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  1. And in that case what the player would do? He would go to a empty room and fast forward to rest until the character's exhaustion goes away. The thing is that now he can't because when he tries to fast forward it won't work because there are zombies nearby even if they aren't in line of sight of the player.
  2. But it's the same thing/case, no? If the player decides to rest while being chased by zombies (and by that I mean, if the zeds know where the player is), they will bash the doors until the door is destroyed and then they will bite/attack the player. So if the player is being followed, enters a room, close the doors, sits on the floor and hit fast forward, it's his fault if he dies, no? What the player should do is first eliminate all the threat, and only then safely rest on the floor. If he does this, then there's no reason to change the range of the fast forward cancelation.
  3. You have to grab the generator with both hands first, and then the weight of the generator will go from 40 to 20, so you will be able to put on the car seats.
  4. I understand what you are saying but I don't think that can be considerate as unfair deaths. If the player decides to rest in the middle of a forest, out in the open, it's his fault only. I always find a house or a secured area with walls+door first before resting, and this change is impacting the gameplay in this case. I'll explain: Before the change I was able for example to go to the second floor of a two story house during the helicopter event and keep reading books until the helicopter goes away. Now is impossible to do this because I can't fast forward and have to wait from 8am to 22pm without doing anything until my character becomes tired enough to be able to sleep. Can't go to the first floor because is flooded with zombies too. If the fast forward was possible, one to two days fast forwarding reading books was enough to clear the area so I could escape and go back to my base.
  5. In multiplayer you can do all that using the admin panel. If you wish to play single player, you could host a server just for you so you can change the weather to your liking when starting the game, it should do the trick!
  6. What you mean with "player to player trading container system"? The game already has a trading system, but don't use containers, you just trade with another player and the trade window pops up
  7. I disagree, I love the soundtrack and always put my headphones for extra immersion. If you want to hear some music, why don't you keep a youtube playlist or spotify and mute the game?
  8. Last week I created a new character and started with the Very underweight trait (+10 points), one of the most negative traits there is along with Obese. The thing is... I managed to gain 25+ kgs in 13 days in game without even bothering, and I never ate until full, just until satisfied. It was VERY easy to lose one of the most negative traits, basically free points. This happens because the weight system is (and correct me if I'm wrong) based on one variable: calories count. You gain calories eating, but there's no way to burn them. They will simply decrease over time, but before they can decrease you are already starving and have to eat again, so the calories count goes up again. I know that this can be avoided by eating wild berries and low calories type of food... But even in real life, one person doesn't simply gain +20 kgs in less than two weeks, even if they just eat fast food like McDonalds. Maybe if there's a limit that you can gain/lose in one day? You can only gain or lose Xkg per day. (suggested value for X = 1?). Or even better, make actions such as running and chopping trees burn calories.
  9. Lately I've been playing with a custom sandbox setting that starts on december. In less than one week playing, the streets are already full of snow, temperatures range betweeen 5 ºC to -10 ºC. What I realized was that my character's movement and the zombies were not affected by the snow. The Hypothermia moodle does affect character's speed according to the wiki, but only the snow does not. On this play session, I started having lots of ideas to spice (well, actually the opposite) freeze things up a bit in the winter. List of suggestions: 1. If snowing, player clothes can get wet, requiring changing clothes after X hours beneath the snow (suggested value for X: 5) As it is right now, I could easily spend all the day/afternoon out in the open killing zeds and return to my apartment for the night without having to do anything to warm myself (besides wear a sweater and pants). Almost -10 ºC and if I stay indoors, not a single negative moodle pops up. That may be to the fact that probably houses have heating, but still I think it would be valid requiring a change of clothes after using them beneath the falling snow (I never saw snow myself so I don't know how wet can your clothes get, but since snow is just frozen water then I think after touching your clothe, it should melt, right?). 2. Player's can warm up standing next to a warmth kitchen oven Actually I didn't test this in game to see if it's already a thing or not, but standing to a warmth kitchen oven should raise the character's body temperature, even after the oven is turned off (the same way it goes to warm food, the food keeps cooking even after you turn the oven off because it's warm). One more thing to player's keep track of in winter time: Did I turned the oven off before going to bed? 3. Chararacter's and zombies movement affected by snow (suggested values: -10% if snowing, -10% movement speed if ground covered by snow, -1% for each degree below 0º C) Self explanatory. Walking on heavy snow/streets full of snow should affect movement speed. 4. Zombies exposed to the snow/cold for too long (one week?) have a chance of becoming frozen (maybe change their sprites to a frozen/icy one) Again, self explanatory. Since players can froze to death by hypotermia, how can they not? Of course they wouldn't die, but they should at least freeze. Would not affect indoors zombies. Please, leave your opinion and give feedback, if possible.
  10. I agree 200% that actions should be removed from the crafting window. I said somewhere the exact same thing, doesn't make sense to have "open can", "place nails in box", "open box of nails" in a crafting window, since that's not crafting, just actions.
  11. Maybe it would be nice to find them on a house of a medieval aficcionado! Swords on the wall, full plate armor mounted with a halberd by the fireplace... It would be awesome!
  12. Well if you don't want too many guns too then I agree with you. But 17, at least in my opinion, is still too much. When I said 10, I wanted to say "at total", not "more 10 guns"
  13. The same applies to the "Cook" trait: Cook Hobby - -6 "Know cooking recipes. +2 Cooking" Character starts with 2 points in Cooking skill and knows all the cooking recipes without having to read any recipe magazines Cook Occupation Chef Burger Flipper - "Know cooking" No effect
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