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  1. What caltrops do in reality is causing great pain when you step on them (especially bare footed ) that can't move your legs. Since zombies don;t feell pain they will only deal the minor damage and may have the zombie fall down or make a noise etc. So I suggested it especially for NPCs and Other players. About the sling : (well in my language the sling and the hand catapult are the same just that the sling is more arhaic version of the hand catapult, so I really meant both ..) The sling and hand catapult can deal damage and actually it deals about the same damage as a knife but the damage is blunt. The hand catapult deals less damage but requires less time to ready it , I believe it can deal the same damage as a Butter knife .You can actually do all of these and use it as a weapon. And yes it deals the same damage as a bat (if bat = 10.00 critical => torch deals 9.8 critical . ) Well a shield as a protective gear won't be so effective however you can always bash them away with it. If your strength is higher than the zombies then you can do it. The spiked Shield " You bash , it stabs and you kick the zombie to throw it away ". A small sized shield (a Buckler for example) can be used as a protective gear as you can use it with finesse and deflect scratches and bites if you have good reflexes.
  2. Becoming extremely bored would be more difficult as you when you sleep your boredom will decrease. So in order to become extremely bored you will need to be idle without doing anything for 5 days . Well actually you will commit suiside if you have a Low Mood Trait. Otherwise you will just lose you moral and so your fighting performance will be decreased.
  3. Hats , Boots, Umbrellas, Gloves, Goggles, anit-bullet jacket . I would also like to see 3d models for bandages (if you had applied a bandage you can see it if you do not wear an apparel on the bandaged spot).
  4. Right now I don;t think there is anyhting else that may happen to you if you get extremely bored except that having your Happiness decreased So here are some suggestions : 1) Really Bored : Just sits down and if he remains like this for 30 more minutes he starts sleeping 2) Extremely Bored : Takes out a knife and commits suicide. So do you like it ?
  5. Here is a compilation of some weapons that I think that can be implemented in the game: 1) Torch : How to make it : A Branch/ or Plank / or bat + A Bandage + Oil / Or Resin / Or any flamable Oil The torch will deal almost same damage as a Bat if it is not lit. If it is lit it will deal the same damage as a bat but there will be some fire damage too. Also it will create light. When you lit it can remain lit for about 2 hours then it becomes a branch and you can use A Bandage and Oil again to make it a torch again. It will also have a durability 2)Sling : You will be able to craft it using a Smashed Branch and a hammer . Using the hammer you create the weapons skeleton then you need to find the rubber part. Unlimited ammunition when stepping on land . 3 Damage 3) Spiked Shield : You will be able to turn a Plank into a shield with the use of 1/4 of a rope and some duct tape (you will also need a saw to cut the plank in the appropriate size and then to make the shields handle (made with ropes that passes through the shield)). Then you can Hammer some Nails on it to maked a spiked shield. 4)Caltrops : You throw them to the ground and if a humans walks over the area his feet is injuried and is bleedind reducing movement speed. Also Zombies slow down when walking on caltrops. You will also be able to use nails as caltops 5) Shovel as a Weapon ...
  6. Some additions to the attachments : - You will be able to make handmade attachments : for example you will be able to attach a laser to a rifle (or any long weapon) by using a tape. -Also I think there should be a silencer but it must be more rare than the surpressor (as is doesn't reduce damage and also I think it is more expensive. Attaching an attachment will take some time if you are just the random Joe so I think that we shall add an Engineering or Weapon handling skill.
  7. Well at least you will be able to get rid of your items quickly and there will also be a chance of dealing damage to the zombie. Also you will be able to throw knifes and other sharp objects.
  8. I recently had the idea while playing the game. I was followed by a horde and my bat was broken and I didn't want to come near the zombies with the Knifes I had. So what if I could throw offensively my broken bat to a zombie in order ro both get rid of the item and also deal damage to the enemy from a safe range. The range that you throw each item will have to do with its weigh , your max Carrying capacity and your load. If you have a low load and a 12 carrying capacity (max) and the items weight 1 you will throw it further than throwing an item that weights 3 or than if you had a 12/12 load. The damage each weapon will deal will be calculated by the range of the zombie from you , the max range the item will reach and also the Weight of the item. If you do not equip an item you will throw stones from the ground. So what do you think ? Should we have the option to throw any item to the zombies.It would also give a meaning to rotten food (distract zombies by throwing a rotten tomato to a wall at the other side of the road etc)
  9. Child molesters....XD Then let them make it ....
  10. I don't think anyone will waste his time to make a mod with children . Besides who will download it ?
  11. Penicilin is an antibiotic I don;t think you use it on bites. Now about the bites I got an idea. Why not add allergies in the traits ? For example bee alergic or Medicine alergic etc
  12. I don;t know if anyone had recommended any of these new diets and food ideas I am about to tell. (some of them may be found in other posts). 1) Collecting Fungis. There is a high chance to find fungis in the wilderness and in forests especially. I don't know the type of fungi that grow in Kentucky but I think there are some of them. Maybe some of them will have Poisonous effects and unless you prepare it someway you will be poisoned and get nauseous for 2 - 3 days 2) Collecting Honey ( I think there is a post about honey and candles) : If you have the chance to find a bee hive you will be able to collect honey with 95 % of getting injuried by the wild bees(unless you equip the protective equipment ) . You will be able to collect part of the hive and relocate it however this may result in severe injury if you do not equip the necessary equipment. You will be able to use honey as temporary glue or use it in recipies (or eat it directly). In order to collect honey you will need a water container for it. 3)Collecting Resin from the trees. Its basic use will be to use it as a basic ingredient for crafting glues. You will also be able to use it in order to create insence. You will be able to apply on bow strings ( when they are added) in order to increase their friction and reduce the time you need to shoot an arrow. Also you will be able to mix it in a bottle with alcohol to create an alcoholic drink . Also combining water with resin will temporarily create a chewing gum ( this will help if you are nauseous). In order to use the resin in any craft or carpentry you will have to heat it up first as it solidifies quickly. 4) Snow eating during the snow periods in winter ( I don't know if there are weather periods yet in the game but if winter comes I guess there will be snow). You will be able to collect snow from the ground and then by heating it up or by letting it melt down you can create water. Also you will be able to eat it directly as snow decreasing your thrist and Hunger but increasing unhappiness and chances of catching a cold.
  13. Maybe playing a toddler would be better. You could enter places where zombies wouldn;t be able to find you . Like the fridge for example. "HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A ZOMBIE OPENING A FRIDGE ?"
  14. Well if you want a quick play just get the Almost dead Man
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