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  1. Noncuro

    proper nutrition

    Homemade burgers with fish, rabbit, cabbage, tomato, ketchup and mustard are your friends.
  2. Noncuro

    TV programmes

    There's no more tv shows after the 9th days, i think. (Maybe the 12th) So if the electricity shutdown before that, sure, why not. But after that, you're on your own...
  3. Noncuro

    TV programmes

    Channel: Life and Live tv Three shows a day : 6AM, noon & 6PM. These are random, but I think there's the cook show every morning. Extra cheating tip : the number of TV increases the XP.
  4. Noncuro

    plant diseases, infection distance

    2 tiles between each crops and diseases will never spread.
  5. Noncuro

    remove garbage textures

    You can normaly pick up any existing wooden floor or ceramic tile with a crowbar, carpet with a knife and dirt, gravel or sand with a shovel and bags. If you have built this wooden floor yourself, you can only destroy it with a sledgehammer.
  6. Noncuro

    remove garbage textures

    You can remove them with the "pick up" tool on the top right of the screen. Then loed dead corpses and burn/burry it all.
  7. °~° maybe sand or gravel is the solution, I never had this issue with wood + gravel. I understand your sadness. I really love your pavement idea, by the way.
  8. No, it won't change a thing if it's just sand. Only wooden floor will prevent your car from getting damages. Sand and gravel will just change the sound effect when your character run on your homemade custom road.
  9. Yes it 's worth it, but you have to build a wooden floor path first, to prevent the trees growing back on your road. Then you better recover your wooden road with gravel instead of sand, because sand is a finite ressource, but you can fil up your bags with gravel on the same tile over and over.
  10. Noncuro

    Most popular songs in 1993?

    I checked the billboard 100 1993 on Wikipedia and here's my french 40 years old dude's point of view : I will always love you. Whitney Houston Can't help falling in love. UB40 Runaway train. Soul asylum I'd do anything for love. Meat Loaf What's up. 4 Non Blondes All that she wants. Ace of base Cryin'. Aerosmith Insane in the Brian. Cypress hill
  11. Noncuro

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    No more freeze for me too, thanks a lot... Now there's a graphic problem with the new corpses. When I kill a Z, its corpse is in a weird square like It was killed somewhere else (different ground). More "Twilight Zone" than Romero.
  12. Noncuro

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    The screen freezes a lot since the update, especially when my character approach a handmade construction. I can hear my footsteps, but can't interact with the screen. My steam overlay is disabled. My graphic card is AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series.