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  1. High strength = Uselles Stomp?

    Well, i think you both are talking about different things. Stomping is something you do after the zombie is laying on the floor already. What you (Brefe) seem to be talking about is shoving while the zombie is still on his feet, i guess. Stomping should be more affected by weight than by strength, maybe. While higher strength should lead to a successful push over of zombies more often. Feel free to correct me if i'm wrong, as I'm not a native english speaker.
  2. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 26

    Here is mine[link deleted] (the automatic backup before conversion - should be in b24 state) Edit: It's not fully vanilla though, don't know if that's a problem. :-/
  3. Unable to pick up objects

    It does happen in Singleplayer, too. And it happens in Muldraugh, too. I play a sp game on the current vehicles branch and have encountered that bug several times while customizing my "The Rusty Rifle" tavern base. The strange thing is, it comes and goes away with game restarts. It sometimes is not possible to pick up or place down anything during a playsession. Every furniture-action throws that exception. But trying the same things in another playsession (closing and starting Zomboid again) the bug is suddenly gone and everything can be picked up and placed again until it bugs out the next session. I picked up a two parts metal shelf and put it on the ground (in box form). I came back in a later session, picked it up and tried to place it without success. Additionally I couldn't put it back on the ground in box form. After getting rid of that shelf in some container I tried picking up other furniture, which always resulted in exceptions. I did have the necessary Screw Driver on hand. Coming back 2 play sessions later everything worked fine again. I could place that shelf and I could pick up other stuff without exceptions (hurrhurr). Playing the next day after a restart broke it again. Sry, it's not really helpful on the bug reproduction side. EDIT: I just realised you are talking about sprites here. I thought it is about furniture. Wrong bug, sry. Please move to "Can't move furniture in Riverside" or delete.
  4. The Traitpoint bonus you can set in the sandbox settings only apply to the first character of a game. If this character dies, the next one starts with the default amount of 0 bonuspoints. Don't know if its intended, but it doesn't make much sense imo. It's part of the game settings, should apply to every character.
  5. bleeding

    Not OP but I had the same bug. Desinfected, bandaged and eventually healed the wound but it kept bleeding. Had tweezers in my inventory but there was no option available except "desinfect wound" and "bandage". Was playing on the vehicles test build.
  6. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15

    That value can not be updated after you got to the trait selection screen. If you go back and insert a different value into "Free trait points", the trait points in the selection screen stay the same. Even going back to main menu doesn't fix it. You have to restart the game to be able to change that value again.
  7. After opening an ingame map with a controller you're not able to interact with it. Though a drawing and labeling interaction may be difficult to add, at least the option to close the map by controller (like the device options focus) would be neat as a temporary/quick fix.
  8. [SplitScreen Coop] Second player can't sleep

    Encountered the same bug. Wanted to add that it is random which player gets this. Had that with player one. Then Player 2 had it, too. After a dead character of player one, player two could sleep again but player one had that bug. I'm not sure if it's directly connected to split screen though. Could also be a gamepad bug. We had this playing over steam link with two XBox Controllers. Screen goes dark for a split second but sleep is interrupted immediately. No "sleepclock" appearing. After loading my game solo on PC with mouse and keyboard later on, my character (player one) was able to sleep normally again. Edit: https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/tracker/issue/1005--{?}/ is related and has a potential solution (small deadzone for xinput joysticks)
  9. RELEASED: Build 35.26

    Can confirm antique stoves still not working.. Not fixed, at least not retroactively with the antique stove from my current playthrough.
  10. Desinfect scratch with alcohol whipes error

    Getting an error when desinfecting a scratch on my neck with alcohol whipes. The action starts, i see the small error popup in the lower right corner while doing that and the progressbar gets stuck at the end. Console.txt is attached. console.txt
  11. RELEASED: Build 35.26

    Please don't be too harsh.. He does so much good!
  12. Wow, now I feel guilty that I dared to post my observations after your statement. I'm no Expert of A* either (like CaptKaspar). I have basic knowledge of recursive programming and have heard of A* before.. but that's it. So maybe half of my post was technically bullshit.. ^^ I never underestimated your efforts and endless thought-processes about this (or other) topics. Sorry, if my post (especially or additionally) made you feel upset, Lemmy. Nonetheless, this is a place for PZ-Feedback, so maybe I shouldn't be feeling too guilty!? I didn't know, that Zombie behaviour is moddable. That is very interesting. I have no experience with modding/LUA, but I will have a closer look at that. Maybe it will be as fruitless, but next time I can talk less stoopid things about this special topic..
  13. These situations are rare, indeed. The problem is intricate and I'm sure finding the perfect balance between "realistic" pathfinding and easy peasy Zeds is nearly impossible. Just want to point out, that I had similar observations which were annoying from a immersion point of view. I was working in the blue zone. Zeds in the yellow area hear me and are instantly making a bee line along the red arrows to my position, again and again. That makes Zombies look quite magical. And there we have it: Dragons already in the game - disguised as undead humanoids. That's a path of nearly 20 times the distance of a straight line between us. Surely a 100+ recursions of A*. Is there a recursion limit at all?
  14. RELEASED: Build 34.10 - Food Tracker Build

    Sry, I've made a mistake in my previous post. I said "chicken soup", but was talking about a full cooking pot with fish filet and several vegetables. I'm no expert, but 180 calories seems a bit low for a full cooking pot of soup made from a fish filet or a rabbit and several different vegetables (potatoe, cabbage and broccoli). I'm eating all the time, am well fed a lot but always on the absolute lower end of calories (-3500) with farmed, trapped or fished and then cooked stuff. tl;dr: impossible to hold your weight without eating looted/canned food or sugar sh...enanigans.
  15. RELEASED: Build 34.10 - Food Tracker Build

    I made a wilderness attempt (thought it is a good opportunity to try that). my data: Screenshot: I have the "Very Underweight" trait. Thought it would be a good pick for my no running playstyle. I am 90 percent of the wake time occupied with getting food from fishing, trapping and farming and had nearly no time for anything else. The start was really hard, even with a bag full of nonperishables carried over. It's somewhat interesting, 'cause I think if you would live in the wilderness for real, your main occupation would be searching for enough food. It is a bit tedious and not very much fun gameplay-wise at the moment, but only needs a bit of balencing i guess... Cooked food gives nearly no +calories and there seems to be a bug with making bowls from soups/stews. They give +0 calories. Was stuck at -3500 most of the time. If I eat a full chicken fish/rabbit soup with vegetables with -58 hunger it gives me about +190 calories. Result is that I'm permanently loosing weight. (I'm not at -3500 calories in the screenshot because I ate a full glass of peanutbutter [to understand the mechanics] shortly before)