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  1. samuk190

    Super Survivors!

    This is a awesome mod and please work with people to get this mod more often updated, thansk for your effort
  2. samuk190

    RELEASED: Build 36.4

    Finnaly the devs listen to the community... vc redist 2015 is not necessary... Project zomboid is not gta 5 lol... Waiting to see animation system...
  3. samuk190

    Epic Battle Mod

    Awesome! Im proud of testing this mod! Now i can spawn a partner that will help me in my survival world xD I have great suggestions : Health Bar of the army. Orders : Stay, follow, etc. Backpack : Get items from zombies and store in the backpack of your army.
  4. samuk190

    Rain Barrel with Sink

    and water tubes? suggestion
  5. samuk190

    Rain Barrel with Sink

    Function to Connect Rain Barrel with any SINK around, or with a tube. Good idea.
  6. samuk190

    Radio music

    1) Create a function to listen music when switch on the radio, with online radio services . 2)Create a function to admin of a server enable music for everyone.
  7. samuk190

    Combat Suggestions

    i vote yes for this suggestion xD
  8. samuk190

    Boiled and fried eggs

    I vote yes for this suggestion
  9. samuk190

    Skill sharing aura

    Agreed. I Vote a yes for this suggestion.
  10. samuk190

    Power Source Suggestions

    Nice, what think about burning items to make fuel?
  11. samuk190

    Power Source Suggestions

    ^^ i hope the devs will do alternative power sources like i said...
  12. samuk190

    Driving Cars Mod

    Create another mod to create compatibility with multiplayer. Please
  13. samuk190

    Replanned IDEA Personal Hygiene

    Personnal hygiene as a necessity is a definitive "NO" : too much micromanagement simply kills the fun. But I remind a non-mandatory shower being a possibility, something that would give the player a bonus but not penalize him/her if he/she doesn't shower. And yeah, the incoming blood overhaul... I dont agree with that, if you want just kill zombies and survive, there're 500 games that have this tag. if you want a realistic game >>> ZOMBOID So please reconsider , micromanageament? so our life is a micromanagement? i dont thing it will kill the fun, it will make more playable and more HARDER and i really like that. But the shower i agree with you, a bonus is better than negative status. Yea i know that mods can do this but, no every server will have this.
  14. samuk190

    Power Source Suggestions

    Sorry moderator, lol the thread was on top but no one replied, sorry for BUMP xD So guys, you liked the idea?
  15. samuk190

    Power Source Suggestions