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  1. Right now the combination of car with sirens + molotov cokctail is too OP, since the car isn't damaged by fire, so you can kill hundreds and hundreds with molotovs and retrieve your intact car. Would be better if they explode or start to burn (and turn into the burned wrecked cars that you see around), so there's at least one downside of doing it. Also the time that takes for the zeds to burn is very high, sometimes it takes 2 or 3 days to burn them all if you have a large horde around the car. Edit: I just learned that you have to remain on the area to make them burn! That's why it took so long...
  2. In the Custom Sandbox mode, in Zombie Lore, you have three "Transmission" options: Blood+Saliva (the default), Everyone's Infected (TWD style), and None (never get infected by scratches/bites). What I suggest is a fourth option: Saliva only. This way means that the player can't get infected with scratches, only bites. This makes the game a little easier than the default, and a bit harder than None. You will still need to take care to not being bitten, but scratches will not kill you (specially those damn crawlers! ). Why I'm suggesting this: I've always played with the default config and ended up frustrated every time my character died from some silly mistake, so I started playing with the "None" configuration. But with that I can only be killed if I get surrounded, and with vehicles around that is very unlikely to happen. So with Saliva only would be a mid term, I would still have my character when a zombie scratches me, but I have to always take care of not being bitten.
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    A new "Transmission" option: Saliva only

    Yes! You guys are the best (not only because you accepted my suggestion, of course not, I would say the same if you said no )!
  4. Cool. If it's made in java or C#, I can help with the development if you want!
  5. Thanks @Connall ! I was just waiting for this to continue my translation. Also, what you tought of my "search filter" idea? Are you going to implement it?
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    Secret Government Base

    Hello guys! I've made this video in my YouTube channel about the Secret Government Base (my channel is portuguese but I made english subtitles to share it here too) south of rosewood, and I was wondering, there are any other secrets beside this one? If yes, maybe someone can give me a hint about the location of the others (without spoiling me the exact location)? I'll appreciate it!
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    Secret Government Base

    In that case just don't watch the video, nobody is forcing you to watch it. But there's people that likes to watch videos like these showing secrets of the game, because like me, wouldn't ever know that this existed in the first place. And I discovered this watching a video from another youtuber.
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    A new "Transmission" option: Saliva only

    @lemmy101 @EnigmaGrey could I have some feedback on this? All the time there is people suggesting this on reddit or saying "I didn't understand why my character got infected if he was just scretched!". Could I have a position from the developer team for this please? Even if it's a negative one, I'll really appreciate having some feedback on this and the other suggestions I made. Have a great day!
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    Secret Government Base

    Err, this isn't the prison, it's a secret base! The location I went is not even on the online map
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    Please fix highly unrealistic jar and jar lids.

    I agree with Kim Jong Un (i've never thought I would say this lol). Maybe six months would compensate all the work necessary.
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    Dental caries, tooth decay etc.

    While I love micromanage things and liked the idea, I don't know if it fits the vision the developers want for the game, but maybe this is a great idea for a mod. I think that right now there's only a mod for defecation. I would love more Sims mechanics to Zomboid, so a full higyne mod would be awesome (defecation + urination + having to wash your clothes weekly + taking bath/brushing your teeth ). Oh look, here comes the Goth family for a night snack!
  12. When the tool is loading and binding the key/value table, it's ignoring initial and last whitespaces (like it is using Trim) Example: ContextMenu_From_Ingredient = "de ", ContextMenu_EvolvedRecipe_Spice = " como Tempero", Then I save and exit the tool. When I open the tool again, it's only "de". So I have to everytime remember the values that needs a space in the end and fixing it, to prevent this:
  13. What I suggest: A Search bar. Select... where Key or Value (depending what dropdown item is selected) like `%SearchString%`. This would make things much easier to check inconsistencias of items between files. EDIT: and preferably make the list auto-refresh at each keypress
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    Particularly I prefer they take all the time they need instead of releasing a version full of bugs just like all the other game developer companies does.
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    As lemmy101 said:
  16. I made the pull request with my changes. Weird thing is the merge tool said I deleted 4,618 lines, but in the merge tool I could see that it was because the files on the IndieStone master branch has comments on it, while mine hasn't.
  17. Thanks for explaining! That's exactly what I needed to know. Besides the new strings, I corrected a few strings in Recipes_PTBR (not new/green ones). Upper/lower case errors and typing errors as well. But my job is far from over... IG_UI is huge!
  18. Ok, good to know! So, I just want to understand one thing. I'm at this screen: Then I clicked on the Upload files, dragged and dropped all the edited/updated .txt files (Challenge_PTBR.txt, ContextMenu_PTBR.txt, etc) there. If I choose the first option, it's considering my branch as the master branch, or the TheIndieStone:master as master branch? I think I just have to chose the second option and commit. Right?
  19. I'm a C# programmer and was about time to learn how to use GitHub! (I worked only with TortoiseSVN and Team Foundation Server to this day) I just created my account and "forked" the master branch. I will try to help and contribute to the portuguese-brazilian translation, if I have any doubts I will post here. EDIT: I noticed that several strings already translated in the PT-BR translation doesn't match the english version, regarding upper and lowercase. Example: "Open Windows" (EN) > "Abrir janela" (the cases does not match). So I changed to "Abrir Janela". I did this on every string to match the upper/lowercase of the english version. However, those strings don't have the "Mark as resolved" option. It will be saved anyway or this changes will not carry over? Also, the tutorial (Translatoid User Guide) doesn't explain how I can commit my changes to the master branch., if you could explain to me please. EDIT2: Ok, I reverted all my changes and I'm translating only the green lines now. After some lines I could see that what I was doing was not necessary, and sometimes led to confusion.
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    Wow... this got me speechless! I was not expecting that inventory! Congratulations to all members of the team!
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    Spiffo’s Round-Up #6

    What the world has become... So many things wrong in the world to complaint about and people find time to complaint about something so small like "THERE'S TOO MUCH OF THIS GAME ON MY STEAM FEED". I mean... Really?? Go wash a dish.... How people can be so ridiculous.
  22. I will start! Here's mine (recorded yesterday):
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    Share photos/videos of your player base!

    Hey, welcome to the forum! Yeah, the building/crafting menu isn't so great (at leasy yet I hope)... I never use it. All you have to do to be able to craft all the things you can see in the video, is having planks and a hammer in your inventory. Then you right click on any of the two, and it will appear a "Carpentry" option, then you hover the mouse above it to see what can you build. The double door will be inside Carpentry > Doors > Double Wooden Door. When you hover the mouse above it you can see the crafting materials required and also the skill.
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    Mannequin vs. Zed

    A little question, with the anim update will be possible to sit on chairs/couches/etc?
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    Adjustments to Skill Progression, XP, etc.

    The first part (make book reading similar do sleep - black screen) I don't agree... I like the way it is, you have to be able to see your surroundings when your character is reading. But the other part... is brilliant! Fixed locations with XP bonus for certain skills, and as Nickodemos suggested, making book reading after lvl 5 even more harder, it's an awesome idea because it forces you to leave your mega fortified base to do something (because this is the biggest problem of late game IMO). More and more things to do outside your base is what the game needs.