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  1. okamixxx

    How to convert your mods to

    I am not sure but in my mods I will have diffrent languges when I get closer to finishing it
  2. okamixxx

    How to convert your mods to

    ya I am also having some problems getting my mod to work in the steam version
  3. okamixxx

    [MRE] Meals Ready To Eat

    I will make this mod but I am not a great pixel artist so if you can get someone to do the icon art for it I could have this made in less than an hour
  4. okamixxx

    Make Shift Mod

    Please leave recommendations as what else to add/ change it will help me balance the mod also I am looking for a better artist my stuff is ok but I want this to be a high quality mod just noticed a new version of project zomboid came out I will make an updated version compatible with the newest version tomarrow Planned chisel: will be used to craft items stone: will be used to make tools stone Axe head: recipe = chisel + stone handle: Recipe = stick+ kichen knife stone axe recipe: handle, stoneAxe head,SheetRope, nails spade: will give the ablity to dig dirt Dirt-Bag: will have same use as sandbag will be crafted using 3x sheets 5x dirt hobo Stick: 1x sturdy stick,1x sheet exact stats to be determined but it will be better than plasitc bag syringe: will give you the ablity to see if you are infected or not. improvied weapons: they will be put under planned features when I think of a name for them more will be added as I think of more emplemented stone axeneeds balanced current recipe's stone axe place holder recipe = 1x plank ,1x sheet rope , hammer, Current Version 0.1 MakeShiftMod ver 0.1.zip
  5. okamixxx

    Idea: generators

    him this gave me idea adding ziplock bags into the game that will make food last longer
  6. okamixxx

    Requesting mod idea's for me to make

    I thought of make shift tools not sure how they should be crafted yet
  7. okamixxx

    Requesting mod idea's for me to make

    lol the payment will be the finished mod and credit for the idea and if it is your idea that get's me a job sure there can be some kind of cash payment
  8. okamixxx

    Requesting mod idea's for me to make

    lol does this mean I can be hired without proving my skills sure we can discuss salary if you want.
  9. UPDATE: I have started working on a mod so I will no longer be taking request until I am finished with it. I recommend a moderator removing this post:
  10. hmm I am not sure what to do I was going to go fix the take water bug myself but if this version is going to be out soon the hours of me trying to find where the bug actually is might not be worth it. what do you all think
  11. I was wondering if anyone knows or if a dev can give me an estimate on when this version is going to be released as I am wanting to fix the rain collection barrels but I don't want to spend hours finding the bug and fixing it if this version that has the bug fix is going to be coming out soon