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  1. If you want, you can PM me the texture map and I can edit it in photoshop
  2. I don't know if you've ever tried to bite a bulletproof vest.... but.... it's not going to do a whole lot. Unless the zombies have 4 inch teeth, they're never going to reach flesh. It's worth mentioning that the kinds of bulletproof vests worn by SWAT teams or the military are in fact steel plate armor. Much sturdier and lighter than anything a medieval knight ever wore.
  3. I think the problems with hordes stem less from a balancing issue, and more suppositions on how zeds are supposed to work. Hordes are only ever an issue because of poor planning, stupidity, and tight spaces (lets call that one a result of the first two.) In most media, the protagonists will often end up backing themselves into a corner due to some unforeseen plot contrivance for dramatic effect. And that's key. It's just a horror trope, a thing that's repeated and repeated over in scripts as an easy way of creating suspense. Give the agency of the script to the player, however, and things change. A skilled player simply isn't going to be dumb enough to back themselves into a corner unless something forces them to (linear levels, for example.) They know how the zombies are going to react, how the world works, and how to exploit it to their benefit; that's something horror characters aren't allowed the benefit of. There's a reason zombie folklore generally doesn't exist in zombie films. There's nothing stopping TWD survivors from leisurely jogging in a circle around a horde and occasionally pausing to swing an axe at the confused zombie ball. Also nothing stopping Rick from carrying around a sidearm that holds more than 6 bullets. A standard double stack 9mm magazine holds 15-18 rounds, assuming he has at least two magazines and he doesn't miss, everything on that street had a bullet with it's name on it. _ Also, a bit off topic, but guns don't just leave little bullet sized pinholes in things, they're truly awful things to be hit by, even if it doesn't kill you. Bullets tear muscles, tear ligaments, break bones, sever motor nerves, hydraulic effects, etc. Regardless of where a zombie is hit (unless some literal wizardry is involved), it will do severe harm, regardless of the lack of pain or bleeding. Shooting a rotting corpse in the chest with a shotgun is a sureshot way of snapping all the useful spine bits in half, making sure it doesn't get back up. Even small bullets are real bad to get hit by.
  4. I'm curious as to how the room mechanics work (for sanity's sake.) Working on a set of apartment blocks, smallest one for example has 4 floors, 6 apartments each, with six rooms each... making a total of 144 rooms, all without taking public spaces like hallways and commercial areas into account. Does every single room need to have a separate definition? Or can I schmooze things a bit and consolidate certain spaces?
  5. I'll PM you some of my past work
  6. That's some mighty impressive pixel art you've got there, those trees are immaculate. Definitely looking forward to updates on this. If happen to need help with anything, I have a good amount of experience with Unity2D and a lot of free time at the moment. (Also do art and animation.)
  7. Yep, you can add a scope to just about any gun if you try hard enough. The M24 and M40 just refer to very specific modifications, scopes, etc. Edit: Also, I made the original models included with the mod. Feel free to replace them at your leisure, I don't have any emotional attachment to them. Yours are better anyway
  8. The M24 and M40 variants are just regular Remington 700s with custom parts (scope, bipod, accurized barrel), with the M24 being the Army's modification, and the M40 being the Marine's. So there's really no difference microscopically. Though, I suppose nothing is stopping you from just making different skins for each.
  9. Merry X-Mas
  10. You can load it into a modeling program like 3ds Max or Blender along with the model and export it with the UV map overlayed This should still work for converting the model format PZ uses: And you can find tons of tutorials elsewhere on how to deal with UV maps Edit: Did the character models for you Male: Female:
  11. The load model functions have always been there in one form or another, but you can indeed use them to load custom models without Jab's mod. See here:
  12. New arts
  13. Ya got it Now you can pick Athletic without also being deaf and blind!
  14. Did a thing to test out a new painting program, bonus points if you can guess the movie Used this: https://krita.org/ recommend checking it out if you're into that kind of thing. It's free and way better for drawing things than Photoshop or Sai in my opinion.
  15. As others have said, it's actually a Ruger Mini-14 (probably more specifically an AC-556) which was pretty commonly used by police departments before the M4 was a thing in the '70s and '80s, so yeah, it'll probably be there. But in reality, it's probably there because it's an assault rifle chambered to fire the same caliber as the M16 so there isn't multiple ammo types. There aren't a lot of military/police rifles besides the Mini-14 and AR variants that fire 5.56 NATO that would commonly be found in the US, so it's really the only option there.