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  1. mmh ok, i'll try this next time, thank you.
  2. Uattorio

    attack bug

    No, the weapon was good, i play since 5 years and i've seen this bug two times just in build 41.
  3. Sometimes when the character enter in a car is not possible to see the car control pannel, the only way to solve this bug is exit game and enter again.
  4. Uattorio

    attack bug

    I loose my game now thanks to this bug : sometimes when press ML to attack nothing happens, only the MR works until unequip the weapon and equip again, then everything works like before.
  5. Hi, trying to survive I found myself in a safe place south of Muldraugh and south-west of Westpoint, exactly in the field group, I noticed that all this area of the woods does not allow foraging, I tried far and wide but it seems that this bug expands to a very large area.
  6. Are you perhaps building in the fossoil station near rosewood? I have my refuge there :D however it is always right to report possible bugs
  7. Hi survivors, playing obsessively i thinked about some possible improvements that could semplify survivors' life and contemporarily are more similar to the real world: it's really comfortable the possibility of cleaning the clothes you are wearing by using the soap, but maybe having the possibility of using the washing machine as in the real life (put inside the dirty clothes you are not wearing with some soap) could be pretty good. The washing machine could present a on/off button like the one on the oven. introducing a vhs reader could help improving survivors skills as the tv programs do in the first part of the game. Also passive skills (endurance and strenght) experience could be improved by the possibility of using bodybuilding machines and tapis roulant. I mean a process like reading books and improving manual abilities. I'd like to know what do you think about these ideas. Cheers
  8. Sure this is annoying, but if you think about it in the real world for building walls we need space, you won't build any wall with objects or supplies so near to the building area.
  9. I tried your way and i recovered my games! thank you!
  10. Thank you Axezombie! You saved me But i hope the next build problems like this will fix, now i try your way! I'll let you know
  11. Sometimes you can open a door car and get inside even if some objects are near, but then you can't exit more. It was very good game nd now i have to restart. Maybe it was better before when you could alwais open cars, less realistic but playable!
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