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  1. Grave Intention

    thx! rad!
  2. Grave Intention

    maybe a silly question but is there a plan to model the inside of cars? That would be quite fantastic, especially for RVs and trucks, where you could customize set up...
  3. Grave Intention

    i like the round roof on the 4x4, looks like a lada niva
  4. Another year later.

    On the same topic but with a different perspective with two other early access games examples: One comment that is made often is that development takes so much time that the game won't be looking good compared to other games when it's finally done. I think that comment applies more to a game like Dayz where visual fidelity is a concern, PZ has a non realistic art direction and therefore won't suffer too much from a lengthy development on that aspect. Another comment is that people will lose interest eventually. I'm not sure about that, one counter example is The Long Dark, after a relatively fast development, they rushed out the story mode probably to avoid delaying the release of the game too much (total hours played on the game was significantly dropping) and because the mode was incomplete, buggy, poorly written etc., and more importantly did not meet their player base expectations the audience shrunk even more and quite abruptly. Indie stone is probably doing the right thing by working as long as it takes on their features so the final game reflects what players like about PZ. One more thing, it's quite unfair to compare PZ to other EA games like rust, PZ budget is clearly lower and, yet, they managed to hire top level devs (side note: Thank you Bitbaboon for Drive, fantastic game I played for hours with my brother and father. "Burnout!!"). Last point, I was looking for a game that I could mod by adding a custom map, and it takes so much time and effort to do so that I wanted to be sure that the game I choose would keep on being played in the the next years. Another decisive aspect was: are the devs open to modding? And as you pointed out they very much are and the community is active. That's why I'm more than happy to keep on working on my map.
  5. [BUILDING] Bookstore and greenes w/residential

    Very New Yorky, nice! quick question do you know, by any chance, where I could find documentation as to how you can import custom tiles in the building editor?
  6. Back in Bleak

    thnaks for taking the time to answer me, I did not assume it would be in the FAQ!
  7. Garage and vehicles

    Hi everyone, During my last session I realized for the first time that garage doors were not big enough to let cars go in. Is there a plan to get the door bigger?
  8. Current Vehicles Build Issues

    I'm experiencing similar issues with vehicle build, i get a freeze (2-3 sec) every 5-8 sec on normal zoom, and pretty much every second on the widest zoom. When in a car it gets entirely unplayable, as the game freezes every 2 or 3 frames, until it freezes totally and crashes. My specs: Mac Pro mid 2012 2 x 2,4 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon ATI Radeon 5770 HD 1024mo 12 Go 1333 MHz DDR3
  9. Back in Bleak

    "Based on what the devs plan to do"--> Is there a roadmap somewhere? I have been following status report for a while now and I have not seen a document that gives longer term goals. It's probably intended, but just curious. "current ratio of release" --> I don't think you can base your calculations on the current speed of development (or at least the one perceived by the larger public), it seems that the animation update has been a real issue both in terms of management and development (I obviously don't know the details). But it's probably safe to say that after it's implemented, they will be able to iterate faster and release more content. I'm not saying that NPCs should be just around the corner, but given how fast they were able to implement vehicles, it looks like the team is very efficient when the development is more straightforward. As far as I'm concerned, when vehicles, fully animated characters and NPCs (even in a really basic form) are implemented, I will be 100% satisfied with the game. *waiting for stones to be thrown at me*
  10. Back in Bleak

    Your link is a bit dicky, my question was sincere, and if the answer is: "We have no ETA at all on NPC", I'm fine with that...
  11. Back in Bleak

    It's probably a bad question to ask but while it's early 2018, and the Christmas spirit is still with us, what are the plans (if any atm) for NPCs?
  12. Alternate Game Modes

    There is quite a lot of things that could be done using the customization tools already...
  13. What NPC groups do you want to see in the future?

    During my last session on PZ (SP), I was experimenting with the vehicle build and it really gave me a feeling of doing what I would do in that apocalyptic situation. It's very exciting to prepare a car with food, weapons, equipment, repair the car, make sure that everything is set - while managing a day to day life of surviving -, you can set your own goals by deciding where you go. And at this point you don't have much to do except for maybe constructing something huge somewhere. But I thought, if at this point I knew that there were buildings with survivors in them, and that I could have a "rudimentary" option to make him follow me and then assign him a job in my base, that would be more than enough to give me a solid purpose and develop a strategy around: - Should I build in the town and slowly make my way district after district? Or should I build in the country side and organize expeditions to find people? What building are more likely to have NPCs and where are they on the map? - Having NPCs in your base would probably imply consumption of food, fuel, etc, and that in itself would bring another clear objective that would trigger organic gameplay events like expeditions, reorganization of production, cannibalism, trade, etc. Even if you had no control over the NPC (meaning you can't bring them on a mission for instance) being able to gather them in your base would give a strong sense of achievement and progression. Anyway my point being, I think I have been eager to see the animation update for the longest time, and I'm sure it will look and play fantastic, but I feel like what will really change the way people play the game is with NPC addition. Once you have built a community it would indeed be great if there could be events that jeopardize the stability of it: herds, agressive npcs, draught/blizzard, mutinery? On a side note I was wondering if anyone knew if there existed a mod where you could attract all zombies in the direction of your base? Some kind of apocalypse switch? Maybe not all zombies, but a really large amount to see of your base holds. That would be fun to do if not yet existing.
  14. All player made Building Archives Updated 3/29/17~

    I was looking for this thread, I will add my building asap too great stuff
  15. Z3759xy 's tbx-Topic

    that manhattan shot is really something