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  1. The Knox County Event (Vanilla Easy Mode) 20 slots
  2. The Knox County Event (Vanilla Easy Mode) 20 slots

    Experiment over. Haha.
  3. Safehouses Auto Releasing

    Can't help on the Safehouse issue. But Littering, Chainsaws and Safes are included in Hydrocraft. No need to double tap the mods.
  4. I'm curious to know about the end result of this project

    From many beat to death threads and reddit posts. This is what I remember. Same end game. Just with vehicles, new animations and NPCs before Project Zomboid is considered complete.
  5. Hydrocraft Mod

    Download Cheat Mod or Cheat Menu Mod (I forget the exact name) Admin can craft an infinite carry token. But it in a bag. Pick up the trade post. Move it to where you want it. Drop the infinite token on the ground. Drop Trade post. Then put the token into a garbage bag. Make it a rain coat or bury the trash. Token goes bye bye! Or log out with it in your main inventory.

    Are you attacking the crawler from the back? If not...never attack a crawler head on.
  7. ORMtnMan's Real Guns Mod 1.242 [32.30]

    Time to create a Mod Hall of Fame thread. Inaugural class ORGM Hydrocraft Pump Power More Build
  8. Please Up Date Maps

    Need Blindcoder to add a Riverside location so POIs can be updated there.
  9. Dead Pixels: OUTBREAK Build 35 Restart 12/20/2016

    The monthly loot refresh has been completed. There was still a large amount of loot left on the map. Now is as good as anytime to jump on for an easier start. Remember, all locations do not respawn. It is randomized as of build 38 now. Good luck! ***As always, tons of shotguns and 00buck at Muld and WP pds for zombie clearing/farming/other ammo crafting
  10. Pitch Battle

    The majority of PZ players want to live out TWD universe. Or most Zombie or Apocalyptic movies/tv shows period. Find a group, be the "good guys", rebuild a community and kill the zombies and occasional bad guys in overly dramatic fashion.
  11. Loot Respawn

    And apparently now the containers randomize which ones re spawn loot.

    Disagree. A large pop up that covers the majority of the screen and has to be closed will be read. And the excuse of "I didn't see it" is also taken away.

    Nobody reads that
  14. about loot respawn on multiplayer

    Max items means how many items a container will hold. So if it's set to 5 items and the container has 5 items, it won't respawn loot until it has 4 or less. (Some mods seem to ignore this setting, as well as some custom maps) Also remember some modded maps won't respawn. The current mod maps I know of that will respawn are South Muldraugh, Bedford Falls and New Denver You need to set this on the Server.Ini file. The time frame doesn't matter, just make sure it's set to 2 or higher to allow for respawn LootRespawn = 2, (1 is none, 2 is every day, 3 is every week, 4 is every month, 5 is every two months) And on the Sandboxvars file HoursForLootRespawn=2 (How many hours real-time for loot to respawn) Set your time. It used to be IRL hours. But according to the devs it changed back to Game Hours And loot apparently is randomized, so not all containers may refresh. Here is a good starter explanation of the server files. And where in Korea are you. I've spent some time there.
  15. Dead Pixels: OUTBREAK Build 35 Restart 12/20/2016

    Sledgehammer extension updated for build 38. Most important features it brings Custom chat Factions and faction chat Discord bot integration into Global chat.