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  1. Defecation v1.2

    Sorry, it is unlikely I will update this mod again. A latrine/outhouse would only make it easier; the only alternative to defecating on the ground is the loud toilet which requires water. Adult diapers are also a no, as again, they will only make the mod easier, which I definitely don't want as I feel it is in a balanced state.
  2. Defecation v1.2

    Ah okay, yeah this won't be possible then as the object needs to contain at least 10 water.
  3. Defecation v1.2

    Thank you! Nope, that shouldn't be possible but I haven't explicitly tested it on the urinal.
  4. Defecation v1.2

    I've just uploaded a new version, the main highlight is the config file! Please see the main post for details. I'm really not sure to be honest, if the txt files are there I think the game should be able to find the names. I had a friend test this earlier and the keybind/context menu looks okay for him, but we're both on Windows. I did just release a new version, you can try that but I didn't do anything to specifically fix this, I tidied up some of the code but I'm not sure, sorry!
  5. Defecation v1.2

    Hmm...Do you have the latest version, or are you possibly using a custom language or something? I've got the EN translation files in place and I had a friend test this and he is not seeing this issue or the keybind issue. Both of these files should be in my mod folder /media/lua/shared/translate/en

    You can safely build campfires indoors now.
  7. Defecation v1.2

    Ah, thank you, I did not realize that showed up with the keybinding! I will move it to the UI section and fix the missing tooltip. I'm going to keep the TP need as is, at least for now. All the ways to get TP as you described are exactly why I don't want to make it any easier, I want the player to have that much more of a reason to need to explore for supplies. And I have not tried the rain barrel above toilet method, so I can't say for sure if it does or doesn't work. Thanks for understanding!
  8. Defecation v1.2

    Thank you! Please at least read the entire OP and try my mod in game before you give suggestions, it is already possible to defecate yourself when panicked and it's already affected by those traits. I didn't program anything to specifically stop players defecating themselves when sleeping, it can still happen if you're "sleeping" in a multiplayer server, when other players aren't. I'll need to test and see if it still happens when the time multiplier is running. This is a good idea! In the next version you will lose 200 calories when you defecate if you have diarrhea, I'll also add so you lose a small amount of thirst. This is a fun idea, but I don't want to penalize the player too much with diarrhea, it's already got a lot of negatives! I purposely didn't add tooltips. For the toilet there'd be no point, the option already says 'Defecate'. For the keybind, obviously it'll only appear if you downloaded this mod and you'll know that there's only 1 keybind that opens/closes the defecation status window. You can defecate wherever you'd like, but TP will always be a requirement if you're not using a toilet. The balancing factor of the toilet is it always makes a very loud flush.
  9. Values for WorldItemRemovalList

    Essentially, the 'Base.' is there to tell the game that these items are coming from the base game, not a mod. You can open the file 'items.txt' and 'newitems.txt' in your steam install location '/project zomboid/media/scripts', in there search for 'axe' and 'spear'. You should be able to find the names pretty easily.
  10. Lua recipe trait checking?

    You will want to move this file to media/lua/client rather than media/lua/server/. You'll also want to verify your recipe in your txt file has the OnCreate: line calling this function.
  11. Stuck on doing LUA checksum, PLEASE HELP

    It's still the same issue. Either you have an out of date file, or somehow, both your friend and the server does, so it is allowing them to join. If the server is setup correctly, you can unsubscribe from all of your mods, and when joining you will be prompted to download the correct mods. When you unsubscribe, you may want to make sure that all the files are actually deleted from \users\Zomboid\mods except the 'examplemod' folder. As well as the steam workshop files, located in the 'Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\108600\' folder.
  12. Stuck on doing LUA checksum, PLEASE HELP

    One of your Lua files doesn't match your friends. The easiest way to fix this would be for all of you to remove your mods from your \users\zomboid\mods folder and then steam will redownload them. This will ensure you all have the same, up to date files, and no extra old files. It is also possible the error is coming from a mismatch of an Lua file in your install directory. As you have done a reinstall already, this should have ensured you have the latest files, so your friend may need to reinstall as well.
  13. Defecation v1.2

    Version 1.11 uploaded, please see changelog in main post!
  14. Defecation v1.2

    I actually hadn't thought of a player just letting it reach 100% and stay. I'll need to add the possibility of defecating yourself if you're above 95% or so and are not panicked. If there is no, or not enough, water in a toilet you will not be able to defecate using the toilet. I actually forgot about the comic book, shoot! I'll release an update today (probably) to fix these two issues.
  15. Defecation v1.2

    V1.1 uploaded! Changelog is in the main post.