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  1. Hello Zomblings! I've recently noticed an issue on my established multi-player server. Whenever an admin or player claims a safe house it will auto release in about 2 mins after leaving the safe house. If you stand in your safe house it will stay claimed until you exit. Also, factions disban after player logoff. I've changed my server config SafeHouseRemovalTime to a ton of different time frames, and I've also disabled mods and re-enabled them with no luck remedying this issue. I run and admin my own server. My current safe house settings are. PlayerSafehouse=true AdminSafehouse=false SafehouseAllowTrepass=false SafehouseAllowFire=false SafehouseAllowLoot=true SafehouseAllowRespawn=false SafehouseDaySurvivedToClaim=7 SafeHouseRemovalTime=99999999 DisableSafehouseWhenPlayerConnected=false My current mod list is. Workshop ID: 498441420 Mod ID: Hydrocraft Workshop ID: 912749980 Mod ID: REB B Mod ID: RED C Mod ID: RED H Mod ID: RED M Mod ID: RED MG Workshop ID: 1101512161 Mod ID: ZombieLootExtended Workshop ID: 515555911 Mod ID: MoreBuild Workshop ID: 514618604 Mod id: ORGM Workshop ID: 640674707 Mod ID: ORGMSilencer Workshop ID: 867878990 Mod ID: HydrORGMAmmo Workshop ID: 812871265 Mod ID: ChainSaw Workshop ID: 498547445 Mod ID: SVGLittering Mod ID: SVGLitteringME Workshop ID: 647865345 Mod ID: PumpPower Workshop ID: 499795221 Mod ID: cheatmenu Workshop ID: 577529306 Mod ID: Quick stuff Workshop ID: 721303277 Mod ID: SafeStorage Workshop ID: 723704110 Mod ID: AkimboAdventureBooks Workshop ID: 537523558 Mod ID: MRE2 Any help that won't involve wiping my entire zomboid server would be greatly appreciated. Please, let me know if I can provide any other information. Thank you!
  2. Greetings zed annihilators! I'm hoping someone could help me out with editing a vanilla West Point map that I can later use on my server. I've googled for hours but have only found ancient or incomplete, incomprehensible manuals and write ups. I couldn't I'd like to add some structures that can be 'Safehoused' and cannot be destroyed. First things first. 1. How does one 'extract' or 'convert' the vanilla West Point map as a file. What format should this file be? 2. What are some of the top map editing tools(programs) that are used when building custom and/or editing existing maps? 4. How would one add their finished map to the server, so users could auto-download it? ( add to mods folder, Workshop, edit scripts in files, etc? ) Thank you in advance for any help.
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