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    theres nothin funny about stealin a meal from neil mcbeal the navy seal also i love art and koalas i like playing games but im very specific about them my best friend is space pickles i dont think hes on here though

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    Combat Renovations

    im a huge fan of instant kill enemies like that though, for me its way more fun than just bad injuries. its a great way to punish the player for being careless against / underestimating their opponent. playing days gone on hard is one of the more fun experiences i had in recent gaming. a single infected kills you in 2-3 hits and is hard to dispatch without proper equipment, forcing you to think twice over wether youre going to enter combat or sneak past (9/10 times the better option) as well as making the game much, much more intense.

    Zed Inn

    the reverse cap function looks satisfying. im loving the amount of player freedom there is just in the way you want to wear your clothes :D also love the way the backpack looks on that zombie. i cant wait

    Higher Fidelity

    i really hope we get a video showcasing the blade combat blood and improved lighting next week that would be the first thursdoid in years that i would actually look forward to the lighting looks awesome i like the gradient kinda effect it has on his chest in the pic


    i still dont like the muddy water since the last thursdoid that you shown it. its way too dark reddish in appearance, its probably more realistic but i just dont like the look. imo it should be a lighter, yellower / goldener shade. or atleast a bit more desaturated i guess now positively i love pretty much everything else about it. my favorite part was the anims video and when you screamed hey you and all the zombies slowly turned around to look at you. that was super menacing love it

    Zombies in Bloom

    remember quality over quantity. make a smaller louisville thats interesting to explore with fun and cool locations rather than a huge louisville with random generated messes to the point where the only redeemable quality of it is "its hugeee woow"

    Defecation v1.2

    this truly is THE crappiest mod on this site love it

    Weather Test


    General Creativity

    loooooooooooove the sounds and lighting, it looks like some kinda low poly / minimalistic mirror edge

    Death Cab for Zombie

    is this an ancient form of ghillie suit?

    General Creativity

    heres something i made recently

    Custom tiles for Building Editor

    i made these types of dormers for my usa buildings pack with the vanilla tiles. just create a room the size of the dormer, then create 2 seperate roof slopes around it. for the part with the visible wall, u need to make a flat roof and place the roofing manually in tile mode or else the roofcap will show in your interior.

    My 1st Building

    first house (the two story) looks weird imo. too many randomly placed windows, i dont get why theres a wall with a window on an open balcony? lol it looks funny in a bad way second house is a huge improvement already. i love the roof of it. but watch the middle of it, theres 3 doors connecting with eachother. probably a nitpick but it also looks a lil weird. other than that though its pretty awesome.

    Latest TileZed, WorldEd, and Tilesets (May 17 2018)

    theres tons of tiles already and it would be cool if there was a notice like "added new communitychurch tiles" or "new wooden walls, roof accents and color variations" i got the one you posted a few days before this one and am still not sure if theres any changes / new additions / modifications done to any of the tiles in it. just wondering

    General Creativity

    J E S U S !!!!! ITS BEAUTIFUL do you have a site full of these? if not you should make one I LOVE THE SUNRAYS BELOW THE CLOUDS SHINING ON THE LAND SO MUCH

    General Creativity

    my games are a mixed bag cuz i often lose interest for one topic (survival) and then gain it again for another favorite of mine (good ol slasher movies and survival horror games) i recently rewatched a bunch of puppet combo gameplays (puppet combo is an indie dev who makes amazing 80's slasher games with playstation 1 graphics and got a cult following) and played some friday the 13th and now im picking up work on a slasher game im making again and most of the time i spend days just modeling and painting clothing for my modular characters. im dreading the time when ill have to animate em all as im not that much of a good animator and dont necessarily enjoy the process of creating animations either. i was thinkin of using mixamoo animations but i want my games to be 100% only my assets so any updates on them will be far off from now on but im sure ill have something cool to show at some later points. as for your picture, literally couldnt tell if that was a render or a photograph until i saw the books. don t. sellout and iam strong are awesome names XD love it. I LOVE IT TOO where did you take that, its breathtaking! is that in canada? british columbia?