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  1. Single person graves

    I think it would be a good addition though to need to 'dig' for every body you want to put in that grave - capping it at 5 (or maybe some larger limit) Dig once -> can fit max 1 body in there dig a second time -> can fit two bodies
  2. Defecation v1.11

    No worries! I agree the game can be made easy enough. I wasn't suggesting toilets make you happy, just add some extra convenience to needing to use this - perhaps not needing ripped sheets or TP, etc. As for experimenting to detect player near the tile - I know @Soul Filcher (in Discord) has been poking around a lot in the code recently and has done some pretty great things, that were previously not done by a lot of modders. Perhaps he might have some ideas on detecting your range to the toilet tile? To clarify, I think it should be used like a Sink is for drink (Right click > drink) - only it would be Right Click > Use (when your defecation level is >66.6%). The larger hygiene mod would make things come pretty much full circle for me. I've been longing for that sort of mod for so long. With this quality/style of work on this mod, I'm excited for your next project. Do you have any details you could share?
  3. Defecation v1.11

    All jokes aside, I'm actually really very happy someone has made a mod like this. I have a couple of questions though.. Is there any way to integrate this with a Toilet object? Perhaps would not need/use less toilet paper (or some other effect that makes it more convenient than using it anywhere else) Do you have plans on other hygiene mods? I see (and agree) that you're not doing a urination version - but what about general hygiene, requiring the player to bathe/shower?
  4. Mods for realism "Wild West"

    Will any of these mods be released publically? (Like the Ladder or Hair Growth)?
  5. Saving Character Builds

    I was going to say - Isn't this feature already in? But then I realised you necro'd a post that's more than3 years old...
  6. 830 - A negative trait for 'car sickness'. This trait would give you some amount of points to spend (perhaps 2 or 3). The player progresses through queasy - nauseous - sick, while they are in a moving car (as a driver or a passenger)
  7. hygine and bathroom

    I would really love to see this feature, I can only hope it might be able to be modded in some day. To expand on this; You could progress through sick moodlets if you are dirty for too long. Would include washing clothes, but also some sort of personal 'hygiene' meter - that one would need to shower or bathe every so often.
  8. Name Changes and Account Issues

    I'm not sure what's going on - but I can't seem to reply to a lot of posts, and _this_ one is saying it will need to be approved by a moderator. I discovered yesterday that verification was down - and mentioned it to Rathlord via discord - but I'm wondering if there's some manual verification that needs to occur now that the captcha has been updated? Checked everywhere through rules, profile settings etc, nothing I can see that suggests I've forgotten something. Email is all verified, etc. Very confused