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  1. I'd like to share my two cents on these suggestions. 1. Indifferent. Could be used for player-made parties in mp, but other than that, it wouldn't add too much to the game I would care about. 2. I would say let them do it indoors, but add moodles that show your character getting lightheaded and let you know that remaining in there will give permanent nerfs to your character's stamina and endurance. Also, maybe have a chance of it catching fire indoors. If you've ever started a grill, you know the flames are pretty intense at first. Perhaps make them have a chance to burn the floor around, and above. 3. I don't understand what you're saying in this point. - - - - - - - - - - 1. If you've ever brought cold packs anywhere to pack a lunch, you know it lasts a day TOPS depending on the quality of the pack. While it could buy you the time needed to get a generator in place if you were only just able to use it right before the power goes out, it would not be a viable solution in the long-term. 2. That would be pretty cool. 3. Indifferent. Wait.. There's salmon too, but yeah, I don't mind them adding more, or not. 4. That depends on what you consider junk food. There's already chocolate, hamburgers, TV Dinners, etc. More food couldn't hurt, but honestly, I'm mostly indifferent to adding different types of food. Whole cakes, pies, and pizza would be nice. They could make it like watermelon where you can cut it if you have the right knife, and get 8 slices out of it. I don't recall seeing pizza at all in-game, not even by the slice, but I might have seen it a long time ago if I did. I have like 250 hours on the game. Pizza would be a good idea to add to the diners around the map. Whole cakes and pies could be added to the freezers at small food markets and such.
  2. Thanks for TL;DR-ing me. Anyone who knows me knows I don't usually try hard enough to make things concise.
  3. I just lurked through most of this thread and this server looks amazing. So many creative things and unique experiences!
  4. Your place is directly to the right of that, in between where you were, and the food market right next to it. I centered it in this link for you.,0.16931240615802817,443.2983508245877 That's the only place I really go in WP for my base building tools anymore. It's usually harder to make a trip to any of the warehouses there worth your time. You sometimes have to fight through or sneak around a few hordes to even get inside, and even when you do, in my experience, there's just scraps. The hardware store usually has more loot than I can carry, and I have to choose what to grab and what to leave. Also, it's easier to wrap the hordes around nearby buildings like a lasso to buy me some time to loot the place. It's usually two axes (only for chopping and occasionally taking out zombies hugging each other's side, because those cannot safely be taken out with the knife or screwdriver's 1-hit kill. I never main an axe anymore.), 7 - 10 boxes of nails, batteries, random repair items, and so on until my character is completely full. I've usually found a saw and hammer by then. Yes, I know it's dangerous to swim in the hordes of West Point with a full load, but when you've been playing the game as long as I have, certain things become easy.
  5. That's the forum staff for ya. They're more than competent, they're helpful and friendly! Get used to it, and welcome to the forums.
  6. Hey, this isn't Minecraft. Let's not be toxic admins in the PZ Multiplayer community. As someone who has been an admin, mod, and many other things in a million other servers, a little patience and humility can go a long way in not getting you hated.
  7. I think this could cause some unwanted deaths unless it was shown before the player could spawn. If the danger this would create could be worked out, this would be a subtle, yet worthy addition to PZ's multiplayer.
  8. I don't really watch streams, but I wish you luck in your dreams! Happy surviving (and streaming)!
  9. I understand that mindset lol. I usually just pop into IWBUMS if there's a feature I was really looking forward to, and that hasn't been the case since map overgrowth/erosion was added. That's not to say I don't like or appreciate all that has been added since then, but that feature in particular added something really cool and pleasing to the eyes to reward my increasingly longer survival saves.
  10. Unfortunately, that will not be happening soon, if ever. The developers have way too many things to do just to finish the game here on PC, and they said they plan on supporting it after that as well. If it were to ever happen, with the current pace of development, I would guess that work on console versions of the game would begin in the mid to late 2020's. Even then, it would probably require TIS to invest in hiring a third-party studio to port or rework much of the game to function on consoles, due to the small size of the team (relative to the industry standard) currently working on this already massive game. TIS have said they are financially stable, but I highly doubt they can afford to hire a third-party game development studio for the time needed to fully port or rework a game to work on consoles. The UI would probably need a huge redesign as well, because, in my opinion, the game doesn't play very well with a controller.
  11. Oh man you're right. I didn't notice that until you said it. They should definitely be scaled down a bit, because I imagine if you rotate the cars, they will take up almost all of their lane, when, if you go on most roads, cars have a good deal of space in their lane, even larger trucks. EDIT: It's just these three that look larger than their real life counterparts. I rewatched the most recent vehicles vid and they seem to be a good size.
  12. Thanks! I guess annotated maps were still in the IWBUMS branch when you mentioned this. I've found two since Build 37.
  13. They instantly breathe life into the game dude. I was playing a game where I had already fortified a safe house and things were relatively quiet, but when I got in after adding this mod, in mere minutes, some jerk with a gun was blasting away just off-screen and my new safehouse came under attack. After a couple of days of that, I went to scope out the area and they had some serious loot in the house they were defending. I stole some of it and went to greet them to maybe recruit them, but they turned their shotguns on me... I ran back to my house and only ever made it just underneath my sheet rope before I died. I died from a hostile NPC in my next game too. It's a load of fun.
  14. This is seriously a good NPC mod. There are extra steps to install which are outside of Steam, but if you stick with it, it's totally worth it. It works in split-screen too. Since you asked how it works, here are some key features: - Highly customizable experience. You can change a configuration file and customize various things. Nolan clearly marked what each setting does so there isn't any confusion. - Friendly and Hostile NPC's, as well as loners. - [Optional] Can start the game with an NPC spouse. - Survivors need everything you do except sleep, and you can treat them for injuries. - Invite them to your party and they will survive with you. - You can order survivors in your party to complete various tasks like chop wood. - [Optional] Gangs of hostile survivors will loot and steal after a certain point in the game's timeline. - They can use all in-game weapons, and they even use weapons from mods! - The chance that they will be hostile or spawn with a gun increases as the apocalypse settles in, and you can change those settings too. - They spawn in buildings, rarely in the wilderness, and in specific locations. Do be careful trying to visit hardware or gun stores... Just trust me.
  15. I haven't found a single annotated map, but I don't really need them anyway with the Survivors mod. Those were added in Build 37 right? I'm still on 36. Is 37 out for the IWBUMS branch? I've seen metal sheets around, but I took such a long break from the game that when I came back, I pretty much became like an old person in terms of my playstyle. I just stuck with what's familiar. How do those work? What do I need to secure them onto my house (Are they the items that finally made use of screws)? Does having a high level in carpentry help with xp gains in metalworking?