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  1. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 33

    Sure, it existed back then, but how many average cars had it in rural KY in the early 90's. I know that ABS was far from common here in Europe at that point in time. Quick google search didn't give me any numbers though. While a cruise-feature is a nice idea, it does not address my request (or concern) at all. Brakes are useless at the moment. Even more the different types. Releasing the throttle stops the car as fast as (or even faster than - idk) braking. It's ok, it's easy driving but it destroys the purpose of the whole mechanics complexity in that regard, imo. Also I think it would be more fun for me to handle some difficulty and feel the reward for good driving. Plus it is simply less realistic the way it is now. Coasting with reduced noise is another argument pro realism. I know it would be more difficult coding-wise, but maybe two different modes of driving physics would settle these contrary complaints. It would increase realism for those that don't want an easy driving mode. Something like the gun reloading option, which I am very thankful for and always set to realistic (or what it's called).
  2. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 33

    Strange, I could swear I tried right clicking on the key and got no options at all yesterday. Will try again tonight, thanks. Edit: Um left clicking simply starts the ignition I thought. It's all a bit confusing because of the replicating keys, i guess.
  3. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 33

    Like Shin said at the moment every car seems to have a key in the ignition (Tooltext always says "keys in Ignition"). Maybe make the key symbol yellow if a key is present (grey if there is no key) and green if the ignition is on. At the moment im always looking for the tooltip, which feels a bit cumbersome. Ideally a glance at the symbol should be enough to know. Additional question: how do I let the key in / take a key from the ignition to allow/prevent others from driving? That's not really clear to me. It already feels like there is a very strong "engine braking" present at the moment, and it feels way too strong to me. I don't know how the different brakes perform because I don't really have to use them right now. In my opinion a car shouldn't decelerate as much as it does at the moment if I lift my finger from the forward-key. Engine-brake (which I use a lot irl), especially in higher gears is far less effective. I think driving would be more fun if I would have to brake sometimes for turns or zombies on the road. At the moment I just lift my finger and after very few meters the car is already slow enough to take whatever turn without problems. So, my message in short: Reduce engine brake - active braking becomes a thing - then we can talk about balancing brake-effectiveness between the different kinds of brakes. The icing on the cake would be if cars would become somewhat unstable when breaking strongly at high speeds (no ABS back then) or when turning shortly before braking (load changes) etc..
  4. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 33

    I'm playing the vehicles build for a few weaks now and wanted to give some feedback. I really love the look and feel (except the sewing machine sound, that's awful, sorry :P) and the new possibilities they bring to the game. They really fit into the gameworld and look great (not too big, imo). Their interactions with lightsources are really beautiful! What I noticed: Brakes seem to have not much purpose at the moment. Even if I fit "old Brakes" onto my strong Pickup, I never have to brake on a highway. Lifting the finger is enough to get down from speed in almost all cases. I think cars shouldn't be losing speed that fast without braking. They shouldn't roll endlessly neither, but at the moment they lose their momentum way too fast. Also, having to break more often could also emphasize the awesome bullet physics, which I rarely recognize at the moment (only if I do ridiculous turning manoeuvres at high speeds). Some things aren't self-explanatory or intuitive enough to me: What about air pressure of tires? Does it have an impact on driving behaviour or does it only affect tires when beneath 5.0 (they seems to fall off while driving then?) - I have no real clue. Don't know how to improve that, though. A key in the ignition should be more obvious. Maybe the color of the dashboard icon should signal an inserted key. I've also thought about having a small inventory (like the glove box) for the ignition (only fits car keys..) which would possibly be an improvement for Multiplayer, too (shared car? let the key in the ignition / personal car? take the key). But I can imagine you discussed that internally already. Someone wrote about hotwiring. After more than two month of car survival I didn't even know that's already an option. Something about erosion: The small, freshly spawned trees (these little buggers, that start to appear everywhere after a few weeks ingame) are a problem. I know you are reworking solid objects already, so please think about very young trees, too. They are hardly visible sometimes and should be at least a bit flexible. So maybe slow down cars on them but not make them an absolute stopping force. A real sappling needs one or two years till it could stop a car, i assume. Also: Some bushes seem to be obstacles, others are not. I can't perceive a difference, it's try and error. A (potential) bug I found: I have a car with a broken lock on one door. If I take a pristine door from another car and install that, the broken lock persists. If I install the formerly broken door on another car it works flawlessly. That's it so far. I love vehicles so much, I coulnd't play without them again.
  5. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 33

    Here is mine[link deleted] (the automatic backup before conversion - should be in b24 state) Edit: It's not fully vanilla though, don't know if that's a problem. :-/
  6. Unable to pick up objects

    It does happen in Singleplayer, too. And it happens in Muldraugh, too. I play a sp game on the current vehicles branch and have encountered that bug several times while customizing my "The Rusty Rifle" tavern base. The strange thing is, it comes and goes away with game restarts. It sometimes is not possible to pick up or place down anything during a playsession. Every furniture-action throws that exception. But trying the same things in another playsession (closing and starting Zomboid again) the bug is suddenly gone and everything can be picked up and placed again until it bugs out the next session. I picked up a two parts metal shelf and put it on the ground (in box form). I came back in a later session, picked it up and tried to place it without success. Additionally I couldn't put it back on the ground in box form. After getting rid of that shelf in some container I tried picking up other furniture, which always resulted in exceptions. I did have the necessary Screw Driver on hand. Coming back 2 play sessions later everything worked fine again. I could place that shelf and I could pick up other stuff without exceptions (hurrhurr). Playing the next day after a restart broke it again. Sry, it's not really helpful on the bug reproduction side. EDIT: I just realised you are talking about sprites here. I thought it is about furniture. Wrong bug, sry. Please move to "Can't move furniture in Riverside" or delete.
  7. The Traitpoint bonus you can set in the sandbox settings only apply to the first character of a game. If this character dies, the next one starts with the default amount of 0 bonuspoints. Don't know if its intended, but it doesn't make much sense imo. It's part of the game settings, should apply to every character.
  8. bleeding

    Not OP but I had the same bug. Desinfected, bandaged and eventually healed the wound but it kept bleeding. Had tweezers in my inventory but there was no option available except "desinfect wound" and "bandage". Was playing on the vehicles test build.
  9. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15

    That value can not be updated after you got to the trait selection screen. If you go back and insert a different value into "Free trait points", the trait points in the selection screen stay the same. Even going back to main menu doesn't fix it. You have to restart the game to be able to change that value again.
  10. After opening an ingame map with a controller you're not able to interact with it. Though a drawing and labeling interaction may be difficult to add, at least the option to close the map by controller (like the device options focus) would be neat as a temporary/quick fix.
  11. [SplitScreen Coop] Second player can't sleep

    Encountered the same bug. Wanted to add that it is random which player gets this. Had that with player one. Then Player 2 had it, too. After a dead character of player one, player two could sleep again but player one had that bug. I'm not sure if it's directly connected to split screen though. Could also be a gamepad bug. We had this playing over steam link with two XBox Controllers. Screen goes dark for a split second but sleep is interrupted immediately. No "sleepclock" appearing. After loading my game solo on PC with mouse and keyboard later on, my character (player one) was able to sleep normally again. Edit: https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/tracker/issue/1005--{?}/ is related and has a potential solution (small deadzone for xinput joysticks)
  12. RELEASED: Build 35.26

    Can confirm antique stoves still not working.. Not fixed, at least not retroactively with the antique stove from my current playthrough.
  13. Desinfect scratch with alcohol whipes error

    Getting an error when desinfecting a scratch on my neck with alcohol whipes. The action starts, i see the small error popup in the lower right corner while doing that and the progressbar gets stuck at the end. Console.txt is attached. console.txt
  14. RELEASED: Build 35.26

    Please don't be too harsh.. He does so much good!
  15. Wow, now I feel guilty that I dared to post my observations after your statement. I'm no Expert of A* either (like CaptKaspar). I have basic knowledge of recursive programming and have heard of A* before.. but that's it. So maybe half of my post was technically bullshit.. ^^ I never underestimated your efforts and endless thought-processes about this (or other) topics. Sorry, if my post (especially or additionally) made you feel upset, Lemmy. Nonetheless, this is a place for PZ-Feedback, so maybe I shouldn't be feeling too guilty!? I didn't know, that Zombie behaviour is moddable. That is very interesting. I have no experience with modding/LUA, but I will have a closer look at that. Maybe it will be as fruitless, but next time I can talk less stoopid things about this special topic..