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  1. Loot Respawn

    And apparently now the containers randomize which ones re spawn loot.

    Disagree. A large pop up that covers the majority of the screen and has to be closed will be read. And the excuse of "I didn't see it" is also taken away.

    Nobody reads that
  4. about loot respawn on multiplayer

    Max items means how many items a container will hold. So if it's set to 5 items and the container has 5 items, it won't respawn loot until it has 4 or less. (Some mods seem to ignore this setting, as well as some custom maps) Also remember some modded maps won't respawn. The current mod maps I know of that will respawn are South Muldraugh, Bedford Falls and New Denver You need to set this on the Server.Ini file. The time frame doesn't matter, just make sure it's set to 2 or higher to allow for respawn LootRespawn = 2, (1 is none, 2 is every day, 3 is every week, 4 is every month, 5 is every two months) And on the Sandboxvars file HoursForLootRespawn=2 (How many hours real-time for loot to respawn) Set your time. It used to be IRL hours. But according to the devs it changed back to Game Hours And loot apparently is randomized, so not all containers may refresh. Here is a good starter explanation of the server files. And where in Korea are you. I've spent some time there.
  5. Dead Pixels: OUTBREAK Build 35 Restart 12/20/2016

    Sledgehammer extension updated for build 38. Most important features it brings Custom chat Factions and faction chat Discord bot integration into Global chat.
  6. Dead Pixels: OUTBREAK Build 35 Restart 12/20/2016

    Someone rang the dinner bell...
  7. Sleeping in Multiplayer

    Do you have the sleepy/exhausted moodle when you are trying to sleep?
  8. Car and gas station tank siphoning

    Haha what!? I know it was updated a bit ago for build 37 I think.
  9. Car and gas station tank siphoning

    Until then there is always the Pump Power mod. Find generator. Hook up to gas station. PROFIT!
  10. Hello ? Thursdoid anyone ?

    You mean this one?
  11. Hydrocraft Mod

    Don't select the window. You have to go to the "pickup,place,rotate" menu. Make sure the window is in your main inventory. Then select the place option.
  12. Mod Request

    Bad wording. I should have key/lock sets. Not combo locks. I think there is a 12 or less "sets" of keys in the game. So if you collect enough keys, you can unlock everything. Might have changed in an update or I could be wrong.
  13. Mod Request

    VoiceMaxDistance. Actually that might be for in game VOIP. I thought it was for text. Probably not. I'm not sure how far /Whisper goes.
  14. Mod Request

    Anyway to make more lock combinations. I think there is only like 8 or 12 different possibilities with locks/keys for the base game.
  15. Mod Request

    Not invisible. But If you use the clone tool in Necroforge, whatever walls or items you place down off of it will be indestructible. Text distance can be modified in the server.ini file. Default setting I think is 50 tiles. You can also /whisper and /shout for shorter or longer chat lengths. There is a mod called "Do I Key for this". Or titled something like that. The rest maybe someone else can help with.