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  1. Firearms suggestion for future builds.

    Weaponize car?
  2. Ooooh that moment

    Ah I did not know there was a stance behind it, in that case I go back to my cave
  3. Ooooh that moment

    I agree! But the consequence of the infection being a slow and painful death, there is not much incentive to go on... It's just a suggestion but what if there was a chance, given the right amount of antibiotics (not necessarily the amount but the "right" prescription) to survive the zombie fever after days of rest? Like I don't know, 15% you make it. There could also be some long term consequences, like fatigue or psychological instability (amputation seems hard to acheive, but that's the idea)
  4. Car 3D models

    I had not seen your answer, got a 2 weeks "digital break" (strongly recommend to anyone working with computers everyday) That's just perfect: wireframe and tricount! Thank you very much! I'm still undecided as which models I should do, but this is my current list: - Renault 4L (and break version) - Citroen DS (and ambulance version) - Renault R5 (80s) - Peugeot 405 Now I can start seriously, thanks again!
  5. Car 3D models

    Anybody has been able to extract car 3D model? I'm currently working on my Citroe 4L model, and I would like to fit it to the poly/uv/etc standards of vanilla cars
  6. Grave Intention

    thx! rad!
  7. Grave Intention

    maybe a silly question but is there a plan to model the inside of cars? That would be quite fantastic, especially for RVs and trucks, where you could customize set up...
  8. Grave Intention

    i like the round roof on the 4x4, looks like a lada niva
  9. [BUILDING] Bookstore and greenes w/residential

    Very New Yorky, nice! quick question do you know, by any chance, where I could find documentation as to how you can import custom tiles in the building editor?
  10. Back in Bleak

    thnaks for taking the time to answer me, I did not assume it would be in the FAQ!
  11. Garage and vehicles

    Hi everyone, During my last session I realized for the first time that garage doors were not big enough to let cars go in. Is there a plan to get the door bigger?
  12. Back in Bleak

    "Based on what the devs plan to do"--> Is there a roadmap somewhere? I have been following status report for a while now and I have not seen a document that gives longer term goals. It's probably intended, but just curious. "current ratio of release" --> I don't think you can base your calculations on the current speed of development (or at least the one perceived by the larger public), it seems that the animation update has been a real issue both in terms of management and development (I obviously don't know the details). But it's probably safe to say that after it's implemented, they will be able to iterate faster and release more content. I'm not saying that NPCs should be just around the corner, but given how fast they were able to implement vehicles, it looks like the team is very efficient when the development is more straightforward. As far as I'm concerned, when vehicles, fully animated characters and NPCs (even in a really basic form) are implemented, I will be 100% satisfied with the game. *waiting for stones to be thrown at me*
  13. Back in Bleak

    Your link is a bit dicky, my question was sincere, and if the answer is: "We have no ETA at all on NPC", I'm fine with that...
  14. Back in Bleak

    It's probably a bad question to ask but while it's early 2018, and the Christmas spirit is still with us, what are the plans (if any atm) for NPCs?
  15. Alternate Game Modes

    There is quite a lot of things that could be done using the customization tools already...