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  1. Zombie#24

    ApCom - HAM Radio's & Walkie Talkies [SP/MP]

    It's part of the base game since many builds ago. Although some features weren't carried over, like the tape recorder...unfortunately.
  2. Zombie#24

    What is the ultimate base location?

    Construction site. Get to level 6 carp for stairs and you have an indestructible 1st level base. With an unbreakable fence to level up shooting/melee skills with no threat of death. https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.8382190044069975,0.24093417479290136,155.68420778049753
  3. Zombie#24

    New Dawn Roleplay

    He ain't wrong.
  4. Yes. On initial crop health when planted.
  5. Zombie#24

    Where are all the Vanilla servers??

    There are a very small number of vanilla servers on the public list. They don't last long because...well vanilla is boring. The game is pretty easy, and without mods to give you a reason to do anything besides farm and build a generic base...interest fades quickly.
  6. Zombie#24

    Hydrocraft Mod

    He's alive. I talk to him from time to time. I let him know the people of PZ are concerned for him.
  7. Zombie#24

    WorldItemRemovalList size limit

    I don't think there is a limit. Here is our list, which is fairly long. But it works. Base.Vest,Base.Shirt,Base.Blouse,Base.Skirt,Base.Shoes,Hydrocraft.HCDirt,Hydrocraft.HCSawdust,Hydrocraft.HCBookcover,Base.SharpedStone,Hydrocraft.HCCandymnmtrash,Hydrocraft.HCTrailmixtrash,Hydrocraft.HCChocolatetrash,Hydrocraft.HCCrispstrash,Hydrocraft.HCCrisps2trash,Hydrocraft.HCCrisps3trash,Hydrocraft.HCCrisps4trash,Hydrocraft.HCCrisps5trash,Hydrocraft.HCCrisps6trash,Hydrocraft.HCCrisps7trash,Hydrocraft.HCCrisps8trash,Hydrocraft.HCCrisps9trash,ORGM.Case_223Remington,ORGM.Case_22LR,ORGM.Case_3006Springfield,ORGM.Case_3030Winchester,ORGM.Case_308Winchester,ORGM.Case_32ACP,ORGM.Case_357Magnum,ORGM.Case_38Special,ORGM.Case_38Super,ORGM.Case_380ACP,ORGM.Case_40SW,ORGM.Case_44Magnum,ORGM.Case_45ACP,ORGM.Case_45Colt,ORGM.Case_454Casull,ORGM.Case_50AE,ORGM.Case_10x25mm,ORGM.Case_12g,ORGM.Case_556x45mm,ORGM.Case_762x39mm,ORGM.Case_762x51mm,ORGM.Case_762x54mm,ORGM.Case_9x19mm,ORGM.Case_57x28mm,Hydrocraft.HCCigarettebutt
  8. Zombie#24

    A way to destroy items for an admin account

    Use Cheat Mod Infinite Carry weight in a garbage bag. Fill bag of whatever you want to destroy Use shovel and work gloves to "bury trash"
  9. Zombie#24

    addSafeHouse doesn't work for more than 1 safehouse claim

    This started a few updates ago. Admins can't claim more then one house. Players can only be a part of one safehouse. It sucks.
  10. Zombie#24

    Redboid [24/7] [Hydrocraft] [ORGM]

    Who knew the apocalypse was so...cushy!
  11. You have to write on the paper in your inventory, then drop. Otherwise the change won't hold.
  12. Zombie#24

    –°onnecting to public server list

    Are you using a Steam copy? And is your .ini file set to Public=true?
  13. Zombie#24

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Known issue for a few updates now. All attempts to fix it have failed. It happened when the devs updated the base generator code. It removed the exploitable bug that makes the solar gen work all the time.
  14. Zombie#24

    Hydrocraft Mod

    IWBUMS or Public Stable Branch As far as I can tell, it's been fixed for awhile on the public branch. Aside from the above posted treating plants for disease.
  15. Zombie#24

    Hydrocraft Mod

    You'd probably have better luck and response times here. https://www.patreon.com/Hydromancerx/overview