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  1. I always play with coward so panic is never at 0 at the time of pushing so thats not the problema I think...
  2. Great, appreciate all the info, and must give you some curious info in the case that you want to search these things and give us some more valuable data First: about the melee damage and the 'super Attack' that you mention... In my different runs I experienced something weird, with an axe, being wood cutter/lumberjack, at least 5 times happend to me that my character has a '30 in-game minutes of fury' where it kills every zombie in 1 hit... It feels amazing and never knew what happens Second, I noticed that with a high strenght character, like 7 or more points, knockdown chance by pushing is very reduced (I posted it sometime). Even with 4 strenght points, less than a normal character, is easy to knockdown a zombie with a single charged push (sometimes 2), but when I reach 7 points, I'm sure that zombies goes down only like the 25% of the time
  3. Brefe

    New type of zombie

    Really? Wow, that's a surprise... Don't think that every single human has stable weight, I mean, the idea was good
  4. Brefe

    head flashlight

    Good idea... Never use flashlights due to the high attract of zombies, but it is a good idea, and can protect head if you think about it
  5. Brefe

    A few ones!

    I don't do it where I cook, but in a huge horde map, like in Survival or A Really CD/DA specially, corpses really slow your fps if you killed like a thousand in a reduced area... And to prevent some game crash or a bite because of low fps, you need to burn them... And it's very tedious Didn't try the graves, I have 37.14 build yet, but I don't think that you can bury that much zeds in them right?
  6. Brefe

    A few ones!

    Food: 1) Tupperware... In long runs out of home, if you don't want to waste (or don't find) any food, carrying some frying pans or a cooking pot it's heavy on your bags, what about tuppers? could be even more realistic... just throw the food in there, with light weight and the same food 2) Calories of 'natural' food... without electric power, assuming that you don't have canned food and blah blah blah, the only things you can eat it's food from farming, trapping, etc... but those things hasn't to much calories to keeping you in a stable weight. I don't really think that eating 3 frying pans in a day of potatoes, brocolli, tomatoes, carrots and a hole rabbit it's a bad diet and will lose weight, but happens, feel it unrealistic Zombies: Crawlers SHOULD NOT being able to bite you while they aren't fully dragging. I reallize that they have an almost instant hit/bite, (happen a few times to say it) doesn't matter, but if they are in the ground in 'stand by', please, they shouldn't bite! Materials and tools: An alternative to the saw and twinkle... Men, in modes like A Really CD/DA, a saw is more difficult to find that an atomic bomb and the cure for the zombification... Don't saying that every knife or sort should make planks... but soooome alternative would be good, the same with twinkle for trapping Player: 1) A sound for the player's yelling... there is metaevents with people yelling, why not for us?... Not just a word coming out from our heads, simply 2 sounds like "hey!/here!" would add some realism 2) Button to grab corpses from the ground... Killing 800 zombies it's tedious... Grabbing them to a campfire to burn them, even more, but simply a button could make a good time saver 3) Toggle run with some hotkey would be really usefull too Thank you, cheers!
  7. Brefe

    Ambient sounds change with seasons

    Definitely good idea... Leaves sound could make some more noise and difficult sneaking I think A recent snow storm (like 2 days) could slow players and zombies due to the high amounts of snow I know that everything sounds easy if you are not who is programming it haha
  8. Brefe


    That's it, they attack almost instantly, finally someone who passed the same... And I play sort of the same playstile, like I've said, just with a pencil (or any 'weapon') equipped, stomps and kicks, I can kill up to 9... But if one of those turn to 'instant bite' mode without any clue plus falling down fast, I get a super fake and frustrating bite... They should have the same delay to bite or even more...
  9. Brefe


    I don't have internet in my PC to upload, sorry, just vanilla single player gaming, 37.14 build The only thing that I can tell you is: Notice when you approach the crawler and start turning? For some reason, in the middle of that 'event' he can bite. And once, running from 10 zeds or more, I pass running in front of one already dragging and get an INSTANT scratch... I think that crawlers don't have the second of delay to bite, my felling Thank you for all your responses guys
  10. Brefe


    I mean that I use the spoon equipped to push 3 zeds, not to hit... And yeah, I know how to kill them, hit from the back, but this is different, it's a bite gotten from a bad timing programme, nothing else, they should not bite from floor without turning, it's ridiculous
  11. Brefe


    I can kill up to 9 zombies with a spoon without any problem. Did it thousands of times... I have the pushing+kicking really well studied. But dying due to a zombie that bites you from the mere floor without turning? No, that is not cool... If you wanna try it, grab a new player in the first week, turn a zombie into crawler and stay close until the time it should turning... You'll see that he will be able to bite in a so fake way
  12. Brefe


    I'm not fighting him, suppose that I'm against 5 zombies, you can put down 3 with a single push right? One of them turns into a crawle. We have 3 zombies in the ground, 1 should begin to drag... Next, try to push the other 2. The thing is, meanwhile the next push, the crawler is able to bite you before knowing that it's a crawler... The moment when goes down and begin to drag should be safe... But no, they can bite you before being able to run or hit
  13. Brefe


    For tenth time more or less in a very good run, a f*ucking crawler/dragging zombie bite me without completing it's turning... I mean, it goes down, and when facing up and starts to begin dragging, the sound of a bite appear like from nowhere... It's completely ridiculous, annoying, frustrating and everything you could imagine, it's a bug that must be fixed! I'm veeery upset right now... Besides that, always thank you for the awesome game PS: playing 37.14 build... It's not reworked in the last version didn't?