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  1. Few ideas to make the late game more challenging

    Actually now I think about it, you could simply simulate zombies starving, and as a result boosting their detection senses over time (like radius of detection getting larger, or chances of aggro increased), which, I guess, would organically form hords. I would actually decrease their resistance over time in addition to that (as the general lore says)
  2. Few ideas to make the late game more challenging

    For me that's the only real option, because even if you had stronger zombies, around the mid to end game, you are supposed to have a confortable stock of weapons and ammos, so it would not be too hard to kill them anyway (unless you make them reallllly resistant, in which case it would be silly imo) The horde would be a good justification for stockpiling ammos, and gathering npcs, and it would possibly destroy your base. Or at the very least turn it to shit for a while. I don't know if the new animation update will enable fill screening hordes though.
  3. I don't think it's too necessary, when you start a game your environment looks pretty normal, and after a few hours of game, you have tons of corpses and blood splatters around your place. You probably had to barricade your home one way or another also, which gives the apocalyptic feel. It's organic, I think it's better than hardcoding gore. (but maybe I will be proven wrong by a developer)
  4. Cap Levi, Normandy, France

    I heard adding cows to an isometric game tends to lead to problems
  5. tree wind

    the approach is very cool, instead of using a frame by frame animation, it animates the tile as a whole, very clever.
  6. Custom Maps testing = unexpected error

    Ringo D123 helped me out! Actually my problem was that the spawn points did not record in the .lua for an unkown reason, as a result the game could not spawn my character (I guess) Now it's solved. Thank you!
  7. tree wind

    all good then, thanks for answer
  8. tree wind

    you mean the character animation update?
  9. tree wind

    Would it be possible to have moving trees? I guess it would be quite hard on performance to animate all trees, but that would be nice to have a few trees moving a little from time to time to make the world a bit less static
  10. Restrictive Dresses + Animation

    this is a great idea, and that would probably lead to some other use: restraining suit for the asylum, handcuffs, burlap sack race (wait...)
  11. Cap Levi, Normandy, France

  12. Cap Levi, Normandy, France

    Some updates on the Normandy Map I had to familiarize myself with the building editor, World Ed and Tilezed in order to go forward with the map. It took me a while because I'm an idiot, but I think I'm up to date now. Here is some news with medias attached: - French looking buildings (residences, mansions, greenhouse, stores, garages, etc) - Better crop fields, now there are many different types of fields depending on their use (cattles, veggies, fruit trees, etc) - roads are now all connected and make sense. Smaller paths are being done, especially for foresty areas. - revamped "boccages", better definition of tree lines, in-between paths, etc - bridges of different sizes and use were designed - layout of cities streets are in progress - Vehicles spawn more naturally (for a french scenery) as they will stand in on side of the street, parked in front of houses (as we Frenchies do) - Defined every landmark of the map to make the navigation more interesting and easy. (cities, harbours, relais chateau inn, main church, military base, vineyards, larger gas station, and probably a bunch of other things I forgot to mention The map is not yet ready to be uploaded on the workshop as I want every major area of the map to have lootable buildings and vehicle spawns to allow player to go from one town to the other with more ease. I have added a video to showcase what drove me to do this map: Having more fun driving the cars on non linear roads. (unfortunately the video is very laggy) There is clearly tons of work to be done (as you can see in the attached files), but I think I will be able to upload the map at the end of June and make it playable for everyone who wishes to. My short term TODO list is as follow: - 10-12 residences to be done + variations - 8-10 unique buildings (lighthouse, gas station, monastery, etc) - Towns layouts + vehicles spawns - roads and streets signs and decoration The longer term list is as follow: - Apocalyptic feel (burned cars, fortified houses, corpses, etc) - Foraging areas - lootable map - Community feedback - Polish path Have a good sunday!
  13. Custom Maps testing = unexpected error

    I have followed the steps of this excellent tutorial to create a custom map: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=853478035 and at the step of testing my map, I can't seem to launch it (how frustrating!) The game recognizes the mod, the spawn points, launches and then gives me an unexpected error type. I think I have all right files needed (I triple checked at this point), but still the same error. this is what the console says, can anyone help me please? console.txt
  14. Custom tiles for Building Editor

    Thank you, that's working like a charm! Any idea as of how to define new tiles in the buiding editor as well?
  15. Custom tiles for Building Editor

    Hello, I would like to know if anyone could point me at a tutorial/other topic that would explain how do you add custom tiles and define them so that you can use them in the building editor? On the image I have highlighted in red the living areas and in green the piece i need to define in the building editor to create new sloped roof. The top could be simplified with a 45deg slope. and is it possible to make a dormer like this, would the window be working? (see second picture) side note: updating the tools for map modders was really rad and motivating!