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  1. This is really handy! Thanks @Okamikurainya
  2. You might be able to define an item like a backpack, but target a different slot? Though the backpack may be hard coded with it's options 'Equip on Back' etc
  3. 1040: Books and Magazines with a different (random) number of pages. Read at the same speed as skill books (per page). The happiness and boredom buffs scale with the number of pages. A 100 page magazine might give +10 happiness, and take 10m in game to read A 200 page magazine might give +15 happiness and take 20m in game to read. Because right now, the books and magazines are very generic and 'bulk' items - this could be a fast way to spice them up a little.
  4. Looks like I didn't search hard enough. Thanks
  5. Im not understanding - I don't think any definitions would need to be changed, either, Blood+Saliva / Everyone is Infected - Currently - a scratch or a bite from a zombie, can give you the virus. Mainly, I would like the option to choose Saliva Only - so that you have to actually be bitten to contract the virus - a zombie could scratch or cut you and you would need to nurse yourself back to health. (This is not how it works currently, as scratches and cuts currently give you the virus, too) You're probably right there. (Blood + Saliva / Everyone's Infected / None / Saliva Only) - These options would be enough, as I'd think it be pretty rare someone play on Blood Only. Instead of changing the 'definition' - it may just be that it's renamed to 'Cut and Bitten; and 'Biten Only' etc
  6. I'm not sure what you mean, could you please rephrase?
  7. 1034: New 'Rope Ladder' item (crafted from 2x rope and 6x Sturdy Stick) - Used the same as a sheet rope (Requires 2x nails to the window). Is faster to climb, and less prone to being ripped down. 1035: Ability to use normal Rope on windows, instead of just sheet rope. Is slightly faster to climb, and less prone to being ripped down 1036: Ability to fall from rope climbing (injuring the player). Using the rope/rope ladder suggestions above, the chance is relatively high on Sheet Rope, and pretty minor on Rope Ladder.
  8. I do like this idea, that normal rope could be used, as well as Improvised Sheet Rope. Perhaps 2x rope and 6x sticks can be combined to make a Rope Ladder, too (2x nails to attach to window). With a rope ladder, you traverse faster, and have almost no risk of falling. Very low chance of being ripped down. Rope, slightly slower, a chance of falling and injuring yourself. Small chance of being ripped down Sheet rope, slower again, and higher chance of falling. High chance of being ripped down. Maybe even only 1x use
  9. I mean, you can cut a rectangle in a wooden board, technically, it becomes a door frame. To make a door, you need to drill the holes for the handle/bolt, mount brackets, install the handle, etc. So how do you attach it to the door frame? I guess this depends on the type of car. Don't forget, that this is set in 1993. I know that I've owned cars that have had different parts locked by the key, and batteries that are removed via removing screws (Usually plastic tabs/screws) with a screwdriver. There is an absolute plethora of other reasons the car may not start. No fuel, too low condition on the engine, to name a couple.
  10. It's a pretty common option that people recommend for Sandbox - disabling infection. Disabling infection means that medical supplies have more of a use - as any injury that is given by a zombie - is not as much of a death wish (as there's only a very small chance of surviving this). With infection turned off, you will need to use your first aid skill and medical supplies to nurse these injuries back to health. For this reason, I personally like to play with Infection turned off. There are two other options to select from currently. 'Everyones Infected' and 'Blood+Saliva Only' In the context of a SP play, or a MP play without PVP (which are the two ways I play) - These options are effectively the same. Any Zombie injury will likely kill you. Everyone's infected just means that if you die, even without zombie contact, you will reanimate as a zombie. What I would like to see is something between the current options, and infection disabled. Blood+Saliva is already two options combined. I would love to be able to play with only 'Saliva' as an option - so that zombie injuries such as scratches or cuts, still can be nursed back to health, but if you are unlucky enough to be bitten - this is likely to kill you. It would be great to see the infection options as - Everyone's Infected - Blood+Saliva - Blood Only - Saliva Only - Disabled What would be even better, is the ability to also customize the infection chance as a sandbox setting. There's always debate on the chance that a bite or scratch will give you the virus. Making this a sandbox setting that can be customized, would allow people to tailor it how they would like - as they can with many other settings.
  11. Bejasc


    Really liking the proposed inventory changes! This is a very similar approach to what I've done in personal game-dev projects - a sort of cross between what PZ currently has, and what DayZ uses (Tetris style).
  12. Bejasc

    Spiffo’s Round-Up #6

    This is such an awesome way to summarise all of the happenings in the PZ world. I actually had no idea the other 5 existed! The weekly updates are great, but I'd have no problems with a chunkier, substantial news post (such as this) each month. Are there any plans to do this eventually? Very excited for build 41 - and especially the modding possibilities that will come with it!
  13. Sounds like it has, in some capacity?
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