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  1. I've should have thought of that i just realised that the hydrocraft still hasn't been patched yet and plays up the game...not that i'm using that MOD right now... i'm using other mods..i'm trying to set up a LP for my Utube Channel were i'm trying to make it out in the woods. A friend made me a mod were i can forage for nails and dirty rags..which is what you need to build...so I've been taking all mods off and adding them on one by one to find out which are the broken one's so far so good with the game running OK. Thanks of reminder and Merry Christmas to all.
  2. what's super survivors ? i'm on about campaign single player..does this happen to everyone..dose everyone get Low FPS in game as well with GPU and CPU..i would have thoght the GPU and CPU would have prevented that from happening. Unless your CPU and GPU are not recommended for the game..but the thing with this game is.. gaming PC's that are 10 years old can run this game or even older. Mine can definitely run this no problem. I'm use to having my game's being at 100% with GPU and CPU when i see FPS drops..which is normal..Not when either of them hit above 50% it's almost like my GPU and CPU are not really picking up the game at all.. which is wired. It almost like you can run 2 games at once while playing PZ..i know the graphics are simplistic and all..but with everything else going on in the background like rendering in everything.. that should at least make the GPU work more harder. My only other thought is the game still isn't really optimize properly yet anyway thanks for the reply.
  3. This should not be happening when i'm away from the horde of Z'z everything is fine.. meaning FPS but it's when i have a large group of the them my FPS goes down..now when you think of that it seems normal.. but NOT when your GPU and CPU are not even being touched. The lowest the FPS has dropped is 26..the highest my CPU was when this happened was 45% and GPU was 14% and everything is set to maxed in the option's. FPS is uncapped i've tried turning on/off V-Sync i've tried every single setting. In my Nvidia control panel the power is set to performance in task manger i've set the game priority to high still nothing..the only time when the FPS should drop is when the CPU and GPU are hitting 100% but it's not the case so if anyone can help that would be lovely thank you.
  4. I was thinking Skid marks or tire marks when braking fast or when braking and turning hard..also when the car is idle liquid come from the tale pipe and steam comes from it in the winter.
  5. O.k i don't know what i have done it could have been the recent patch but the one thing i didn't try after the patch was try back on single core again i have change some settings and here they are fullscreen: YES Borderless window: NO V sync: YES Mulit-core: NO Post-Processing: NO looks better off in my opinion Resolution: 1929x1080 3D Models: Player only Blood Decals: 100% Lock framerate: 60 Offscreen Rendering: yes Ui Rendering FPS: 30 Texture Compression: Yes Double-Sized Textures: Yes Lighting Quality: Medium Lighting Update 15 New roof- hiding: yes Enable zoom: yes now the zoom's i've only picked 50% 75% 150% 175% any more than that the fps drops for the Obvious Reasons. I hope this help's everyone.
  6. Before the big update i had no problem.. it ran OK with single core and set to 30 fps and perfectly when set 60 fps smooth as a baby's bottom...Now if i try and play it on either on single core 30 or 60 fps the frame drops are really bad. Then when i went to multi core.. the Frame drops.. Stop..but then the slowdowns started to happened..Also in my Manage 3D Setting my Vertical sync is set to ( use the 3D application setting) and yes i have Vsync Enabled in game...only because of Screen Tearing. I have turned off Vsync and the slowdown still happens as a test.. i'm also running the game on my SSD still doesn't help. It shouldn't really matter what HD you run it on it should do it anyway. So your CPU is coffee lake 4 core 8 thread @2.30 GHz it says your CUP is 19 % better than mine on User Benchmark Hang on see if this help JOHNBROWN-PC.txt
  7. Basically just what the title says.. The Character still is slowing down now even worse.. even longer..i don't like playing it when it feels like i'm pulling some invisible heavy object. I would have thought the game developer were reading our comments...especially on Bug reports i mean.. I've already made a post telling about this problem when the new update first drop. And i got people saying they are having the same issue's as me.. so i would like to know and everyone else who is experiencing the same technical issue when is it going to be fix. Thank you.
  8. Nope the Hotfix didn't do anything... either if i walk or run with my character he still slows downs then back to normal then slowdowns again and so on and so on.
  9. OK so.. what s happening on steam they say they have did a Hotfix on Thursday now what was that 8th 15th or the 22th i should go check to see if it works. But also they are saying they have a the Next Patch in the public IWBUMS beta channel does that mean i have to wait until they release it to fix everyone's game..that is having problems or did they do it in the hot fix which i'm going to find out now.
  10. No for me i still get the stuttering and slowdowns with multi-core turned on.. and without it bring turned on..i get frame drops. I even tried it on 32 i wouldn't recommend it..it was so bad. I just hope they are watching this and that are looking into this matter. clearly the only one's that are not being affected are people with very powerful Gaming Rigs. Unless i'm wrong.
  11. I do have a SSD but doesn't work for me....it shouldn't matter what HD you put it on anyway it shouldn't do it...besides even if.. it solve the problem not everyone has a SSD there not cheap. But thanks for the suggestion tho..Also to answer the other guys question i have a i7 2600 which is more than powerful to do the job.
  12. For me it happens on any game scenario setting with the freezing.. Also Geras you mentioned about running when you run in the game does the impression look like and feel like you character is pulling a Car. Like they are so weighed down.
  13. O.k i have finely got the best CPU for this PC the i7 2600 so now i'm running a....i7 2600 with a GTX 1050 ti and 14 GB don't worry I've tested the odd ram it's not that. It's back preforming like shit again... even when i lower the settings... if it's not the fps dropping i get the game stuttering every 5 to 10 seconds. I really hope they bring out an update to fix this. But for now i'm going back to the last update until they fix this problem.
  14. O.k i had to wait for the game to settle first about 1 minute...i'm so use to playing straight away.. the game definitely needs to be played on 60 FPS now not 30. There's definitely a problem with the multi core tho i recon is.... my PC is way above Recommended But....any one else's Gaming PC that is way better than mine.. properly might not get the issues that i'm getting or was getting. Also if you haven't turned of Post-processing i recommend doing so the game look's way better in my opinion.. much much more colourful.
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