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  1. Are you sure the tomatoes are the only selected items ? It looks like you have selected your entire main inventory (clothes, watch and bag).
  2. Most important to me, we can't pick up the beer pumps in any bars accross the map. The Rusty Rifle, The Drake, Twiggie's... you name it, I tried them all! And no ! I'M NOT DRUNK!
  3. I'm very aware about how to use a battery charger. After I right clicked > place charger, the result is a ghost image on the ground : can't interact with it, can't see it in the loot window.
  4. I have the same issue with no mods.
  5. Maybe it was the librarian's favourite precious book. I don't see a bug here.
  6. Yes it has. The key you found in a corpse match with a car close to this z's spawn. The key you found in a house match with a car nearby.
  7. Where did your found your keys ? If it was in another Nyala, it wont work. Each vehicle has its own keys. When you're nearby a car, an icon above your character's head appears when you have the right key.
  8. If i had dropped it from my inventory, i'll be able to pick it up back. I used it as it is intended to be used. Now it's just a ghost image on my bathroom floor and i can't interact with it at all. I report a bug here, not complaining about anything. I played more than 2000 hours of pz, so i know how to use items.
  9. I play in vanilla iwubms 41 When i place a battery charger in my base, i can't interact with it at all. I can see it, but cannot plug a battery nor pick it up.
  10. It's not a bug but a feature. And a good non-lethal way to improve your first aid skill. Better than run in a campfire anyway.😉
  11. Try wooden floor + gravel above. It works for me. And yeah, it's a long work.
  12. Just slide the item on the little white and blue square in the windows top right corner. It works for me.
  13. Same bug here. I tried to renames 2 annoted maps. It opened two other windows for my bag.
  14. Just pick the trait "sunday driver" and you''l never be able to pass through a horde again. True story.
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