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  1. Bejasc

    Using PZs Engine for a PNP Type Game

    Actually, more than what you might think. That's the thing, it's not, and it would be a heckton of work to make it this way. --- Any total conversion mod, for any game (even one that is fully open source and supports modding), is guaranteed to be a large amount of work.
  2. Bejasc

    Build 40.40 - Patch Released

    Sounds like it has, in some capacity?
  3. Bejasc


    I'm sure I've seen TIS mention that special zombies spawn in special zones. Ie, you wouldn't find a fireman spawning on a farm, and you'd be more likely to have police officers inside a police station, etc. They already control that kind of thing with the vehicle spawn zones. I imagine there will be a similar level of control for zed spawns.
  4. Bejasc

    Z Spawn Density in Large Buildings

    That was a nice surprise. I myself have just had difficulty balancing the spawn. I wouldn't mind seeing the spawn map of something like New Denver, or other popular map mod with 'balanced' / vanilla feeling zombie spawns, so I can familiarize myself with what sort of white/black levels to use for a desired effect. It's unclear to me if a purely white section will spawn full of zombies, etc. By the sounds of it, even after figuring that out, this could make it just that little more frustrating to truly control the spawn rates.
  5. Bejasc

    Looking for AUS server or players

    Hey Hilrof, do you have Discord? I'm Aus based and would be very interested in sorting something out! Bejasc#7140
  6. Bejasc


    I also would love to help, where I can. I've poked around myself in some of the spawn code, for when I created some of my mods (Simple Food, in particular). It will be interesting to see what is possible, and what might change (and how to adapt and best use that change) with regards to container loot. Looks like some exciting progress! Particularly love the sims-cutaway and the variations in the uniforms! I have a couple of questions re the new animation / layering system. - When encountering a zombie that is in police uniform - I assume the uniform can be taken off and worn yourself? - We've seen in earlier 'doids a blood/gore layering effect/ability on character models. Assuming the above is true, if there is a blood splat on clothes you take off a corpse, will that same splat appear on you (or until it is washed)? - For this I would assume no, based on performance/memory reasons. It would be nice to see some mechanic introduced that could potentially (based on chance and other moodles) make the player sick, when wearing dirty or bloody clothes. This might be worth a post in suggestions, but there's currently no incentive (that I'm aware of) for washing your clothes once they become dirty. Dirty clothes making you unhappy, bloody clothes making you sick, dirty shoes giving you a new injury for 'blisters' or similar. All over extended wear-time, and chance based of course.
  7. Bejasc


    I like the concept, but to a certain extent, this already happens naturally. There are just mechanics to counter the difficulty (which there always should be a way to overcome the difficulty. Power / Water cutting out -> (No lights, can't refrigerate, cant hydrate) Gas running out (Can't power things, need gas cans) Erosion (Less fresh food, need to farm) Zombie Population (Depending on settings, zombie pop will build as time goes on. With zombie respawn enabled, this can contribute heavily) All of those things (plus more that I'm sure I haven't mentioned sort of run off of each other. Power and Gas running out in particular, is closely linked, especially if you're an experienced player. There are lots of smaller things that would make it challenging, like - Limited gas reserves at gas stations. A finite number that won't allow anything beyond a few hundred litres. Right now it seems pretty much infinite - More extreme weather events. If zombies reacted to these (like the old Fear The Rain mod) this could increase the threat level significantly. Especially if things like extreme heat could cause fires - Higher chance of random health events like catching a cold or becoming nauseated by food. - More random health events. Maybe you miss and bang your hand with a hammer, or cut yourself opening a can, or burn your mouth eating food that's too hot, or get a headache etc. - Having allergies to certain foods, and having to avoid them - Higher chance of infection being around dead zombies Lots of these could turn on / build up over time. Gas would do that naturally, as it is used. Weather would make sense to dial up over time. Health events could become more prominent as time goes on (but still be reduced by one of the skills, perhaps). Infection becomes a problem the more zombies there are, which obviously builds as time goes on. I think having raiders target the player when stockpiles are high is a fantastic idea, but that would need to wait for NPCs. The above, I believe, wouldn't be that hard to implement, in fact, most of it could be modded in. I think everything in that list is quite achievable, even with what we have now, and will significantly add to the atmosphere and challenge the game offers.
  8. Bejasc

    Word Association Extra

    Treasure -> Chest (e, s) Treasure > Gold
  9. Bejasc

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Interesting. Might be some other mod I have that causes the same issue
  10. Bejasc

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Are you sure this is Hydrocraft? I play without Hydrocraft - and I've always experienced the game UI like this - I thought it was just how it worked
  11. Bejasc

    Word Association Extra

    Clueless > Find
  12. Bejasc

    Latest TileZed, WorldEd, and Tilesets (May 17 2018)

    There aren't any that I know of. I know Snake makes a lot of custom tiles for most of his map mods, so things look 'different' than normal. Most custom maps can be found on the Steam Workshop, it's as easy as subscribing to them and enabling them in game. If you can't access the workshop, you're limited to what you can find here on the forums, or hosted on Snakes blog. If you install them in this way, you'll have to read the install instructions, I've never done it, but I assume you'd put it in your /zomboid/mods folder
  13. Bejasc

    Latest TileZed, WorldEd, and Tilesets (May 17 2018)

    This is not a mod or anything to be installed for palying the game. This is a tool for modders to make their own custom maps.
  14. Bejasc

    9pm - daylight illumination.

    I understand this, and it's not something I've necesarily disagreed with. I think it is relevant in some way. At the same time of day, same time of year, on the older build (before post-processing) - it would appear darker. The "issue" is linked in this way, as we're all used to the older settings without post-processing. With post-processing enabled, it appears brighter. This is something we all know and have acknowledged.
  15. Bejasc

    9pm - daylight illumination.

    You're entirely missing the point of my post. The OP mentions that it's brighter than he would expect for the time. I have just shown that, with the new post-processing settings, it *is* brighter than we would normally see. This is proven across multiple threads, only one of which is mine. I have no agendas here that I'm trying to push. I'm simply trying to help improve PZ, and help others in discovering and solving what their issues might be. I'm not quite sure what you're referring to here? The issues that you've mentioned that TIS don't like about shaders are the exact issues that I have been talking about all this time. But for whatever reason, you seem more interested in picking apart my bug reports and finding a way to discredit them. If I'm honest, I'm getting rather sick of talking about them, because you seem to have some kind of grudge against me, and it's very counterproductive for me to invest my time, energy, interest, and love into PZ, if I know you're just going to shut down and discredit whatever I say. I really don't know why you insist on behaving this way, when you have just proven that you're trying to accomplish the very same thing that all my reports and posts have been about?