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  1. Hi, as you know forage areas are very limited. once I started a very long and tough journey to a lake far west of muldraugh and OMG there was nowhere to forage no matter where i went, so i decided to make a map of foraging zones and share it with others so no one lost in the woods with nowhere to forage. Foraging Map Red Highlighted areas are Forage zones. I used "PZCarto_v1" that i found in this forum for drawing map. Map is 1:1 scale, means the coordinates on the map is the same of the real world in the game (you can use Photoshop or Paint to find the coordinates) and the empty spa
  2. Please Update dropbox link to version 2.3b Thank you
  3. Thanks for the mod I downloaded this from dropbox link, the paint option is on top of the "Place Furniture" option. EDIT: the dropbox link has 2.3a that is bugged.
  4. Some textures are looking very unnatural on the ground, like pan, bucket, etc. it is good to change those textures to look more natural on the ground. here is some changes i made and the difference is noticeable.
  5. Hi For play on survival i built this character: Name: Alexandra Profession: Unemployed i'm finishing the second month on this character (just one zombie kill!!) Traits: Graceful and Inconspicuous: zombies will less attract to me and i'm more free. Keen hearing and Eagle Eyed: hate when a zombie appear behind you and you have no time to reaction. now you can see farther and even see your behind. Obese, Unfit and Weak: now that zombies less attract to you and sooner forgot you you can save this points and remove this traits over time during game.
  6. It's great to change some textures (like bucket and water bottle) to look more naturally on the floor. for example when you place the bucket on the ground it looks like it is gonna fall. and cooking pot is not isometric(more like front view)
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