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  1. Can't help on the Safehouse issue. But Littering, Chainsaws and Safes are included in Hydrocraft. No need to double tap the mods.
  2. Download Cheat Mod or Cheat Menu Mod (I forget the exact name) Admin can craft an infinite carry token. But it in a bag. Pick up the trade post. Move it to where you want it. Drop the infinite token on the ground. Drop Trade post. Then put the token into a garbage bag. Make it a rain coat or bury the trash. Token goes bye bye! Or log out with it in your main inventory.
  3. Are you attacking the crawler from the back? If not...never attack a crawler head on.
  4. Time to create a Mod Hall of Fame thread. Inaugural class ORGM Hydrocraft Pump Power More Build
  5. Need Blindcoder to add a Riverside location so POIs can be updated there.
  6. The monthly loot refresh has been completed. There was still a large amount of loot left on the map. Now is as good as anytime to jump on for an easier start. Remember, all locations do not respawn. It is randomized as of build 38 now. Good luck! ***As always, tons of shotguns and 00buck at Muld and WP pds for zombie clearing/farming/other ammo crafting
  7. Paul Redeker

    Pitch Battle

    The majority of PZ players want to live out TWD universe. Or most Zombie or Apocalyptic movies/tv shows period. Find a group, be the "good guys", rebuild a community and kill the zombies and occasional bad guys in overly dramatic fashion.
  8. Disagree. A large pop up that covers the majority of the screen and has to be closed will be read. And the excuse of "I didn't see it" is also taken away.
  9. Sledgehammer extension updated for build 38. Most important features it brings Custom chat Factions and faction chat Discord bot integration into Global chat.
  10. Haha what!? I know it was updated a bit ago for build 37 I think.
  11. Until then there is always the Pump Power mod. Find generator. Hook up to gas station. PROFIT!
  12. Don't select the window. You have to go to the "pickup,place,rotate" menu. Make sure the window is in your main inventory. Then select the place option.
  13. Bad wording. I should have key/lock sets. Not combo locks. I think there is a 12 or less "sets" of keys in the game. So if you collect enough keys, you can unlock everything. Might have changed in an update or I could be wrong.
  14. VoiceMaxDistance. Actually that might be for in game VOIP. I thought it was for text. Probably not. I'm not sure how far /Whisper goes.
  15. Anyway to make more lock combinations. I think there is only like 8 or 12 different possibilities with locks/keys for the base game.
  16. Not invisible. But If you use the clone tool in Necroforge, whatever walls or items you place down off of it will be indestructible. Text distance can be modified in the server.ini file. Default setting I think is 50 tiles. You can also /whisper and /shout for shorter or longer chat lengths. There is a mod called "Do I Key for this". Or titled something like that. The rest maybe someone else can help with.
  17. What's the crafting menu say? I remember one of the requirements being a crowbar, but it was the hammer I think to put the window back in. Have both in your inventory and try with some nails. I research it tonight.
  18. Helicopter at the KANG camp at Crossroads. Find a New Denver ticket Helo Map Compass 2 cans of gas to catch a flight to New Denver 10 tickets hidden in New Denver 2 tickets hidden on the rest of the map.
  19. So there has been some interest from the community on a return to the old vanilla servers. Time to put that to the test. Welcome to the Knox County Event. It's a vanilla server with fairly easy settings. We'll start with 20 slots and go from there pending what the actual interest is. Good luck Search for it in the Public list or type in this The Knox County Event IP: Port: 56261 Cheatmenu and Necroforge are there for me to use as an admin. I'll be checking in from time to time. I'll set up a Discord for it to reach me since I run another server full time.
  20. Working on my MacBook. Some PCs seem to still be having problems.
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