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  1. When you create a room for the first time, you're asked what interior walls look like. Those will appear as such when you have eyes on the interior of the room. It will not dictate how those room walls appear from the outside. Exterior walls are what walls look like from the outside of any rooms. You can draw your exterior walls by picking them from the exterior walls tileset on the right hand panel. It is also there that you choose trims and grime. In that panel you can also choose to overwrite any interior wall using interior walls. As a consequence, if you got what I explained, you can draw both interior AND exterior walls in one stroke, deciding how your walls look like from both inside a room and outside. You don't really have to do that except for some circumstances that are a bit too particular for me to detail here without boring you. The best thing for you to do is just to play with it, try different combinations to see how it all works until it makes more sense. I understand it can be confusing but if you hang in there you'll get it eventually.
  2. Not necessarily. If you have two adjacent rooms, North and South from each other, they will share a wall that'll be considered interior wall of the one to the South. As for grime, you select 'none', just as you would for wall trims in the window to the right
  3. That bug is caused by doors placed on rooms that have no exterior walls. You're gonna have to draw a wall on your South and East sides. Before you do, make sure you select a wall from the exterior walls category, as interior walls will only show from inside said rooms. Don't hesitate to ask again if I'm not being clear.
  4. Make sure the file your file has a .png or .bmp extension. Make also sure that you're using the exact correct colours for each part of your map. Finally make sure you also have a vegetation map that has the same name as your other map (the one with grass, dirt, roads...) but with _veg added to its name.
  5. Hello, Thank you for the tutorial, it's really great. I have a question : I'm at step 5, adding details to my world. My world is comprised of 1 cell and one building I created in BuildingED. Everything works fine when I'm in game but TileZ isn't displaying the building when I right click my cell in WorldED and open it in TileZ. How come?
  6. Hi, I'm new to this mod, which is awesome btw. I just wanted to report a bug I'm sure you're aware of, and that's the lockmaker brush, one of the best features. So whenever I use it on my server it works fine and all but when I log out and back in it creates duplicates of the door in the same frame. The keymaker brush might also be involved. Also, and that's a shame, it doesn't work on gates, It appears that the lockmaker brush only works on single tiles (you can see it when pressing the R key to get the lock id) and since gates have 4 of those... Well with the duplication thing it gets messy. Anyway I hope you can fix that and perhaps add more content to moveables and stuff like that.
  7. Hi ORMtnMan ! I'm super sad to hear that you're stepping down from ORGM. The fact is you've been a great member of the community and a great modder who took the time to answer questions and concerns about your creation. Now you move on to another much more important creation of your own and I wish you all the best for all your future endeavors. You gave us all gun nuts (at least on PZ) a great gift and I thank you very much for it. Without ORGM I myself would've moved on from PZ until such time it fulfilled its promises (cars, animations, NPCs...). Now you take care of yourself and your family and keep in mind that you made a legion of friends here. Cheers to ORMtnMan and ORMtnBoy Your Nr.1 fan
  8. Now here's a silly question TOShok : how do I effectively get the models to work in-game? I copied the content of your dropbox folder "object and weapons" to ORGM in Zomboid folder. I put the text files in media/models and the pictures in media/textures but I don't seem to see any change? Could you help me?
  9. Alright ! Thanks ! Can't wait for the next models, I'm keeping the dropbox tab open
  10. Wow the remington 870 looks really cool ! So does the Russian revolver which looks really mean (and heavy) Now i have to figure out how to replace the base models. Also, do you know whether ORMtnMan is going to include your models in the base mod?
  11. Oh my god, TOShok you have been busy ! all these models look awesome ! are they in-game right now??
  12. I hope you're right about them adding the real stuff later. I don't really think it's a great idea to release features progressively but rather they should realease most of it and then tune it up but that's another topic I guess. I have to say I'm glad that most people here agree with metalworking being very poor right now. For my part I'm a big fan of the game and I read every mondoid that comes out so when there was talk of including metalworking in the game I got so worked up that I started collecting everything metal (wedding rings, lockets, utensils, broken butter knives, and basically every junk item made of metal) hoping that those useless items would be useful for smelting and creating iron bats and tools and whatnots so I got really excited when it finally came out but the result was very much anticlimactic to say the least.
  13. I'm not worried about PZ taking the direction of minecraft because it's not. It's also true that the metalworking skill is unusable right now.
  14. I think your problem here is more about the way resources are gathered. I understand why you deem it pointless to cut down a tree or smelt ore to get what you need to craft. After all it's not as easy as people think to cut down said tree or to smelt ore, but it doesn't seem so far fetched to learn about those skills and then do it. I completely agree. Metalworking definitely needs more love. I'm not so sure. At some point I remember that there would be talk with the devs about how extensive metalworking should be and I fear that skepticists made them decide to tone down metalworking to the bare minimum. So what I'm saying is perhaps they put all that stuff in the code but aren't willing to go further with metalworking after all. I sincerely wish that you're right and they will add all that new stuff in the game. As for the magazines, they are already in the game but they don't teach you any interesting stuff other than walls, a few containers...
  15. I was looking at metalworking recipes in PZ wiki and couldn't believe my eyes on how uninteresting metalworking is right now. There are 4 recipe magazines and if you're lucky enough you can build a few things that I hardly consider as an added value compared to carpentry. What happened to homemade furnaces and anvils? I thought that this new skill would allow you to craft crucial stuff like nails or bullets or tools or improvised weapons. It had so much potential ! Now what's the point of having metal containers that look nice or armored windows given all the effort necessary to develop this skill. I read around the forum that devs didn't consider metalworking as an outlandish skill in a post-apocalyptic setting and I agree. If a survivor is willing to sit down an learn about electricity then why not metalworking? The way I see it right now is it's a useless skill. I remember when the build on professions was released with the xp modifiers that forced you to keep to a few skills. Well, having a farmer or a forager or a carpenter or an electrician in a group is very useful but who cares about a metalworker? To people who say it would be like Minecraft and all the other survival games I want to say it's already like Minecraft and all the other crafting/survival/sandbox/no plot/no npc games (I'm not criticising of course). and to people who say it would make the game unrealistic I want to say : how realistic is it to be able to build a wooden castle from scratch and by your lonesome after a few in-game months ? or to carry a fridge around in a couple of hiking bags ? (again, not criticising. love the game) It's just a game and it's supposed to be fun it can only be so realistic. being able to smelt a few ingots to forge them into an improvised crowbar or a reinforced baseball bat is not like building an orbital death ray.
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