse my poor love and hope vocabulary, read my words with french accent, it will sounds way more kind.
  7. Radio Chat Identification !

    I think admins can look at logs if people abuse that. But in fact i like the idea that someone can steal your talkies and get in your comm. Naming a voice you never heard seems pretty unrealistic to me. Even if its someone you knows talking at the talkie, you might not recognize him. So for me, its a NO for named line from talkies. Please excuse my english !
  8. Clothing

    In my opinion you got everything covered. We just have to wait for our lovely devs to see all that and heading their way to a clothing overhaul ! But for that We got to pinned this topic up to clearly state the community will. Dont worry i'll be the spamming guy of this topic, i want more clothing so bad !
  9. Clothing

    We need to keep this post up ! I think we really need more clothing !
  10. Allow foraging everywhere?

    I support that if as you said items found by foraging in town are only trashes, or dead mouses/rats.
  11. Clothing

    A little up to this thread ! Every one who wants cloths to be add ingame as soon as possible should come here leave an up every day lets show devs we really want that !
  12. animals, pets, and hunting!

    That was a joke, dont take it from the wrong side ! That's a really good suggestion, but if its too early im afraid it will fall into the depths of our lovely suggestions !
  13. Blender 3D Scripts

    All our prayers are with you guys, even if there's not many of us to come here and say : You rules guys, making incredible improvements of the game, adding those things we are dreaming for PZ. Thanks to all of you.
  14. The Zombie Flight

    I support, i already post a suggestion à long Time before about hordes moves in town, based on Max Brooks books. I like your idea but i would like to add a "mother" horde, roaming through the city and scatter little hordes in its path. That's a way to repopulate area without spawning Z from nowhere, and make also a really big horde you couldnt fight alone. This horde will rarely stop somewhere, and never for more than one day.
  15. Tempature system

    I know that feeling, even if now i live in new caledonia, experiencing real overheating