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  1. ORGM Rechambered

    Is there any possibility of coordinating more with Hydrocraft? I'd like to be able to hunt with ORGM guns and make ORGM ammo using hydrocraft's recipes.
  2. Hydrocraft Mod

    A few things that need attention: You can't actually fish using mole crickets as bait. It gives you the option in the menu, but when you try it it doesn't actually work. I get a little red error warning in the bottom-right, and he never starts fishing. There is currently nothing you can do with an empty "bucket with concrete", which is a shame. Sure, it should be impossible to get all the concrete out, but why does that stop me from using it to make more concrete? Is there a reason smelters can only be made of red brick and not grey brick?
  3. Hydrocraft Mod

    Is there any possibility of tying hydrocraft in with the ORTM's gun mod? I'd like to be able to make ammo for those guns and to use them for hunting. Also, any possibility of having more things to do with cars? Could we perhaps be able to make replacement parts or chop up unwanted cars for scrap? Maybe modifications, like netting over the windows to help keep zombies out, or spikes/blades on the front or back to make ramming more deadly?
  4. Hydrocraft Mod

    As long as we're reporting broken items, I noticed that the feather lure doesn't work for fishing. You still get the option to fish in the context menu, but then when you try it nothing happens. Just a little error warning at the bottom-right of the screen.
  5. Hydrocraft Mod

    I don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but some items seem impossibly difficult to find. Specifically sledge hammers and augers. Augers are especially problematic; you can't mine without them.
  6. Hydrocraft Mod

    I want to edit a Hydrocraft item, but I can't find the file it's in. I think the Herbalism textbook should teach you which berries and mushrooms are safe; it's crazy you can only learn that from a magazine, not a textbook. I've done it before, but I re-installed Zomboid since then, and now I can't remember how I did it. Can someone point me to the right file? Edit: Found it. It's in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\workshop\content\108600\498441420\mods\Hydrocraft
  7. Hydrocraft Mod

    Do Hydrocraft foods work with nutrition?
  8. Causes of Death - The Statistical Study

    Being infected by the zombie virus is not the same thing as having an infected wound. Infected wounds are just normal, boring infections like the kind you can get in real life. You cannot get infected by the zombie virus from being cut by broken glass.
  9. ORMtnMan's Real Guns Mod 1.242 [32.30]

    Hey ORMtnMan, any chance the spawns of your guns will be tweaked? Many of your guns don't spawn anywhere, specifically the full auto ones. Any chance we'll get them added to the police stations?
  10. Hydrocraft Mod

    A few questions: Do those objects that look substantial, like the barricades and pillars block movement, or can you just walk right through them like you can with kilns and such? Can you ride the bikes? Do the fork lifts, scissor lifts, and stepladders do anything? Is there an easier way to keep animals fed? I keep venturing away from my camp for a few days, only to come back and find all my livestock's starved to death. Maybe some kind of pasture or something in which the animals can feed themselves?
  11. Best Bases

    The cabin in the woods, by the lake near West Point is the best base. Far enough out that there's never any zombies yet close enough that running to town isn't difficult, tons of trees around for wood, area counts as forest for foraging, and it has a lake, meaning you can fish and never need to worry about water access.
  12. Metalworking and furnaces

    Smelting != metalworking. I totally think it should be possible to forge things; reshaping and/or forge-welding things are both totally possible for someone to do by themselves, especially if they have access to salvaged equipment from modern society. There's really not that much to it; heat up metal, hit with hammer. Sure, there's quite a bit of subtlety when it comes to heat treating and tempering, but that's actually a good thing. You could have the quality of the heat treatment scale based on your skill level. I would even say smelting should be possible, though I'm not sure it's that useful. We already have a huge amount of metal we can recycle, we don't need to smelt ores. For reference, check out these links: For metalworking and forging, check out Forged in Flames. It's a reality TV show in which blacksmiths make swords. Sometimes they even recycle modern items to make them; in one episode they used chain, in another they used a big ball-bearing. For smelting, check out the show Living in the Past. It was a BBC show in which 12 people were dropped in an Iron Age era village and had to live as they would've back then. They even did their own blacksmithing using ye olde methods. This kinda disproves the whole argument that a modern person would be unable to do it because they wouldn't have the traditional knowledge. These people only had a couple months of training in iron age life. For more smelting, check out Primitive Technology.
  13. Creating Fertilizer

    The Hydrocraft mod has this.
  14. Hydrocraft Mod

    Sheet metal is really vague. How do I know what kind of metal the sheet needs to be made from? The recipes don't specify, but they also clearly only work with one. For example, I'm trying to make a battery array, and I need 3 "Sheet Metal". Aluminum doesn't work.
  15. Hydrocraft Mod

    Has something changed about breeding chickens? I just finally found a chicken egg, incubated it, but instead of getting a chick, I get an "egg". The food item kind. I can't figure out how to get it to hatch.