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  1. Lua recipe trait checking?

    You will want to move this file to media/lua/client rather than media/lua/server/. You'll also want to verify your recipe in your txt file has the OnCreate: line calling this function.
  2. I can't join my friends hosted server?

    Sorry, I forgot to say this earlier, steam workshop files are actually located in the 'Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\108600\' folder.
  3. Stuck on doing LUA checksum, PLEASE HELP

    It's still the same issue. Either you have an out of date file, or somehow, both your friend and the server does, so it is allowing them to join. If the server is setup correctly, you can unsubscribe from all of your mods, and when joining you will be prompted to download the correct mods. When you unsubscribe, you may want to make sure that all the files are actually deleted from \users\Zomboid\mods except the 'examplemod' folder. As well as the steam workshop files, located in the 'Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\108600\' folder.
  4. I can't join my friends hosted server?

    Somewhere, one of your files doesn't match. If both you and your friend has verified the cache through steam, it almost has to be a mod. The easiest way to fix this is for both of you to delete all your mods from your \users\Zomboid\mods folder. Steam will then redownload all your mods and this should ensure you both have the same, up to date files.
  5. Stuck on doing LUA checksum, PLEASE HELP

    One of your Lua files doesn't match your friends. The easiest way to fix this would be for all of you to remove your mods from your \users\zomboid\mods folder and then steam will redownload them. This will ensure you all have the same, up to date files, and no extra old files. It is also possible the error is coming from a mismatch of an Lua file in your install directory. As you have done a reinstall already, this should have ensured you have the latest files, so your friend may need to reinstall as well.
  6. Defecation v1.11

    Version 1.11 uploaded, please see changelog in main post!
  7. Defecation v1.11

    I actually hadn't thought of a player just letting it reach 100% and stay. I'll need to add the possibility of defecating yourself if you're above 95% or so and are not panicked. If there is no, or not enough, water in a toilet you will not be able to defecate using the toilet. I actually forgot about the comic book, shoot! I'll release an update today (probably) to fix these two issues.
  8. Defecation v1.11

    V1.1 uploaded! Changelog is in the main post.
  9. Defecation v1.11

    I don't know how hard it is but have you thought about making it a moodlet... Thank you! Unfortunately, moodlets are not moddable at this time but hopefully I can add this in the future. Second thing, I do agree with Bejasc and being able to interact with bathrooms... This is something I already have implemented and it will be in the next update. However, my implementation will be a bit different than what you have suggested: 1) You will be able to defecate using toilets through the right click menu 2) You will not need any kind of toilet paper 3) The toilet must have water 4) The toilet will be flushed immediately after use, meaning you do not get feces and it will make a loud noise Some of this may change before I release the update, but these are the current plans. So the suggestion would be to jury-rig a few rain collectors together in an upper floor to create an improvised water tower/water tank. Sorry, this is pretty out of scope for this mod, so I will not be implementing this. I may take a look at hygiene in the future, but I don't have plans at the moment. Final request: If it wouldn't be too much trouble, please, always keep a non-steam download for the mod. No worries, I will always include a mirror as I like to let people easily study the files. Agreed on the subject of the moodle, hopefully I can get that added in a future update when they are moddable! Right clicking will allow you to defecate using a toilet after the next update, but I'd like to keep the rest of the stuff in the 'defecation status' window. Secondly, I didn't check yet, but are defecated pants washable? They are not, but this is on purpose to further penalize the player for defecating themselves. I also forgot to add the skirt and this will be coming in the next update. Thirdly, I think that the Iron Gut and Weak Stomach would be more fitting than Lucky/Unlucky for the purpose – it would also give them more use! I like this idea and I will do some investigating into how I should implement these traits! Fourthly, it would be nice if more items could be used for wiping, including newspapers, comic books, magazines books and skill books... I am further expanding the list of items that you will be able to use as toilet paper. As you can craft ripped sheets from all the clothes already, I will not be allowing clothes to be used as TP. I like the idea of making actual toilet paper and tissues the best options, I'll look into this. Finally, in case you will plan on implementing toilets, it would be nice if using them would also rest character a little... I like this idea as well, I will add a small amount of fatigue to defecating without a toilet. However, I'd like there to be some more negatives to using a toilet, so you will lose your feces, not allowing you to use them for compost/fire fuel. Thank you both for the great suggestions!
  10. Defecation v1.11

    I thought about doing this, it is easy enough to get a player's carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids, but I couldn't decide on what kind of formula or values to set on, so I just went with a daily timer that is influenced heavily by variables.
  11. Is showering going to be a thing?

    You're strange! It's not just a mod to shit, it's a little deeper than that.
  12. Defecation v1.11

    I was able to get this working last night with the help of the 'Lua code snippets' thread, specifically the 'World objects' section, I was going about it all wrong before. You will not need any kind of TP (we'll pretend all the toilets are bidets), there must be water, and it will make a flush sound that is equal to the loudest fart (15 tiles, and this will attract zombies that are outside.) I am still working on a suggestion that came from the Steam workshop, and that is to make piles of feces act similar to piles of zombies with the 'flies' sound, and making the player depressed. I may need to implement a custom sound though, because the flies sound is in one of the '.bank' files, which is a proprietary archive created by IndieStone, and is unable to be extracted from. After I get these features wrapped up, I will release an update. I would love to talk about my next mod, but it's a feature that has been suggested many times so I do not want to get anyone's hopes up, until I can be sure I can implement it in a good way.
  13. Are Persistent Variables Possible?

    True, I should've specified scope rather than global, but that's why I said 'functions in this same file' and declared it local, I always avoid global variables so it slipped my mind!
  14. Are Persistent Variables Possible?

    If you want this variable to persist throughout your script, and be usable in other functions in this same file, you simply need to declare it as a global variable. Here is a basic example: local testVar = 0 local function Global() testVar = testVar + 1 print(testVar) end However, if you would like this variable to persist when quitting the game, you can save it as ModData and it will be saved to the specific character that executed the script. Here is a basic example of this: --Saving getSpecificPlayer(0):getModData()["Test"] = ZombRand(100) --set "Test" to a random value between 0-99 --Loading if (getSpecificPlayer(0) ~= nil) then --if player not nil print("*****test value:*****") print(getSpecificPlayer(0):getModData()["Test"]) --print the value end
  15. Defecation v1.11

    Thank you for the suggestion. I didn't want to make the game easier at all, as there are quite a lot of ways to get happy already. I also had some weird issues detecting if the player was near a toilet, so the idea got scrapped. I'll do some further experiments and see if I can figure out a good solution, though. I am currently in the 'concept' phase for another mod, so I do not currently have any plans for bathing/showering, but I may start experimenting with this in the future.