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  1. Added Monroeville. Check it out to get the lay of the land before the reset. Head south on the main highway past South Muldraugh.
  2. Where on the map is the city located? EDIT: found it.
  3. It's me. But don't spread it around. Otherwise players will scared to join my safe zones on the server!
  4. You are in luck then if you want to catch a fresh start. May 12/13th is the first hard reset in 6 months. Then begins the DEAD PIXELS: BADLANDS season.
  5. The burning has begun.
  6. Next door to the Hardware store in WP is the Post Office. Sure you are in the right place?
  7. And we are live. Map seems to have held together as well. Thanks for your patience.
  8. Server should be back up tonight. Don't forget your fire extinguishers! (if all goes well)
  9. Next season gun spawns will be lowered and specifically high powered military weapons and sniper rifles will be extremely rare. You do bring up a good point on the DISCORD chat integration. Especially with old players waiting for the impending reset. To be honest I don't have a good answer or fix for out of game chat that goes on in game. It's pretty hard to regulate. It's great for keeping in touch with the server but can get overwhelming when there are a bunch of players bs'ing in the public chat. I don't know how hard it would be to code the ability to mute the discord bot solely. Average about 10 at night. Normally it's about 20-25, but most of the regulars are burned out by having everything over the last 6 months. So they are waiting for the fresh restart. Haha. We have a few players who like to stir the shit. You can search the DISCORD logs. You'll see it. They are veterans of the server so they feel more comfortable ranting at me. Some for show (Suede) others are a bit more serious (Grimson) Sometimes I let it go. Other times I engage them.. We have a smaller community so it's a bit more raw at times. You'll find it's a very small percentage. But rest assured. Spring/Summer is coming. So I'll really only be able to check in to check up on cheaters and make sure the server is running smoothly. Hopefully the fresh air will help my mental issues. You can also search the Global Chat logs if you sign up on DISCORD to make a decision for yourself. Thanks for the feedback.
  10. We will be up and down while working on the new Build 37 update. I'm at work so it makes things that much harder.
  11. ND update glitched out the Dixie safezone. Pve zone restablished and all your safehouse belong to me. So when you get back on I'll return them.
  12. Someone forgot the safe word.
  13. The forum is up as a work in progress currently with some basic info. I'll add more specifics as the date nears. But some of the stories are starting to emerge. From the PvE and Bandit perspectives. Register and add your own story if you'd like.
  14. DEAD PIXELS: Badlands Coming soon! As we near the end of 6 months of Dead Pixels: OUTBREAK. Subscribe to this thread for more info. Forum and emerging details to come. Most people panicked when the undead came. They cried, they prayed to their false gods, they begged for mercy. I have no mercy. I've been wishing for something for this my whole life. A miserable life that taught me early on how to survive. When your father is a worthless drunk and likes to beat on his family, you learn how to defend yourself. And I do mean myself. My mother was a miserable drug addict who didn't give a fuck about anyone or anything but her next score. If she could push a beating on me, she did. My father finally left when I was 14. Guess he finally got tired of us. I was getting old enough to start fighting back and the old man was smart enough to know that I'd kill him in a few years if he stayed around. He sensed that rage that was inside me. I noticed it when I was very young. Little did I know how well it would benefit me later on. My father was a dumb fuck, but not that dumb. After that it was a constant stream of new men in the house. Mom doing what ever she had to get that sweet fix. So I spent less and less time at home. Usually just stopped by to sleep and wash some clothes while the junkie was passed out in our filthy living room. I dropped out of school and started hanging out with a local gang. Doing the petty robbery shit. But then my life changed. I met John Cernack. My friends and I had the misfortune of stealing some shit out of one of his "businesses". We were standing before him in less than 12 hours. Up until then, I'd never heard of the guy. But he ran everything. We pled for mercy. That we didn't know who he was or that it was his place. The pleas fell on death ears. He gave us an option. Kill one of our mates and the other 2 would be free. A price he said, had to be paid. We had ten minutes to decide or he'd kill us all. This guy had a fucking digital timer. He set it for 10 minutes while everyone in the room stared at us. He slid a pistol on the floor in front of us. I kind of zoned in on it. I heard Kevin and Frank start freaking out. Trying to huddle us together to figure a way out. Fear in their voices. No way this guy is serious. He's just fucking with us. I glanced up at John. He was a big dude. 6'3". Built like mac truck. The look in his eyes told me this was no joke. 8 minutes left on the timer. The 2 shitheads next to me chattering away like crackheads. I have a plan I said. They didn't even hear it. They were too busy talking over each other. I grabbed the gun, looked at John...then I put a round in both their heads. Their bodies hit the ground with a thud. Lifeless eyes staring out in the distance. "Well fucking done mate!" John started clapping. I felt a release like never before. The rage that had been inside me since my earliest days. I felt an adrenaline rush. John noticed it too. Grabbed the gun from me and asked me "Kid, you wanna join a real team?". And that was it. I was in. I had a family for the first time in my life. I had found my purpose. John took me in as if I was his own son. Taught me everything he knew. I couldn't have found a better teacher for what none of us knew was about to come. It was a good few years before the undead started showing up. News was talking about a plague of some sorts. Government was containing it . Nothing to worry about and all that bullshit. But John had people everywhere. He told us it was bullshit and the miltary wouldn't be be able to contain it. So he left me in charge while he went north with a crew for a bit to take care of some stuff. Told me he'd be back in a month. That was 35 days ago. But it's been the best month of my life. I've never felt so free. Me and the boys set up a nice little settlement in Dixie. We've been robbing and killing all kinds of survivors and zeds. These people are pathetic. Building our army little by little too. The only thing I worry about is the zeds might kill all the people before I can. Haha. I was born for this. Built for this. Culmination of 25 years of shit thrown at me. It's all paying off now. I just need a few more people to add to the ranks and we can take over West Point. John is going to be so proud when he gets back. I'll have a new kingdom for us. Then when we secure enough land, we can take over Louisville. Big plans when he gets back. Should be any day now. First thing will be what to call our new kingdom. For now we go by what the local survivors call this place. "The Badlands". Got one of their radios so we can listen into their transmissions. There are 2 safezones somewhere down south. My scouts haven't found their location yet. But it's only a matter of time. Then we'll pay them a visit. These stupid motherfuckers are trying to bring society back. For what? And that's now how it works anymore. It's kill or be killed. Survival of the fittest. Time to go now though. I see some dust clouds on the northern horizon. Maybe today is the day....