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  1. So here is the thing, I've settled in the farm with well and I've decided I don't really like the road leading there, so I've cut a line through trees to have easier access to safehouse from traveling but my stepvan didn't seem to enjoy the ordeal. I've got an idea then to build a gravel road which is terrible clickfest since you need to take gravel 4 times to have sack full and you need to wait with clicking because otherwise bug appears and then you need to run back with that gravel and pour it on ground. I've poured 1 layer -> the bounciness on car didn't change it was going right and left. I've hit discord and was told that wooden floors are good for driving, so I've started building wooden floor over my perfectly looking but no so helpful gravel road -> the bounciness didn't change. I'm not sure if this is working as intended. https://prnt.sc/q7baio
  2. It applies to every item, food, alcohol wipes, anything that has more than 1 use, except for stuff filled with gas/water.
  3. This can also be caused by organized trait with vanilla game without modding it if you put a lot of diffrent items. If you put some that are similar or weights a lot then there is no issue but lots of diffrent ones overloads truck with no possibility to enter as well, however if you pick up some stuff from trunk/seat then it works back again.
  4. Basically I was going and looting then I can't enter vehicle. After quitting to main menu and loading gain I'm back in time by about 12h with half of the stuff missing from trunk including popsicle fridge -> it didn't respawn on the station from which I've taken it. I'm having all sort of issues with vehicles on 41.21 (can't enter, can't exit, disappearing totally, missing keys to vehicle after reloading). After further tests it appears that bug with inability to enter vehicle has something to do with amount of diffrent items stored in car, it suddenly decides that entering or exit will make character overweight and it refuses to do so. Stacking less diffrent items up to maximum capacity seems to work fine but when the amount of diffrent items is huge then it refuses to work. I couldn't exit vehicle again, but apparently after picking 15 bananas from seat the vehicle fixed itself and I coudl exit it. Then it bugged out middriving turning me back in time again (I didn't loose anything from trunk) but given the issue with loot setting after reloading I'd like to hear anything, espesially words -> we're fixing it... 27-11-19_17-44-50_client chat Bob.txt 27-11-19_17-29-36_ZombieSpawn.txt 27-11-19_17-29-04_client chat Bob.txt 27-11-19_17-27-59_DebugLog.txt 27-11-19_16-10-22_client chat Bob.txt 27-11-19_15-34-20_ZombieSpawn.txt 27-11-19_15-34-04_client chat Bob.txt 27-11-19_15-32-08_DebugLog.txt 27-11-19_23-14-18_client chat Bob.txt 27-11-19_23-12-48_DebugLog.txt 27-11-19_23-14-51_ZombieSpawn.txt 30-11-19_15-52-39_client chat Bob.txt 30-11-19_16-08-22_DebugLog.txt 30-11-19_16-09-33_client chat Bob.txt 30-11-19_16-09-41_ZombieSpawn.txt 30-11-19_16-10-06_client chat Bob.txt
  5. So here is the thing, if you do a sandbox setting with loot rarity diffrent then rare then after you reload a save the loot spawn is back to rare no matter what. I had a bug which didn't allow me to exit vehicle. So I did th eusual -> reloaded the safe, it turned me back 12h in time but staying at the same spot. Here is what I got from same place before and after (since loot respawned): Before reload (last bit went missing)/After reload Apple - 1/2 Avocado - 5/1 Banana - 4/2 Bell pepper - 10/1 Broccolli - 7/1 Cabbage - 8/4 Carrots - 12/1 Cherry - 6 Corn - 13/5 Eggplant - 7 Grapes - 7/2 Leak - 11/5 Lemon - 6 Lettuce - 11/1 Onion - 4/1 Orange - 2/1 Peach - 15/1 Pineapple - 23/3 Potato - 11/2 Radish - 5 Strawberries - 10/3 Tomato - 3/1 Watermelon - 11/1 Worm - 4/1 Zucchini - 8/1 Total 204 items vs 40. Reloading for the second time after same bug occured removed my keys to the vehicle so I believe I'll rather wait till it's patched. After checking map_sand.bin the loot rarity values stay on same, regardless contnuing game, yet there is obvious and I'd say quite huge diffrent in amount of items from same spot which I Cannot explain.
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