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  1. As it is, I'm very, very glad that rain collector barrels work anywhere. What would be even nicer is if we could place rain barrels next to houses and take advantage of all that theoretical runoff from the roof for extra water gathering effect. Ideally, there would be both preexisting downspouts on some houses as well as the ability to assemble your own from pipes using Metalwork to attach to your own constructions or to buildings that didn't start with them. Among other benefits, this would be an additional value for Metalwork, which currently feels a little under-loved.
  2. If you go into the sandbox mode you can see the settings for each of the presets. To answer your question, 10% of the max zombies in a cell will respawn every 72 hours, unless you're in that chunk every 16 hours. Practically, the zombie population is infinite and will always refresh except for right where you're living, though if you truly depopulated an area it would take a few weeks to be entirely refreshed. Separately, there's also migration within the cell. Zombies will spread out within the cell over time, so if you can thin the herd then you will make it less likely that you'll have to deal with big clusters where you are. This is probably what you're seeing. There's no limits on migration in the settings, so you could leave for an hour or two and come back to zombies on your doorstep.
  3. Double Wooden Doors need 4 hinges in your inventory to build, but only use up 2 of them.
  4. What version of the game are you on? I'm on 41.22 and have the option to make metalwork if have the mask and have a propane torch in my inventory, even if they're in a secondary bag. It also shows up if I'm wearing the mask and wielding the torch, as in your image. Have you read the appropriate magazines?
  5. If I have crops that need watering and a couple of saucepans of water in my inventory, I can choose to water from one of them, and my survivor will pull out the pan, hold it in his primary hand, and water the plant. Once I have the pan of water in my hand, I can't choose to water any plants, even if I have a second pan of water in my inventory. Edit: And now it's working. I don't know what I was doing differently.
  6. Metalwork already provides you with a number of metal door options that give you the transparent door you can attack through. It doesn't look like there's an opaque option, though.
  7. Blood spatters will splash onto a metal fence or broken window and hover there as if it was a solid surface, even though it shouldn't. If a bullet or a weapon swing can go through a space, it should also allow blood spatter to pass through rather than catching.
  8. I'd really like an option to eat until satisfied. Especially with a pan of roasted meat and vegetables, even a quarter of the 100+ fullness it offers is massive overkill unless you're already very hungry. I know that it's been partially avoided by spooning soup out into bowls that you can then eat portions of, but if I want to just pull my roasted meat&veg out of the fridge and eat it cold over the sink I don't want to also add overeating to my list of sins.
  9. I agree that the star isn't the clearest. When I started playing I assumed it was a measure of quality or damage as opposed to durability. Something like the circle/color combo is definitely more in line with modern conventions regarding durability displays.
  10. In 41.21, you could look around while loading or unloading a lot of inventory from furniture or a car. This was great, because you could, if you took the time, make sure nothing was sneaking up on you. With the advent of 41.22, that's no longer possible and my character is fixedly staring at the back of his car for several seconds as he unloads stuff from his inventory. Is this a bug, or is it intended that you can't look around? If it's intended, please reconsider. It's not fun to need to break up the long action to maintain situational awareness.
  11. Some actions like resting, reading a book, or cutting down a tree with a hand axe are boring, and we like to fast forward through them. What we don't like is continuing to fast forward thereafter. Much like movement will snap you back to 1x speed, can we have the end of an extended action also return the game to 1x speed?
  12. A separate midden pit would be lovely. It could be a 2x2 version of a grave, and maybe destroy items in it after a week or so like the composter does to prevent use as storage? Somewhere to throw all the empty cans, broken tools, and other waste that builds up. I'm tired of loading up corpses with junk before burying them.
  13. Looking at the night event description in the Sandbox Options, they're described as "Sleeping Event: Governs night-time metagame events during the player's sleep". Unless that description is incorrect, it was definitely not that because my character was awake the whole time.
  14. As I was trying to get the zombie blood (so much blood) off the walls of my new house, I suddenly and surprisingly ran out of bleach. Because it didn't show a "Remaining" bar, I assumed that it was (somehow) infinite. Upon getting a second bottle of bleach I found that the thirst quenching nature of it did drop by 5 per use, so we have a bit of a workaround for telling when you're going to run out, but it's odd that it's not consistent with other consumables.
  15. The helicopter event occurred, and then within the next couple of game hours, he was banging on my door. I assumed that it was the helicopter, because that was the significant event that had recently occurred. What marks a night event for me to be able to determine which made it happen?
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