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  1. I have some ideas about new mods or new adds: Motorcycles: faster than cars but noiser and dangerous. Bikes, skates: silent but can be very dangerous. Car reinforcement: use metalworking and mechanics high skills to reinforce a car with metal (spikes, metal grid for windows, bumpers) so you can drive in the street reducing the damage to the car.
  2. I also notice when i break a car window the window on the other side also breaks
  3. I was building a shelter in the wild and after sleeping i found a dead inside the costruction site, this is not the first time this happen, i remember dead people appeared on my wooden roof.
  4. In my new game i can dress two sweater, is it normal?
  5. No, he was perfect with no icons except satiated
  6. I had a scratch on my hand and i was moving to a place to take some stuff, the scratch was done by a car accident and just disinfected and banded, i just had some pain fixed with painkiller so i was fine and i also waited a night in the car before leaving. In the morning the scratch was cured and i finally went to face some zeds with my wooden axe (level 6), but when i approached them my characte was very slow in the attck and his hits were very helpless as if i were still scratched my hand so the zeds ate me early.
  7. I noticed that this happen when i hit a zombie while he falls by a fence and the animation of fall is is just started.
  8. Yes i have a simil situation sometimes but not the same, the secondary bag disappeared in the invenctory but stais like bag and i can fill it, when equip another object in secondary hand the bag appears again.
  9. Unfortunately i've already canceled the save 😕 i thougth that his presence could be the cause of some slowdowns in the game and actually since i've cancelled it i have no more problems.
  10. When i closed my last game session i noticed that Steam was yet executing the game, so i closed it again by Steam. Today when i started my game session i saw that a big number of corpses of the zombies i exterminated in my last session were disappeared as every sign of the fighting (ash,blood,objects on the ground, etc). More, it seems that the zombies regenerated themselves. So, i decided to going over, and to make my tired character sleep but during this action the game crashed. I tried to enter again but it doesn't work anymore, now when i try to access to that save the game crashes.
  11. Yes, i use mods: armored vest better video game craftable dairy food dl canned fix kukri lockpicking silencer soul fisher farming time icd player jigga's green fire filibuster rhimes used cars arsenal vehicles more common seeds last call for alcohol m113apc today i tried again and it still doesn't work but now i can destroy it. I made a small video but it si too big to be able to load it and i don't have another charger at the moment, i will find another one and try again by making some screenshots. However the same thing had happen to me with vanilla in both 41 and 40, not always but sometimes.
  12. Car battery charger doesn't work and when i put it on the ground becomes just an image, i can't take it back, i can't use it and i can't even destroy it with a sledgehammer...now i have no way to charge a battery and i have this fake charger mess up my house
  13. ok,i was convinced it was something expected from the game, i missed that line of the note, my bad.
  14. When i try to take something that needs shovel is impossible to do it with new shovel models.
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