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  1. A great representation of the server settings It's a zombie game. Zombies should present a challenge. They get tougher if you try to trait traded (underweight, weak, easily panicked, conspicuous, noises) They are super tough, and real good at spotting you if you are careless. They don't have super hearing though. The zombies are not impossible to kill with melee. But you have to hone your skills and choose your weapons based off that. If you want to run around buck wild as a fresh spawn and a bunch of negative traits, you're gonna have a bad time. There are plenty of other servers with overflowing loot, paper zombies for you to play on. For the rest of you tough enough, brave enough and save enough.... Welcome to the Apocalypse!
  2. Player safehouse claiming fixed. Turned on the option for players, but I forgot to turn of the admin only option. Which obviously overrides it. Go forth, survive and claim your place! Brief overview Don't claim over high value loot areas, I'll just remove your claim (example, apartments over stores) You can't claim player made structures, game doesn't allow it Must be deemed a residential building. Building must have a bed, game rule You can't claim spawn points You must clear the building of living zombies and have none or no other player within 2 squares of the building to claim it. It will say "occupied" until you do. Mod maps are hit or miss with safehouse game claiming rules. So good luck. The game will give you notes when you try to claim.
  3. New SAFEHOUSE rules Safehouses can now be claimed by players. Anywhere on the map that is not a loot point of interest (IE the apartments over the hardware store in WP, or any apartment over a medical area, gun store, warehouse, etc.) If you have a question, ASK. Otherwise I'll just release your safehouse without warning. 1 MORE THING. Your character will have to survive for 3 DAYS in game before you will be allowed to claim a place. Safehouse will last for 7 days IRL if you don't visit it. Everytime the safehouse owner visits, the clock resets. PVE zones still remain in South New Denver and Rosewood.
  4. It should be. Long time bug that keeps being forgotten. Probably because there is much easier ways to get large quantities of fresh water as of a few updates ago.
  5. Lots of people don't like it because it's awkward and tall compared to the smelter and kiln. Maybe some artistic license or the modern day self made version.
  6. Nice work up in here. Can someone please redo the Blast Furnace while this is hot again!
  7. New chat system is up! As always we take concerns of the player base and do what we can to address them. Our new system gives you the ability to change the transparency of the chat box, have a private faction chat, private message anyone, non English speaker chats and the ability to turn off the Discord bot in global. Check out the illustration for more information. Our resident coder worked hella hard to get this up and running over the last 2 months and also provided a backbone for some other features to be implemented down the road. Give love the the ever amazing Jab.
  8. Water pump only fills Wooden Buckets the last time I checked.
  9. People ask what Sledgehammer is all the time. There isn't an easy way to describe it all. So here is a visual presentation of what is constantly going on behind the scenes. Building a frame work of sorts. Some of the highlights are the DISCORD integration with global chat, my ability to do 95% of Admin functions from my phone, the Factions, PM system, and up next is the overhaul of the chat system. Separate chat logs for Global, local, private faction chats, languages etc. It'll allow you to tailor your immersion as you see fit. As you can see there is tons more. All thanks to a dedicated programmer who works like crazy for out dedicated player base.
  10. They changed a few builds back to consume fuel based on how many items that are connected. And now, at least on MP, you can set how much fuel they consume overall. Not sure if that translated over to SP sandbox settings. On my server I set the ratio to .2 that has translated roughly into a 12hr IRL run time with 3 hour game days. I have food rot sped up. So I don't want to penalize players for sleeping or going to work IRl
  11. Just lure zombies in the house and kill them. At worst, after 4 or 5 you'll have your keys.
  12. I don't think it is supposed to. But it's been consumed for awhile now.
  14. Areas on the map that game made fences are invincible. Metal or wood. But the fences the player can make in the metalworking tab are still able to be destroyed by zombies. If the poster meant the first he's good. I'm just hypothesizing since the build 36? introduced a metalworking skill he/she is talking about that.
  15. Nope. Zombies will eat that and poop out the metal in no time.