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  1. New york city map

    i believe 7 floors is enough anyway cause you can put plenty detail into that and most of the time for example going down a street u wont be able to see the roof anyway giving the illusion that its a huge skyscraper if imma be honest i barely ever bother looting big buildings in these types of games simply cause its too time consuming, monotone and boring but thats just me i guess, id be real happy with a new york map that had only 7 floors max
  2. New york city map

    i really hate when people go "its impossible dont ever try this no one will do this give up your hopes" you dont know anyone personally, dont know what anyone can do and you have absolutely no idea how many people are looking forward to a project like this. you have no business saying or 'estimating' how impossible something is. if a single guy can make 600 buildings, and a single guy can make an entire part of manhattan like that its definitely not impossible for a single guy or rather an entire team to make an 1:1 new york replica. it surely IS going to take a LOOOT of time and effort and dedication to do but its as far from impossible smh
  3. General Creativity

    holy shit man i love the first three so much your pixel art is impressive and i love your coloring. huge respects to making small resolution pixel soldiers/coppers look unique and different from eachother and even clearly discern the two genders like that
  4. General Creativity

    yeah i modded zombies to be gorier myself but the problem is that theyre mirrored right now so you can only detail half of the body and it will automatically copy that over to the other half so a lot of what im planning to do would be impossible or look weird as of now + im not playing this game anway til the anims are out just so i dont get burnt out
  5. General Creativity

    i was legit planning to do that when the anims update is out
  6. General Creativity

    incredible hi score i loved hotline miami 1 & 2 a lot it was my favorite game a while ago, jacket is my favorite character and im always glad to see levels with him. are you working on a custom campaign?
  7. General Creativity

    i call these rotters. theyre the 2nd (or third if i manage to pull off a grizzly bear) most dangerous, theyre really slow at this point of their life but they kill you in a single hit and can sometimes blend into the environments youll encounter them in by for example surprising you from a dormant state hiding in a flooded part of a basement. think of em like clickers in tlou, if u let em get close theyll easily grab you and kill you in a single hit. theyre like traditional zombies just a lil faster and more animalistic. more art V a lot of it NSFW kinda cause of gore
  8. General Creativity

    DramaSetter i love your style its so adorable it reminds me a lil of the work of Chris Simpsons Artist for some reason
  9. WAIT JUST A SECOND RIGHT THERE^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ hes doing a lowkey west coast hand sign thing (notice the 2 middle fingers look like they are crossing eachother a lil) only his thumb gotta be on the palm but other than that hes almost doing a west coast hand sign i figure the artist got it a lil wrong but does that mean we get some kinda map addition of california or oregon or something like that? or is it just coincidental
  10. hell yes i always wished for something like this, along with an option to zip open / close your jacket or put ur hood up. or wear a bandana around ur mouth or ur head
  11. General Creativity

    You reckon a knockoff Nike logo or something sportsy on it will make it more obvious? Right now the main way to discern it would be the name being Windbreaker and the bullet wounds for it have a burnt plastic overlay + effect and non-soaking splatter. other than that i figure ur right theres not much else i can do. actually, ill look into making high contrast polygonal looking folds and tweaking the material for it. the plastic kinda material on windbreakers often gives those high contrast dark and edgy folds that give it away imma look into doing that too.
  12. Single player in the final game

    yeah youre right and to be fair we already got a ton of sandbox options so if someone figures it out you can start off with mainly npcs and a few zombies and then adjust min and peak populations maybe.
  13. Single player in the final game

    devs said something along the lines of that they dont wanna add a day 1 infection simulation
  14. Grave Harvest

    so someone woke up and decided to make their car look like 80's fashion whos the criminal behind that
  15. General Creativity

    windbreaker for men the clipping of the upper body (the white stuff sticking out the back from the upper arms for example) will be removed under the jacket to prevent such clipping from happening. also wondering if its noticably a windbreaker? dont want it to look to much like a hoodie which im afraid it may do?