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  1. Ayrton Orio

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    i love the combat press idea, ther should be some post apocalyptic clothing, not too post apocalyptical but people would surely have started to adapt when the outbreak started.
  2. Ayrton Orio

    Deep learning rescale applied to PZ (Topaz)

    I think you are right in the sense of wood veins being much more defined and smooth, for wood grain I think it makes all the grim disappear and makes wood look very slick. It's because of how Topaz works: to give you an example I was recently working on a resizing of an actual photography where the main subject was a man with a 5'o clock shave (grey, one day after you shaved) and the upscaled version looked very neat and detailed except for the beard shade that disappeared. I think the same thing is happening with the grim on the furniture tiles.
  3. Ayrton Orio

    Deep learning rescale applied to PZ (Topaz)

    I don't think it's a "just a mod" thing, if someone wants to do it there is quite a few obstacles to overcome: - know the PZ engine inside out to be able to adress all the bugs that will for sure occur - painstakingly long task of resizing (Topaz), cleaning up & fixing, transparency mask (i think topaz doesn't tapke in account transparency), then redifining tile size for all sprite (a lot of handwork i think) - keeping up to date with PZ development as new sprites and textures are being added i think it's a lot of work and maybe it's more a thing of "let's wait until the game is finished and stable development wise" and then let's plan what to do then. Also, you never know but the development team might revamp the way sprites are handled and make things considerably easier in the future.
  4. Ayrton Orio

    Deep learning rescale applied to PZ (Topaz)

    actually i tried the upscale-->downscale method (bilinear smoother, sharper and nearest neighbour) and all it does is that the original model loses detail, on all accounts i thought the original artwork was better. As for tile size, yes they are hard coded, and there might be many other things that relies on the tiles being a given size. I think it would be quite a hefty mod to make. Lastly, the blending in between tiles doesn't work because you used anti aliasing in the making of your tiles which makes seams messy. If you check at the orignal tiles you will see that every tile is pixel perfect, that's why the seams are invisibile.
  5. Ayrton Orio

    Deep learning rescale applied to PZ (Topaz)

    I'm not 100% sure, but it might get quite difficult to double or quadruple the texture size, it's not a matter of just changing the source tiles.
  6. Ayrton Orio

    Deep learning rescale applied to PZ (Topaz)

    If you train a neural network to do the opposite, from HR artwork to pixel art you could get a pretty neat "pixel art" filter. dataset should be restricted to isometric art which could probably be detected through AI, I don't think the data is what is lacking anyway
  7. Ayrton Orio

    Deep learning rescale applied to PZ (Topaz)

    , so I dunno maybe it's 250%? well maximum zoom enabled by the game
  8. Ayrton Orio

    Deep learning rescale applied to PZ (Topaz)

    Well done! I was wondering if you could show aversion of the zoom at 400%? (so you get the pixel art unaltered on one side and a Topaz version at 100% on the other side? you see what i mean?
  9. Ayrton Orio

    Deep learning rescale applied to PZ (Topaz)

    I guess doing a mock up of a small interior scene (at 100%) in PZ would be interesting, but I'm crumbling under work at the moment...
  10. I have been using the same program as the rescale of FF7 (https://venturebeat.com/2019/01/28/final-fantasy-vii-hd-graphics-mod-makes-backgrounds-less-blurry-with-machine-learning/) to rescale some project zomboid sprites. 1 - this is probably silly to start with as many sprites probably stem from a larger artwork anyway 2 - This is essentially against the original art direction 3 - Sometimes it doesn't look great, sometimes it looks amazing in my opinion 4 - Topaz is not trained specifically for this task (pixel art to ... HR artwork i guess?)
  11. Ayrton Orio

    Forking Hell

    Unless I'm wrong, you can already do it by ticking the box "running zombies" in the custom sandbox zombie panel. You can actually also have the "I am legend" lore by having them to be passive during the day and running at night (very cool gameplay wise)
  12. Ayrton Orio

    Forking Hell

    I think I got quite emotional when I saw that dude jumping over the fence like a ninja. Will it be only accessible to players with the according soft skill or base skill? Fantastic job
  13. Before addressing my point, and assuming the sycophant like comment, I have been absolutely baffled by how fast the development has been going lately, and the quality of the updates. The new lighting system looks fantastic, and the animations (performance, art, all of it) is probably going to be the most impressive update I have seen in a game. So great job from all of you and thank you for keeping on caring about this game. Back to my question: I have been working on a map for a while now and I still haven't found any satisfying solution to have rocks and boulders. Of course you can create a new tile and give it some variety but it doesn't look good no matter what when you try to represent the sea shore. I have decided to leave the sea shore on hold for now, as I would not be surprised if you have already planned a secret plan to adress this issue. Can you maybe elaborate on what are the future plans for rock formations and possible elevation throughout the map, if any?
  14. Ayrton Orio

    Cap Levi, Normandy, France

    Yes still working on it! I had a long hiatus as I could not spend so much time on it, but I'm back at it. I want to publish the map around the end of next months (my father is eager to try it too, so I need to kick myself in the butt), but for that I need to make sure every road lead somewhere (and there are tons of it), and that the game is playable (ressources have to be spread throughout the map). If possible i woul like to hyave the basic layout for cities but it might be unrealistic. Anyhow, TLDR: I will post it next month on the workshop so you can all tell me how broken the map is!
  15. Ayrton Orio

    3D terrain, Rocks, Hills, Creeks ect.

    As the game got a new water rendering system, i was wondering if some work was being put into implementing rock blends, or possibly elevated rocks?