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  1. Hey, at least your survivor will be really strong
  2. Yes, I agree fully. This server is spectacular. One of the few that remain in count. Project Zomboid is amazing. 'Nuff said.
  3. Still haven't received an e-mail. Was registered 2 days ago... ObamaBinLlama --EDIT-- Sorry, didn't see the above post! Cheers.
  4. Mind explaining what needs to be organized? It lists the sites by most voted, and that's all you really need in a top server site right? Not being critical or anything here but, it just looks a little "messy".
  5. I sent my app in also, I think that you should take down the white-list until there is a bigger community for Project Zomboid. Just saying.
  6. I think that it needs too be more "organized." I know that it was just created, but this is a little 'bit confusing. I am pretty good @ Php, HTML, CSS, etc. So if you need any extra help, then hmu in a PM.
  7. What I think it needs used slots and non-used slots. Or is it always unlimited? I don't know, I've never hosted for PZ. Sorry if I sound ignorant.
  8. It's totally realistic if they call this, "Rick Grimes shooting."
  9. Application In-Game Name: ObamaBinLlama Age: 16 Timezone: CST How active can you be: Everyday 10+ Hours(Weekend) 5+ Hours(Week-Days) Why you want to join: I'm fairly good at military RPing. I am very strong mentally. I think that I can be a great addon to this group. I am also currently in an ArmA 3 Realism Unit titled, "15th MEU."
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