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  1. Buldings for Wild West

    Bar Chicken house) Small house General Store
  2. Mods for realism "Wild West"

    Growing hair ✔️ Made a small script as an addition to our modpack(growing hair). With the help of the script hair changes after a certain time. The speed of growth depends on the speed of the game itself. Women only have 5 hairstyles. At men have 3 hairstyles + beard. It is also possible to cut hair (a little, half and short ie return to the short type of hair)
  3. Buldings for Wild West

    house1.tbx farm house farm4.tbx
  4. Questions from Rocky

    6. How to find out which model hair or beard the player has?
  5. Don't abandon this mod, it's very convenient panel! (maybe someone else will take over the upgrade). It would be nice to add the Drag&Drop function, like in the old zomboid
  6. Profession Framework Mod

    Oh, it seems that I tried to hide the profession and forgot about it possible to hide some professions with the help of your mod?
  7. Buldings for Wild West

    Hi, here from time to time I will attach buildings that will be added to the server "Wild West", I will be glad if someone adds their own buildings that I will also gladly add to the server
  8. Profession Framework Mod

    After the activation of this mod, the profession of the unemployed disappears.
  9. Mods for realism "Wild West"

    Most likely, horses must be made after the release of a new animation, not cars. In cars, there are many unnecessary details), which is not useful for horses. In addition, it will be difficult to combine the model of the horse and the player, at the moment it will be very difficult, but after the new animation, this task will be much easier.
  10. Questions from Rocky

    5.How to assign the profession "Unemployed" at the moment when the player has just been created function SetUnemployed() --line for set Unemployed prof. end Events.OnNewGame.Add(SetUnemployed);
  11. Mods for realism "Wild West"

    Hi, I create a server and a new unique world with the time of the old wild west. More screenshots you can see here discord Server description you can see here discord The server will feature a variety of unique mods designed to provide greater realism and interest in the game. All the mods that are planned to be added will be shown here. Finished mods: Planned mods:
  12. Questions from Rocky

    If you can answer one of the questions I will be very grateful to you. 1.How to define if there is a tile with water in the cage I need? ✔️ Object:getSquare():GetProperties():Is("WaterAmount") 2.I also can not stop the sound that I created. Most likely, these are errors in the game itself and without the help of developers, they will not works. The sound called in the .ogg format the other day I'll try to stop the sound in the .wav format. but most likely this also will be ineffectual. if self.pianoAudio and self.character:getEmitter():isPlaying(self.pianoAudio) then self.character:getEmitter():stopSound(self.pianoAudio); end 3.Can I add my own states for the player? If not, can I use scripts to create a copy similar to the one in the game? 4.Why the "Quest manager" doesn't not work?