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  1. The bug is observed not only with tomatoes. With any things (If they are disclosed) in large quantities. For example, nails. When you click on 100 items, the entire inventory is also highlighted
  2. Nope i tested. it's not right. I don't press shift or ctrl. I right-click on the top of the stack. if I have about 10 tomatoes, this bug is not observed. But if their 77~ + - then such a bug. here is video
  3. and from cabbage. And maybe from other crops.
  4. Maybe I'm late and not in the subject, but there are green dots from planting strawberries.
  5. There may be the same problems with other fruit growers, I haven't checked yet.
  6. If I right click on a stack of tomatoes, I get panels like " Replace shoes with shoes", "set the alarm" and "rename the bag". So these tomatoes are mined, you can put them on your feet and set a timer? of course my assumption is a joke, but there is a bug. Fix it? None of my posts received a response from moderators/developers ;-; And here is screenshot like always.
  7. I play alone, I have never met such a case. My first character was eaten. I went for a new one, came to the same place, he was dead. I put it in my car and buried it near my house. I don't know in which case they turn.
  8. Bug or feature, but you can pack 1 corpse in a backpack, and carry the second in your hand. The corpse can also be transferred from hand to inventory. For each inventory, whether it is a backpack or a player, you can add 1 corpse. To remove the corpse from the hands and put it in the inventory(So you can carry something else in your hands when the corpse is in the inventory), you need to transfer the corpse to a backpack and unpack.
  9. I do not know the bug, feature or so it should be, but at 12 o'clock in the night you can except for crickets, wind noise, etc.to hear how... someone decided to play a game of Billiards during a zombie Apocalypse? I didn't follow the sound, but the sound comes from my left ear.
  10. Maybe she wasn't even dressed, I found her in the same place. Delete the topic, my mistake
  11. I tried to put on a welder's mask right off the floor (Which I myself put to dry after washing it). I right-clicked on it in the "Floor" slot and clicked "Dress" It was gone ;-;
  12. behind this wall i have windows that i can't see and sometime it's hard to interact with windows. In previous versions everything was OK in same house
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