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  1. I don't see anything wrong neither in what you provided there nor in part of your stream, they shoudl totally see you, you clearly never went on sprinters who had better cognition, the one that is now shared by regular zeds -> this is how it is supposed to be because they were quite close and totally coudl see you.
  2. Sack plus trovel/shovel -> take out gravel by right clicking -> 4 clicks to fill sack, then pour it out somewhere -> can be on same tile or close to base and you can take out gravel from the new patch as long as you want, less tiring than digging furrows, btw you can destroy furrow with sledge
  3. I don't get why you don't care about frogs given they don't rot and are a decent food but regardless foragign gets you tired ultra fast and you don't get that many insects/worms anyway, I'd rather suggst you use composter (free worms) and take gravel -> pour out gravel as a secondary method (you get a lot of worms without getting tired fast).
  4. Actually you can place loot on 3x3 on tiles x 0 x 0 0 0 x 0 x then stand in middle and have access to all of them but yeah, it's no longer possible to place loot on each tile
  5. @4 -> you're stuck in animation and can't do anything if your line brokes too, reloading game fixes it.
  6. There is more places like that, I know at least 2 garages like that where you need to move crates/tables tto get to cabits, I thing it's neat desing, you need to decided if you want to make noise and endanger yourself or you will not check everything and stay safe.
  7. I don't want to sound rude but I don't see why I shoudl try with diffrent obstacles. If you want to, be my guest. The matter is easy to reproduce and I'm sure dev team can spawn diffrent obstacles within minutes while I woudl waste 3 hours of my lifes trying stuff with diffrent cars and diffrent obstacles, so if they decide to check it, it's way easier for them.
  8. I didn't touch those since the start of game, yet they seem to progressively worsen in condition as the game progresses (nearing 2 months now), first they lost front windshields and now they look like this (trunk is down to 0% too), I've another one like that which I visited less and they only had windshields and trunk down to 0%. I'm not sure what is going on but probably they continue to do damage to each other as they are respawned into world when I enter certain chunks/cells. Game version 41.21 to 41.24, vanilla over the course of whole save. https://prnt.sc/qe33o4
  9. So whenewer I stack large amounts of same item either in my inventory or container I get some bugs and whenever I enter the area the game starts lagging after few entries to said area, the issue is resolved if I destack those items and put them into separate containers then reload the game for lag to stop. I've went through stacks of 80-150 of diffrent items (mostly foods) and they don't seem to cause the issue altough few days ago I encountered something similar with 130 or 150 cabbages but I can't seem to reproduce it. Game version 41.24, vanilla Below are logs with said error: [21-12-19 09:24:31.414] ERROR: General, 1576916671414> ExceptionLogger.logException> Exception thrown java.nio.BufferOverflowException at Buffer.nextPutIndex line:527.. [21-12-19 09:24:31.415] ERROR: General, 1576916671415> DebugLogStream.printException> Stack trace:. What seems to cause issue: 1,7k+ cigs -> 800 seems to work without problem 20-12-19_13-12-44_DebugLog.txt 21-12-19_06-13-08_DebugLog.txt 17-12-19_16-08-50_DebugLog.txt
  10. I feel like the hitbox on sapling when driving north-west roads is a tad too large. Below picture that states the problem clearly, while in this position or even a bit further to the right I hit the sapling while driving straight forward. Game version 41.24 vanilla I'm not sure it's not truck hitboxes being to big. https://prnt.sc/qdsemr
  11. I can confirm there is an issue with water bottles that they will sometimes start holding less water in them, it only seems to appear when you fill them if they are partially full, you can fix them by pouring water on ground or drinking till empty then filling them back, they resort this way to their original hold amount. Regardless total weight as far as I understand PZ uses taken space/weight system for items, thus if you take half of pills out of sleeping tables it will still take 0.2 inventory space cause the bottle still takes the same amount of space, regardless of it's actual content.
  12. Well at green stage you can still take them, just put on them on sun, optionally toss apple next to them and they will mature regardless of not being on tomato plant... I guess my main issue is that it doesn't follow logic of the rest of plants and I don't see how you can get seeds from tomatoes without having less tomatoes at the same time given how you take seeds (by ripping them out of tomato), then cleaning them from that jelly thingy but okay. And btw, if we want to go by realism we shoudl be able to take tomatoes out of tomato plant ike few every day without losing whole plant so well...
  13. As title say, I'm checking on them daily on normal farming settings yet I've completed 2 harvest where I didn't manage to get that phase that I get with any other crop, they go straight to seed bearing.
  14. https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.4436525004139552,0.18662440627777663,73.95370355801455
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