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  1. Feel free to post the log if you're worried about it, I'm sure someone will be able to tell you what's happening.
  2. This is some script error that has happened - this is the way Zomboid lets you know. If you check the console when you get one of these - there will be an error message there, telling you what actually went wrong. Most of the time, it's nothing serious or anything to be worried about. If you're using mods, they can be expected to a certain extent. They won't usually cause any crashes (unless you get thousands in a few seconds - which can actually happen for more serious errors). If you're not running any mods, and you're able to capture the content of the console/output log - there may be some bug that TIS can identify and patch.
  3. Latest TileZed, WorldEd, and Tilesets (May 17 2018)

    There aren't any that I know of. I know Snake makes a lot of custom tiles for most of his map mods, so things look 'different' than normal. Most custom maps can be found on the Steam Workshop, it's as easy as subscribing to them and enabling them in game. If you can't access the workshop, you're limited to what you can find here on the forums, or hosted on Snakes blog. If you install them in this way, you'll have to read the install instructions, I've never done it, but I assume you'd put it in your /zomboid/mods folder
  4. Turning off fog in single player

    I believe in the latest Thursdoid , they mentioned the ability to tone down weather effects. I'm not sure to what extent they will be customisable, but I imagine fog will be one of them, as it has been one of the more polarizing weather effects in the community. It's due out in IWBUMS sometime this week.
  5. I think the volume is fine, there's a small issue when speeding up time, however. When time is sped up (either sleeping or fast forward), the thunder claps still happen at their normal rate. Each clap stacks and it becomes very loud - but an individual clap itself isn't too loud on its own. It would be nice to see the claps spaced out when time is fast forwarded, and possibly even the playback of the actual sound sped up a bit - so it sounds more like a sped-up thunderstorm, and less like opening the gates of hell As for a weather-related suggestion, I'm not sure if food times are affected, but it would be cool to see if they were! On a cold day, frozen things will take longer to defrost than a hot day. On a hot day, fish would rot quicker than a cold day etc..
  6. Turning off fog in single player

    Thanks for the info, EG. Is this different from the weather debug panel that could be accessed through IWBUMS? If it is different, to what extent can the effects be modified?
  7. Latest TileZed, WorldEd, and Tilesets (May 17 2018)

    This is not a mod or anything to be installed for palying the game. This is a tool for modders to make their own custom maps.
  8. 9pm - daylight illumination.

    I understand this, and it's not something I've necesarily disagreed with. I think it is relevant in some way. At the same time of day, same time of year, on the older build (before post-processing) - it would appear darker. The "issue" is linked in this way, as we're all used to the older settings without post-processing. With post-processing enabled, it appears brighter. This is something we all know and have acknowledged.
  9. 9pm - daylight illumination.

    You're entirely missing the point of my post. The OP mentions that it's brighter than he would expect for the time. I have just shown that, with the new post-processing settings, it *is* brighter than we would normally see. This is proven across multiple threads, only one of which is mine. I have no agendas here that I'm trying to push. I'm simply trying to help improve PZ, and help others in discovering and solving what their issues might be. I'm not quite sure what you're referring to here? The issues that you've mentioned that TIS don't like about shaders are the exact issues that I have been talking about all this time. But for whatever reason, you seem more interested in picking apart my bug reports and finding a way to discredit them. If I'm honest, I'm getting rather sick of talking about them, because you seem to have some kind of grudge against me, and it's very counterproductive for me to invest my time, energy, interest, and love into PZ, if I know you're just going to shut down and discredit whatever I say. I really don't know why you insist on behaving this way, when you have just proven that you're trying to accomplish the very same thing that all my reports and posts have been about?
  10. Word Association Extra

    Deaf -> Oblivious
  11. Meta screams are too loud.

    To be honest, I can't remember a time when they weren't too loud and didn't scare the crap out of me. I guess they're working for their intended purpose? At least we have these options now, and we can turn them down ourselves
  12. Crepe Expectations

    Really looking forward to this fix! I've detailed it in my recent post, as well as an apparent lighting difference in post-processing on v off Do we know if it will be included in the build next week, or is it likely to come in whatever the next build after that is?
  13. 9pm - daylight illumination.

    Also note that my comment is not about the brightness for this time of day, it is about the imbalance of post-processing on v post-processing off. More details can be found in the threads that I have linked in my post above. You surely would see the difference if the same screenshot (at the same time and light settings) were taken with post processing off.
  14. 9pm - daylight illumination.

    Please check the links that I've provided in the post... Also, note that there are 3 other reports (separate topics) currently on this forum (that I'm aware of) detailing the same. If you're having trouble noticing it due to your aforementioned vision problems (I know you've spoken about this before), I encourage you to pass it on to the rest of the team, as there's quite a bit of feedback on it by now.
  15. Meta screams are too loud.

    You should be able to turn these down in the in-game audio options now. The volume of each noise is configurable. Go to Audio, press Advanced, and click the meta tab