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  1. While a water bottle that was favorited now maintains the favorite status upon being emptied, an empty bottle that is favorited still loses that status upon being refilled.
  2. Bumping a very old suggestion: Since we have ice packs in the game it would be great to have styrofoam or insulated plastic coolers in order to keep food cold. Being able to load up a cooler with frozen ice packs would make it a lot more doable to keep food cold while traveling or gathering food. This would probably also entail temperature being averaged between objects in the container so that the existence of cold ice packs in the cooler would bring down the temperature of foods added to the cooler.
  3. The type of vehicle (heavy duty, regular, sport) is set, but the quality and durability of the parts inside does vary. You can find performance parts in all sorts of places.
  4. Heck, I knew a guy who would roll cigarettes while steering with his knees. Who needs *one* hand to steer with?
  5. This is also true of bandages. If you take a bandage off before it becomes dirty, you can reapply it and gain the full benefit again.
  6. This seems to be a larger issue with the transition between items when it comes to food. I've also found that you can eat 3/4 of a watermelon, and then slice or smash it and still get the full number of chunks or slices. While they're not as hunger-satisfying as an uneaten watermelon, you can eat 3/4 of a whole -60 hunger watermelon, then slice it to get 10 -4 hunger slices, for a -25 hunger gain over slicing it right away. Once I get into making stews I'll have to check on making bowls of soup, as I think that's the other significant change of form when it comes to food.
  7. Do you have a hammer? I don't see it in your list, and as far as I know, it's having a hammer on your person (in the top level bag) that lets you see the carpentry menu.
  8. At the Giga Mart in West Point (and plenty of other places) there are double doors. If you put a sheet on the inside of the right half of the front door, when you open the door the door will swing as if the hinges are on the right (as it should), but the sheet will swing as if the hinges are on the left.
  9. While you screenshot doesn't show it, you either consumed something very toxic or were scratched by a zombie and the virus entered your system. If the scratch got the virus into your system you could have entirely healed the scratch but would still die from the infection after a couple of days. After you die you can tell whether it was zombification or poison by looking at the remaining moodle. It'll tell you whether you're a zombie or a corpse.
  10. Do you have running set to "toggle" as opposed to "hold" in the options?
  11. As it is, I'm very, very glad that rain collector barrels work anywhere. What would be even nicer is if we could place rain barrels next to houses and take advantage of all that theoretical runoff from the roof for extra water gathering effect. Ideally, there would be both preexisting downspouts on some houses as well as the ability to assemble your own from pipes using Metalwork to attach to your own constructions or to buildings that didn't start with them. Among other benefits, this would be an additional value for Metalwork, which currently feels a little under-loved.
  12. Double Wooden Doors need 4 hinges in your inventory to build, but only use up 2 of them.
  13. What version of the game are you on? I'm on 41.22 and have the option to make metalwork if have the mask and have a propane torch in my inventory, even if they're in a secondary bag. It also shows up if I'm wearing the mask and wielding the torch, as in your image. Have you read the appropriate magazines?
  14. If I have crops that need watering and a couple of saucepans of water in my inventory, I can choose to water from one of them, and my survivor will pull out the pan, hold it in his primary hand, and water the plant. Once I have the pan of water in my hand, I can't choose to water any plants, even if I have a second pan of water in my inventory. Edit: And now it's working. I don't know what I was doing differently.
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