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  1. The fun is figuring it all out. I Will Back Up My Save. It's the test versions before they release the next stable build. Like IWBUMS has disease from zombie corpses, digging graves for sanitation, some new roof mechanics, etc. There is also another branch right now that is testing vehicles as well.
  2. Over the River Map added for some fun exploration. Upped toon limit to 3 so you can explore or engage in PvP fun.
  3. Fills in so much into the world. The best way to learn is play with it. Or watch some videos. These are old and Hydrocraft has added much since these were created by NOMIS. I don't know if he's done any newer ones, but this is a great start.
  4. 1. Log walls are the strongest. But eventually they will break. You can set up shop in certain areas of the map that are completely surrounded by "Game/Map" walls. They are impenetrable. Also once you learn game mechanics, you'll learn where and how to make the best bases by location. Or you can install the Well Built Walls mod. Makes your player made walls much stronger. But eventually they will fail. 2. They destroy all player built items and items you pick up from the map and place down. (furniture etc.) There is currently an exception to this. But that's for you to find out. 3. You can't dig below the bottom layer of the game. So that would not work. Unless you are referring to the newest IWBUMS version. I stick with the stable branch.
  5. Double wrap for the win.
  6. The only current fix is to download cheat mod and use the infinite carry weight token to remove the overloaded container. Just put it on the ground and pull out the hand dolly. If you forget to do as Hydromancer said, you can relog in and out of the game and it usually corrects itself.
  7. Some poll questions to get a feel for new and old players ideas on the upcoming season.
  8. Damn man. No bueno
  9. Fire is on. You have 3 weeks roughly to get your affairs in order before a map wipe. I'll post new season details sometime before Sunday. But you will be limited to 1 character and you will be able to bring one character over for the new season. It will be more reality based. But as a compromise, I'm allowing the 1 toon carry over for those who invested in it, to reduce the strain on limited resources on the map and help a community/trade zone get started. DeadPixels:SURVIVAL
  10. Was there anywhere that the current version of the map for this was uploaded? @MonolithicBacon
  11. And once you get a cold the cure is as follows. Stay inside. Building with 4 walls and a roof and eat till it goes away.
  12. Project Morbus is the newest RP server on the block New Dawn has been around for a loooonnnggg time. It's had it's ups and downs
  13. I love this mod
  14. The Apocalypse is a cold, empty, lonely place.
  15. You leave the Antique Oven and it's glorious warm glow alone.