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  1. i would love to hear realistic death elements added to the sounds to make pz a much more horrifying and real athmosphere. like hearing a grudge style death rattle, or hearing them do some form of agonal breathing when idle D:
  2. unfair comparison. the npcs in state of decay are pretty bland and scripted, it still made for a fun game that a lot of people actually played and liked. not to mention they were all friendly. npcs in pz are said to be unpredictable, smart and could be all kinds of things from bad to evil to neutral to friendly etc.. it will definitely make me go back to this game because i finally have a real threat to fear and plan against instead of the easily avoidable, shambling and highly predictable zombies which are more of an environmental obstacle than anything else
  3. General Creativity

    some blender stuffs i made tramontina machete very proud of this one cause it went way faster and easier than i thought and ended up looking a lot better than i thought too. think it only took me like 10 minutes to do this entire model + texture and material and all that. jason voorhees knockoff jacket (wip) still a work in progress and some of the texturing is more subtle due to the shading effects of blender but its roughly done. its the jacket of my zero budget jason voorhees ripoff, jackson vaugheen, who instead of a green button up workshirt sports a green button up carhartt jacket michael myers knockoff mask this is something i grew very fond off because of its simplicity and how easy it was to make it. for my project it will be one of two masks for my michael myers ripoff "mitchell mayes", the other being a don post emmet kelly mask which was the first idea thrown around for a scary mask that would fit michael myers. they opted for the william shatner mask instead and slightly changed somethings such as cutting out bigger eyeholes and spray painting it completely white. but i still liked the don post emmet kelly mask idea a lot and wanna remake one later. a very low poly pine tree pretty much a low poly pine tree lets revive the creativity page for 2018 cuz i miss the stuff people posted in here
  4. Buldings for Wild West

    pretty cool, amazing work!
  5. if its a government experiment gone wrong, Project Z if its a general virus something like the "knox-origin influenza virus" K-OIV, just like with the swine flu. cause it sounds complicated and medical and governmenty
  6. Slay Bells Ring

    seeing a new anim update related vid got me all like
  7. General Creativity

    im just waiting on the animations update at this point haha some real old work i found when i first started with the idea of making a game. over the last 2 years i learnt a whole lot and got much better at stuff but looking back at this just warms my heart up. i love the aesthatic i created with the figures, it looks very satisfying to me. its so clean idk how to describe it. second is a burning animation and burnt corpse third is part of something i made to keep cool skies, colors and shading that id see in real life in mind by redrawing the sky and applying the sun + shadow lighting (and strength) how i remembered it the very hour or day that id see them. for example overcast afternoons with a lil bit of sun peeking out giving some warm lil spots of sunlight were something i really liked back then and i did this to remember what i liked and how it looked like it helps a lot with short term memory
  8. General Creativity

    thats badass i love it
  9. Something Easier to Carry Bodies

    when i last played a long while ago on a server there was a mod where you could use ropes to craft piles of stuff such as 6 logs with 6 rope would give u a pile of 6 logs that would have the weight of one single log, this way you were able to carry like 36 logs for the weight of 6 it would be cool if that worked with zombies too
  10. new blunt weapons

    hell yeah we def need more improvised weapons in this game like using stuff from your environment against z's even trivial stuff such a a chair leg
  11. Community Vehicle Suggestions

    they all look like crown vics
  12. (SHOWCASE) Pleasant Valley Barn

    thanks im trying to make my own map (for the third time ) now although ill also include these in my USA map if I ever get around doing so. just a matter of figuring out tilezed now
  13. (SHOWCASE) Pleasant Valley Barn

    thanks if u mean the barn its just a barn theyre used to store farm stuff not to live inside, if u mean one of the cabins yes most of them will have outhouses haha its mainly cause i wanna keep the roofing and everything all round aesthatic and easily accessable and lootable so sometimes special rooms dont fit in and i find other ways to include those haahhaha i started working on it like 20 mins before u posted that question heres a pic of an early wip still thinking of ways to do that bay window thing and the enclosed porch windows but i got the building roughly blocked out
  14. (SHOWCASE) Pleasant Valley Barn

    dont wanna make a seperate thread for these heres some cabins that are closely around the pleasant valley farmstead sadly its messed up cause i dont know how to move around images and it uploaded them all jittery
  15. (SHOWCASE) Pleasant Valley Barn

    extremely glad to hear this as im trying to make most of the rural buildings for my map like that thanks for the feedback