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  1. MrHrulgin

    Car radio

    This is also a problem the other way: removing a radio from a car changes the list of saved stations.
  2. Given that helicopters can't safely fly during thunderstorms or in excessively windy environments, it does seem unrealistic.
  3. This is a really small thing, but the Life and Living show the evening of 7/13 instructs you to make a tent with tent pegs, sticks and sheets. This isn't the case anymore, if it ever was. Now it's a tarp that's needed instead of 4 sheets. Please update the Life and Living text to direct people to the tarp, or let us use 4 sheets to make a tent.
  4. Let me start by saying that I do like the idea of longer-term possibilities, perhaps when NPCs return some goals along the lines of recreating civilization. That's very long term though. In terms of developer time, though, there's limits on what can be done. Do we have any stats on the average lifespan of a survivor? I hear you that you personally regularly do well enough that you can live for years with your current settings, but if most people don't make it more than a few months, it's a hard sell to say that more content needs to be made for the 10% of players that can go indef
  5. The density of zombies across the whole protruding section to the northeast of West point seems both too high as compared to the number of houses and also too evenly distributed across the area. Walking far into the woods south of the mall there are still significant clusters of zombies despite there being no buildings for hours around. I have the zombie distribution set to "Urban Focused", so perhaps the whole area is marked as urban? I get that the mall should have intensely high zombie count, but the woods? The farmhouses in the area? Something is very different across that whole upper area
  6. The mall garbage can doesn't have the same "Delete All" option that the other garbage cans do. For consistency's sake, please add it.
  7. Despite providing no light while driving a car at night, a flashlight's battery will continue to drain. I'd prefer to be able to use a flashlight as a way of driving at night in extreme circumstances, but alternatively it could stop draining charge or be automatically turned off while I'm driving?
  8. A tent kit is made from 4 tent pegs (.2 each), 2 sturdy sticks (.1 each) and 1 tarp, (1). Somehow combining these components that have a total weight of 2 creates a tent kit that has a weight of 3? I could understand if the new construction took up more rigid space, but you'd just roll the pegs and sticks up in the tarp and have a bundle not any larger than the pieces independently. Please lower the tent kit's weight to 2, or something close to it.
  9. Do you have any mods installed? I can right-click on a digital watch and see the dismantle option, and I'm in .44.
  10. With the changes to traps that let us recover all of the twine, and the existing ability to get thread from ripped clothes, I think the only major sticking point remaining is spear-crafting.
  11. Playing with the options that let zombies open doors and windows, I find that I very much wish that I could re-latch a window that has been opened. If we can lock a door from the inside without the key, why can't we lock the windows? I'm always sad when a zombie can just waltz on in because I ever opened the window from either side.
  12. This is gold. No more hiking out into the middle of nowhere to one of the few set locations for a stove.
  13. As of 41.43, it's really hard to make spears with weapons attached because duct tape is the only material you can use to attach a pointy thing to a stick, even though you could tie it on with rags or twine. Traps require twine, no matter how well a strip of cloth could be twisted to serve the same purpose. A mattress can't be pillows tied together with rags, taped together, or sewn with a screwdriver to punch holes and twine to hold them together, they have to be sewn together with a needle and thread. What I'd like that would take the least overhauling of recipes and how fiber i
  14. Can we please have toilet paper added to the list of things that can be used as tinder? Speaking from experience, TP will absolutely work to start a fire. (No this has nothing to do with finding a remote farmhouse that's packed to the gills with the stuff.)
  15. I believe that mostly food items don't drop in weight. I noticed it mostly because I caught an enormous fish and was walking around with a 6.5 weight fillet of fish until I finished the thing.
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