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  1. Would music skill come in as a thing? I mean, most people wouldn't use it except for role playing. I don't think Zombies care what the sound they're following is, unless it's Thriller.
  2. I think I could easily sleep on a floor as long as I had something to rest my head on. A pillow and blanket would be nice, but I could settle for no blanket and using a bag instead of the pillow. I think coldness should be taken into account too. Sleeping on the ground will make you cold (less so if it's carpeted), but having separation through one of those raised camping beds or just sleeping in a regular chair or bed should help. So basically, additional sleep modifiers could be: Having a pillow and blanket, being raised from the floor.
  3. Armor is a definite maybe from the devs. I don't just think that's true, I know it might be.
  4. I'm pretty sure the dangerous animals would be stuck in the cages until they starved. Only exhibits with more or less harmless animals are left open (in Australia that's the Koalas and Wallabies).
  5. Do they really need practice? From my first stabbing I was pretty much perfectly on time, every time. Only time I get bit when I'm on a shanking spree is when I accidently stumble upon a bathroom party. Bathroom zombies man, they the risky biz!
  6. Lol, dumbb statment is dumbb. Pipe Bomb obvzly best wepon in gaem! Here isa checklist: Does it splode?: Pipebomb YES! Knife NOE! Look cool?: Pipebomb YES! Knife, well not if you use a butterknife NOE! Instant 23 pleyer kill streek?: Pipebomb YES! Knife NOE! Microwavable?: Pipebomb YES! Knife NOPE! Asparagys?: Pipebomb YES! Knife... mebeh Ez say?: Pipebomb YES! Knife... No way, silent K kills 5000 a year! Dumb list?: Pipebomb YES! Knife, what I am being threatened with to write this comment. Gud at partay? Pipebomb YES! Knife no (97% of cake death is caused by knive)! By this objective roster, we can now see that I'm a pathetic idiot. Also pipebombs > knife anyday! Edit: You know that liking these comments of mine is a negative influence right?
  7. The game says: Skipping turns or taking no stones is not aloud. You can skip your turn or take no stones, just be quiet about it.
  8. I hope that eventually most items will be destructible and then salvageable. I think the devs want this too. Already you can harvest scraps from electronics, and soon metal from cutlery and such.
  9. It could even be used as armor... Reduced movement speed (and maybe visiblity) but decreased chance of bites and scratches going through! That said, I'd actually prefer a spiffo employee uniform. Hat and all. I like to roleplay as a Spiffo Unemployer. Bordering up a Spiffo joint, farming on the roof, and then opening up the drive thru for delicious meals!
  10. King Kitteh

    Operation Big Tree

    All world objects and scenery are 2D. Only players and zombies are 3D AFAIK.
  11. King Kitteh

    Operation Big Tree

    Erm, a baby dragon might not melt the steel beams, but it won't have to. Steel weakens at high temperatures, at 1000c it will have lost most of it's strength and the dome will likely collapse under it's own weight. So a player is still doomed, if not to the heat, to the tonnes of debris which inevitably crush them.
  12. If you get through a door using brute force, however you do it, the door is going to become unusuable. This will happen due to either, breaks in the hinges, the lock, or the frame. You'd just end up with a free swinging door that cannot be locked. I mean, you could close it, but someone would just have to push it open. For that reason, I don't really see a point in having a way to break the lock but not the door. That is, unless you're willing to add a repair mechanic to fix the lock/frame/hinges (whatever broke). Other ways of opening doors seems nice though. I particularly like blowing it up. You can already break a door down by "pushing" it with space, room for improvement there though.
  13. I sometimes get these when I try leaving a comment. Sometimes going back and then re-posting works, but other times it doesn't.
  14. If get 2 levl 10 engineerign can build Iron Men armory suit? Plox, rekwuired 4 rol-play serviette.
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