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  1. i did this aswell!!! but with the incoming animations update where well have blood splatter staining our clothes and the negative affects of keeping em on after that this collection will have a practical use too
  2. he will be remembered by like half the world too
  3. So far as i know this was the dude who made the zombies that you base the game on so I guess its related? i mean hes the maker of this entire genre RIP fuck this is sad fucking cancer
  4. might wanna watch ur wording there fella thats an entirely different thing from what you probably mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. but they wont work with /as jumbo trees, theyll stay small in deep forest zones?
  6. any way to modify the rules to create custom spawns like a dark green color on the vegetation map representing specific pine trees only and light green on the veg map representing specific decidious trees only?
  7. check out the gaia map, he had similar roads that looked real good otherwise i guess you can fix that up by making it a more straight / clean curve, it looks a lil jittery in a way
  8. of course if you want an 1:1 100% accurate recreation of chernarus youll have to make 1000mx1000m in PZ correspond to 1000mx1000m in arma 2's map. otherwise, the smaller ur tilezed dimensions are opposed to arma 2's the tinier the map will feel, such as small forests that are the size of like 3 buildings. but it doesnt seem like you do so 500x500m cells in 300x300m PZ sounds extremely great actually. good look on your project man
  9. 1. Supermarkets and parks (voted) but you should also look into adding some liquor stores and barber shops and maybe strip malls for more rurally suburb areas im sure that would be a fun addition to play with. 2. Something similar i had planned for my map, making some of the attics "gunstore storage" rooms. Totally yeah that should be in every map. 3. No, id prefer if all the destruction and wear is player / erosion made. Makes the maps more dynamic and playable in my opinion as opposed to seeing the same broken window and same blood splatter in the same building at the same location every time i play. The game already has a system taking care of those randomly chosen buildings that will be boarded up as far as I know so id really just leave all that story stuff to the game, players and the erosion system
  10. was about to mention that ^ RIP you can resize it though once youre finished
  11. that made me cringe so fucking bad definitely would give shoes a proper use now too
  12. this reminds me of the alternative e3 gameplay of days gone im loving it
  13. thats true actually, although id imagine if youre wounded like you have a deep gash on ur arm and u run thru the woods nude with that wound it could cut straight open again and bleed all over the place and just imagine telling someone you died to a cedar branch in your last playthrough, the possibilities are endless
  14. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA YUP i was eating something when i saw that and my food looked similar to that rip my appetite 2017-2017
  15. nvm remove this