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  1. 40.9 — Rain looks like snow.

    Reply from @EnigmaGrey on Discord Looks like we might just have to put up with Shaders turned off (and miss out on the nicer looking effects of weather) :/ Edit; This conversation is continued in Discord. Link to discussion
  2. Super Survivors!

    Indeed, it looks like this is the mod causing you errors, not Super Survivors.
  3. 40.9 — Rain looks like snow.

    Here's the fog in 40.16 - screenshot captured by Fix#9985 in TIS Discord. I don't have a recent screenshot of the fog of my own.
  4. 40.9 — Rain looks like snow.

    40.16 - fog is still blinding white. I've also noticed that the cloud cover can make things very dark. Here's a screenshot I took just before 9am. Not tired at all, normal darkness, no injuries. The red tint is very strong (what is it for?). Car lights are not on (though they don't work anyway - there's no illumination of anything anymore, separate issue). @EnigmaGrey is it possible the weather effects could be toned down a little? I think the 40.16 rain is perfect, but the fog, clouds, and colour change are way too strong.
  5. POI Fort Redstone, KY

    Absolutely love the idea of smaller POI style cell replacements to the existing map. Is there any way I can help contribute? Perhaps this could become a sort of project?
  6. Tomato Vine at first stage has a small green pixel that appears above the vine. I have not noticed this on any other stages of vines, or crops. Due to the way the crops render (above the player for tomato vine) - the pixel can be seen on top of the player too. See the attached screenshots.
  7. [Version 40.9]Damage when driving a car

    I can't recall sorry. I'm sure it didn't the second time (as we were actively trying to reproduce it then) - though we didn't follow through until it lead to death, only until we confirmed it was breaking bones - at which point we disabled the option. I didn't notice the name flickering/disappearing the second time, but if it happened the first time, I likely missed it (if it happened), as we were escaping a meta event.
  8. IWBUMS 40.11 - No thirst progression

    Would you believe me if I said I never noticed that before?
  9. IWBUMS 40.11 - No thirst progression

    I've just received the thirsty trait after clearing out my inventory / not drinking for some time.. Is there some new feature that you automatically drink from a water bottle if you have one?
  10. IWBUMS 40.11 - No thirst progression

    Yes, I had a water bottle in my inventory. I had never drank from it, but had filled it up once. Other Traits High Thirst, Slow Healer, Slow Learner, Slow Reader, Asthmatic, Hearty Apetite, Hemophobic, Weak Stomach, Cats Eyes, Dextrous, Outdoorsman, Angler, Lucky, Thick Skinned, Gun Specialist.
  11. 40.9 — Vehicle's collision is too big.

    Related / same system?
  12. i've taken on the 'High Thirst' trait in a single player playthrough, but my thirst does not ever progress. I was 'very hungry' and slept through the night, but did not even get 'slightly thirsty'. This entire playthrough I have not seen any of the thirst moodles, and I have not been drinking since the start of the game. I'm now about 1 week in and haven't drank (or eaten anything with thirst value) since about day 2.
  13. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.17

    Oh wow, sorry about that. It seems I missed there being a third page!
  14. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.17

    Did you replace those two files, from the _last_ version of IWBUMS? The steam update doesn't properly overwrite them, so you need to verify files in steam. I had this issue also.
  15. [Version 40.9]Damage when driving a car

    I was able to recreate this last night. Our connection to each other was good, but I was simply driving along (low speed, no lag, no zombies as we were in the wilderness). I was admin as driver, passenger died after about 5 seconds. We tried it again once he died, after I mentioned I heard about this bug, and just driving along slowly, he was repeatedly having his bones broken. We were unable to play until we turned off the 'Players damaged by vehicles' option.