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  1. About action's animations

    around 1.40 you can see some sitting animations and the rest of the video is emotes and reactions to stuff
  2. Slay Bells Ring

    seeing a new anim update related vid got me all like
  3. Create NPC

    now that you mention it it would be funny to have some kinda "god" mode where you can just freely float around the entire map to spectate everything, and u got a lil menu where u can spawn stuff such as zombies, or npcs (and configure them like bandit group or friendly group) or loot items and you can just watch things react to your actions. like watching a group of survivors plan a trip to a nearby pharmacy so you just spawn in a bunch of bandits in there and watch them get ambushed and then during the firefight you spawn a bunch of zombies right at the door lol like those old zombie apocalypse simulator sandbox games
  4. General Creativity

    im just waiting on the animations update at this point haha some real old work i found when i first started with the idea of making a game. over the last 2 years i learnt a whole lot and got much better at stuff but looking back at this just warms my heart up. i love the aesthatic i created with the figures, it looks very satisfying to me. its so clean idk how to describe it. second is a burning animation and burnt corpse third is part of something i made to keep cool skies, colors and shading that id see in real life in mind by redrawing the sky and applying the sun + shadow lighting (and strength) how i remembered it the very hour or day that id see them. for example overcast afternoons with a lil bit of sun peeking out giving some warm lil spots of sunlight were something i really liked back then and i did this to remember what i liked and how it looked like it helps a lot with short term memory
  5. Will NPCs move furniture around and build their own bases?

    it was basically a gameplay video and it looked like it was played by a real person because everything including the movement, combat, the way he picked out single zeds, the cautiousness and the 'curated' looting + routes he took were all something youd expect from a more or less experienced player. suddenly its revealed you just spectated an NPC for ~15 mins. my mind was blown and so were those of several others im sure. also not sure bout what the other guy said as every video ever has been private way before people started complaining too much i think its just TIS's thing. you can look on youtube theres a playlist of hidden PZ videos that should have atleast one of those gameplays in them.
  6. Im making my buildings and maps as cleanly and orderly as possible with the intention of letting the erosion system and players themselves take over the destruction. Now im wondering if as a singleplayer lover and generally for other people who prefer singleplayer if NPC's can do some basic furniture placement manipulations in the game world such as moving a couch or bookshelf towards a door to buy some time for a horde or generally to block off an entry. Or if they take lighting / storage objects over to their own safehouse. Secondly I was wondering if some form of base building from npcs will be inplace you could maybe do it by having some preset basic wooden houses and log wall squares around bases appear and have npcs using those as their base? No criticism or anything the npcs already look amazing and like the best most indepth npcs in any game ever ( saw the npc vids and didnt realize they were actual npcs until it was mentioned so great job tis devs ) but it would be cool to know MAINLY if npcs will move couches and such around into doorways or into their own safehouses
  7. General Creativity

    thats badass i love it
  8. Something Easier to Carry Bodies

    when i last played a long while ago on a server there was a mod where you could use ropes to craft piles of stuff such as 6 logs with 6 rope would give u a pile of 6 logs that would have the weight of one single log, this way you were able to carry like 36 logs for the weight of 6 it would be cool if that worked with zombies too
  9. new blunt weapons

    hell yeah we def need more improvised weapons in this game like using stuff from your environment against z's even trivial stuff such a a chair leg
  10. Community Vehicle Suggestions

    they all look like crown vics
  11. Food Preservation

    beef jerky should give u extreme happiness just cause of how fucking good it is it should literally cure depression with how good it just tastes
  12. (SHOWCASE) Pleasant Valley Barn

    thanks im trying to make my own map (for the third time ) now although ill also include these in my USA map if I ever get around doing so. just a matter of figuring out tilezed now
  13. (SHOWCASE) Pleasant Valley Barn

    thanks if u mean the barn its just a barn theyre used to store farm stuff not to live inside, if u mean one of the cabins yes most of them will have outhouses haha its mainly cause i wanna keep the roofing and everything all round aesthatic and easily accessable and lootable so sometimes special rooms dont fit in and i find other ways to include those haahhaha i started working on it like 20 mins before u posted that question heres a pic of an early wip still thinking of ways to do that bay window thing and the enclosed porch windows but i got the building roughly blocked out
  14. (SHOWCASE) Pleasant Valley Barn

    dont wanna make a seperate thread for these heres some cabins that are closely around the pleasant valley farmstead sadly its messed up cause i dont know how to move around images and it uploaded them all jittery
  15. (SHOWCASE) Pleasant Valley Barn

    extremely glad to hear this as im trying to make most of the rural buildings for my map like that thanks for the feedback