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  1. Crashdummy11880

    Day Lenght modifier - german language

    German / English Stunden = hours Minuten = minutes Echtzeit = realtime Tageslänge = day lenght For example: If i choose "Echtzeit" in the drop down menu the game is setting the DayLenght variable in SandboxVars.lua to 9 which will end up in a 7 hours day. So something is just mixed up there.
  2. Crashdummy11880

    Game hours vs IRL hours in config files

    Sometimes the explanation for some configs is just saying "hours" thats even more confusing. When its ingame hours they should just write "InGameHours" and when its real time hours they should just write RealTimeHours. Or anything else which brings it to the point. I dont know why'd you ask for "an Option" They just should make there Server config file clear to understand.
  3. Crashdummy11880

    Hard reset (deleting everything) Problem.

    It cant be the way to manually delete your Characterfile to rejoin a Server after a hardreset. What are those ServerID and ServerPlayerID then for? A Server has a specific "ServerID" which has to match the ServerID in your Character Filesto join the server. <-That would make sense to me. But the description for the ServerID says somehting different as following: So i would think that you have to create a new Character when this ID isn't matching up. Is there a way to reset the Server where Players dont have to manually delete there old Playerfiles?
  4. Crashdummy11880

    Expanding the Sandbox Options

    Befor adding more Options to Server Files i would like to see the already existing one's be better explaint what they do exactly.
  5. Crashdummy11880

    45 minute days

    Adjust the lenght of the Night should give you more time in a day where you can do stuff in sunlight i guess.
  6. Crashdummy11880

    A Saner Loot Spawn System (SRC)

    I remeber of reading about this in a News. And i just found it. This in written down in this NEWS:
  7. Crashdummy11880


    @Cyrrent Eiledoll Thats exactly wath i was talking about, thanks for pointing that out. Good Job
  8. Crashdummy11880

    Project Zomboid is In Need Of A Change Of Design

    Cant belive that comes from a Admin with like 3500 post's but let me help you. The Level System is build like this to bring a kinda feel for realism into the game. Because it just makes no sense if someone would learn how to build a Barrel by shooting zombies his entire life. You get better in what you're doing. It is good as it is.
  9. Crashdummy11880

    Compass Item

    I bet it would be more fun for those new players running arround hours to find a compass so you can finally lead them to youre location. Get yourself and your friends a Compass Sticker in the top right corner of your monitor. But i guess you would just get lost in the woods again. Thats by the way on of the purposes of those cabin's to not to be found by anyone. Better Maps and even Street names are good ideas but thats a different topic.
  10. Crashdummy11880

    Helicopters. A more reasonable suggestion than you'd think?

    I don't want to see helicopters in the game at the moment. In my opinion the map is to small even for cars.
  11. Crashdummy11880


    I dont like the Idea this way. Thats not how PZ works for me. Why do we need an Item which is named "workbench" which forces us to just build stuff at that specific place? But i rly like the Idear of the need for a vice. Now my Idear: Implement the vice as a placeable item like the Microwave which maybe should need 4 bolts to place it. Whenever the character is in reach of a placed vice and has all other tools he needs in reach(like in cubboard or in inventory) he can go on and craft. This way we could transform any table or bench into a "workbench"
  12. Crashdummy11880

    A Belt and Especial Rope for weapons

    Hello, the game already has belts and slings which you talking about. See here: sling , ammo belt But in future it would be awsome to see some more of these kind of things like fanny packs and tool bag belts
  13. Crashdummy11880

    Driving Cars Mod

    Why are you using 3D models in a 2D world? Where is the Problem?
  14. Crashdummy11880

    exchange door nob / change doors

    To exchange a doorkno you should need just a screwdriver. I would like to combine matching knobs and keys but wont need the auto function, just the option to combine to store them.
  15. Crashdummy11880

    exchange door nob / change doors

    In addition to that it would be nice if you could just take doors with you from other houses to replace the broken door in your house