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  1. I don't comment very much on Mondoids anymore, but I read about RJ's brother on the Zomboid website and hopped over to the forums to send my condolences... I have a brother, and I know what it's like to have the strange brand of love that brothers have, so it's not hard for me to imagine what you're going through right now having to let him go, RJ. I'm terribly sorry to hear about his death. Hopefully TIS is alright with you taking as much time to mourn as you need. His drawings are spectacular... I glanced at the attached picture and before I read that it was his artwork I thought it was a close-up photograph of a real man. He had some serious talent. Hopefully it's not inappropriate for me to say that. Anyway, I hope you're having some time off man.. Peace.
  2. To be safe, it's best to keep a cheat menu around to save your life from bugs, especially when playing an unstable build of Zomboid. You can find them on the Steam Workshop. It's not the best solution, but it should help you until then.
  3. Well, I've only built 2 log walls in all 300+ hour of playtime, and I guess I'm an old guy who prefers what's familiar in that sense, so I built one of my good ole' fashioned wooden walls. I haven't found a sledge, so roof farming isn't an option just yet. Also, I'm beginning to think there isn't one in all of WP in this save, but I'm slowly emptying out the city so we'll see. I decided to start farming on Day 15 after I woke up to the power going out. I quickly panicked and realized I was going to have to seriously ration for the next 2 weeks to a month until something grows. It's also been 3 days and it hasn't rained once, so I'm starting to run out of water since my 4 rain barrels are empty, and trips to Giga and the market in town have yielded no luck for water. I think I'm gonna hit the office building in the city and either move or empty out the water machines there. I may consider building a bridge to another house, but that will require me to push my OCD about looks to the side to do what's best for the survival of my character... I believe I've passed the period of time when the heli would return, so as for now, I'm gonna try to farm. Btw, you said you've never successfully cultivated anything. How have you survived long-term?
  4. Aaa! No way you found a heli at ground zero.. That is so cool! I feel like such a nerd right now haha. But yeah, I'm on Day 13, and I've finished my walls. I cleared and burned all of the corpses from inside for Build 38 and farming space. I'm thinking of leaving until day 16, but I also feel like I should get started on farming NOW, since this stuff can take so long to grow, and while I have a lot of food, it's not infinite. Also, 50 pounds of it is perishable.... I even have 3 high-level rain barrels out already (I always play the carpenter profession + handy trait, because I love fortifying in this game). Here is my base now: Do you think I should stay and farm, or leave for a few days just to be safe (as safe as you can be outside of the walls haha)? EDIT: I ran over to my backup base to check the damage from the first heli event and consider staying for a couple of days it was very minimal. Mind you, I did run off as advised as soon as it started. There was a horde beating on the back door and the window next to it, but the window only lost two planks. Nothing broke in.
  5. I think you consistently have some of the best ideas in this community.
  6. Awww, no bonus points for me.. Only thing I can think of is that scene from TWD where the gang are stabbing zeds through a fence haha. Anyway, I can't go Rambo during the heli event because I don't have an unbreakable fence surrounding my base lol.
  7. I'm very concerned about the next heli event catching me off guard. I survived the first one, but somehow a horde was in my front yard so I just led the up the street and around a corner. Like I said, I'm doing AMAZING this time around. It's day 8, I already have enough garbage bags for 3 rain barrels, more food than I can eat before it spoils, an almost fully built wall frame (I'm speeding up the process though in case I'm at my base and the heli returns), metal bars or sheets over all my windows, a sack, trowel, shovel, and many types of seeds for farming, a pistol and shotgun with plenty of ammo, at least 3 axes w/ plenty of repair tools 5 boxes of nails, a hammer and saw of course, zero scratches or bites (though I've been hit a few times, I've generally been extremely lucky to have never sustained an injury), 6 jars and 6 jar lids (got lucky at the WP food market to find a box of jars).. Like, the only thing I don't have that I would usually want is a generator, a sledgehammer, and gas for the generator. I've never used a generator before and never gone on a run for gas in any save. At day 12, I'm probably gonna be running off somewhere for a couple of days just in case... I can't have this save ruined.
  8. Thanks to you both! I think I'm gonna run as soon as I get in and make my way West as FireOnAsphalt mentioned. Thank you guys. You've given me ideas on how to save my character's life, now all I have to do is not screw it up lol.
  9. Ok, so that extra part of the title was true lol. I figured some people are tired of threads ranting and complaining about the helicopter event, and if any of you know me, I can be kinda infamous for going on rants pretty easily. I figured those two things might make you guys pass this up. This topic isn't about that though. I need advice for my save of Survival! Sorry in advance for the length of the post, as usual... So, I remembered the heli event leading to the end of several saves recently, and I also remember it happening around the same time in the save (Day 7 - 8). This time, I'm doing VERY well. I'm about halfway done with the frame for my wall, and I have probably more food than I can eat before it spoils. I've got a massive collection of books, etc blah blah blah. So I was like "I'm on a friggin' roll, I'm not about to have that ruined by the heli." I read somewhere that the devs want you to have a second base for emergencies or whatever, so I decided on the afternoon of day 6 to make a second base and hold out there until the helicopter event. Well, I slept, and when I woke up, the helicopter flew right in and I realized I had just done it in time. The problem is, even though I felt like I walked a good distance, silly me barely made it a block away! I don't think I went far enough from my main base for the second base to be worth the investment of resources. Here's the map with my real safehouse on the right, and my backup safehouse on the left (For those of you who don't know, it's an annotated map location. I had already been so I knew the inside would be safe and I wouldn't have to waste time clearing it.): Do you think I went far enough? What should I do? Also, do you think my safehouse will survive any potential damage? My Ideas: - I was thinking I should search the house and place sheet ropes in the room I left off in, and wait for a while for the zombies to gather up, and then escape and run to the North East and lead my heli-horde in that direction. - I also thought I was too close and I should probably just run farther away since the helicopter sound was only just fading in before I exited out. - Another idea was to simply not go outside and wait out the helicopter and then escape, since I've heard that they will leave pretty quickly and just do a pass if you stay inside. What do you guys think?
  10. I keep forgetting that most of the devs are based in Europe and the UK, and they might not have seen the cities in person. Thank you, Deputy. You've done us all a great service. Salutations!
  11. I can't tell much of a difference between pitch black nights and what it used to be. Is it bugged? Here's a comparison of what my game looks like at night in previous builds, and here's what it looks like in the current build (It's darker indoors than it is outside). Build 37 (Survival): IWBUMS Build 38.1 (Sandbox w/pitch black nights): I wanna show a screenshot of Darkwood at night for comparison like Svarog mentioned, but I'm too lazy to sit in the game for 10 minutes until night for one screenshot lol. But in that game, you cannot see a thing at night. Nothing. Period. Unless you have lights on, but even then, the darkness is solid.
  12. Died in 10 hours. I was never able to outrun the sickness somehow. I made it away from the corpses around my house and felt a little better for like a second, but then I decided to go back and use my new hope to clean up the corpses and the sickness went back to where it was. Finally, I decided I would have to go on the run from the sickness if I had any hope of surviving, but it seems like even the corpses that randomly spawn from the game were contributing to my sickness. Either that, or the 6 - 8 corpses at home caused an irreversible sickness that snowballed into a terminal illness, ultimately leading to my untimely death. TL;DR - Zombies have some hardcore airborne super powered illnesses and they killed me in 10 in-game hours.
  13. Really looking forward to pitch-black darkness at night and hyperactive zombies, but I literally cannot decide if I wanna wait for the stable branch or help testing lol. However, I do wonder if the dirty clothing mechanic would be best added under the new animations, because I feel like without a visual indication, it would be an annoying feature, I killed maybe 6 - 8 zombies outside of my base and within 2 - 3 real life minutes I'm already queasy. I don't have a shovel though, so how else can I get rid of the corpses? Genuine question. Thanks.
  14. Really looking forward to pitch-black darkness at night and hyperactive zombies, but I literally cannot decide if I wanna wait for the stable branch or help testing lol. However, I do wonder if the dirty clothing mechanic would be best added under the new animations, because I feel like without a visual indication, it would be an annoying feature,
  15. Not sure how I feel about that. It could make it harder to know where your windows are and how many barricades are still on them, things like that. Plus, I've always felt that, because of the way PZ handles sight, it has always had the best indoor "feel". I like the current style and don't see much of a reason to change it, but as long as it doesn't hurt gameplay I guess it's fine. It might be too much to ask, but it would be nice to have both graphical styles in the options.