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  1. that is soo damn true though lmfao +1
  2. i love that lego scene so much its on point and it reminds me of better days
  3. oh god i hate this every single fiber of my body hates this shit so much the barrel of my gun is literally inside the mouth of the zombie and i fire a shot and some random ass zombie 40 yards behind it staggers a lil
  4. something like left 4 death 2 it had a smooth realistic looking overlay on the infected that would leave some spots untouched and some spots completely charred. this would be badass. oh gooood lmfaooooooo HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA
  5. thats just the texturing, too now an entire model u gotta make the whole mesh from scratch often starting from a single cube or plane and make sure it has the lowest polygons possible, then when ur done with that u gotta uv unwrap it the whole process of marking seams for better unwrapping and managing the entire layout is hell and then you gotta look how youre gonna make and align ur texture on top of that to make everything look on point and then make a material for it all etc... when i started blender i tried making a woman, it took me like 3 iterations and overall 5 days to get a good model done. gotta appreciate the whole workload for a single model. also love how mash managed the burn marks around where the tires were, and how u can see how the flames went toward the back of the car and such. most games like gta v even just give u generic charred overlays but the cars here actually have a 'story' to them, the scorch marks give me a sense of personality and realism vs just putting a charred overlay on it and calling it a day. its amazing how much detail went into these.
  6. 421 rip mi broth mi broth 420-421
  7. ye
  9. ^reminds me a lot of the psychos from dead rising id love to see what they got planned
  10. aight thats good to hear
  11. hate to be this kinda guy but honestly backlash aside i gotta be brutally honest here this game isnt gonna be nearly a fraction as serious and believable as it currently is, if people running around with shotguns and spiffo fur suits is gonna be a thing when animations roll in. i dont really care about multiplayer anyway especially when singleplayer npcs roll in but id just like some comforting confirmation that this kinda stuff is atleast very, very rare to find? dayz has already been enough of a turnoff as is with grown men running around in pink schoolgirl backpacks and grandma coats
  12. finally i could hide all of my cocaine money inside my couch like the lil pablo escobar i am
  13. best part the attention to detail. all the way down to actual tree and plant species that grow in the setting, nature reclaiming the remnants of civilization, the real world temperature and snow coverage, blood that turns all the way to a fading black after a while etc.. the sandbox settings too. its the little details that make a game - it always sucks for me to see people dropping a feature because "it takes away development and doesnt add substantial gameplay" because it ends up with a game thats fun to play for a while but with nothing else to it that i eventually drop rather quickly simply cause it has nothing interesting to offer besides gameplay. this game may have slow development which is frustrating at times, but you cant deny all the detail the devs put in and the features that pretty much everyone else would deem unnecessary and unimpactful to the experience. when devs care about little things, and blend them into the world with bigger more traditional gameplay etc.. i love that shit. dunno how to put it really but thats that off the top of my dome. worst part hard to say honestly cause theres a few things in there but i guess my 2 biggest complaints would be the lack of customization and gore visual body damage and immersive melee combat (basically lack of animation update and the wait for it lol) and the roofing of houses.
  14. HOLY FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF THIS IS A M M A Z IN G G G G G G jesus christ man hats off how long did THAT take to make that looks like a hell lot of effort and it paid off for sure