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    Please, please, PLEASE keep the advanced reloading (or what it is called...) in the game, too. I highly prefer it over the simpler direct loading of bullets.
  2. Make it a sandbox option public servers can switch off. Would be a really cool feature for SP and CoOp. Not only a good way to skill up and get materials but also for clearing of congested highways..
  3. That sounds exactly like the problem I have. Is there any chance that you have other devices attached to your computer? Some joystick or pedals or other HID/USB? I get stuck on the character texturepack screen unless I detach my saitek combat rudder pedals and my button box.
  4. I have issues with some devices attached to my computer. They keep the game from loading up. Devices that keep the game from loading: Button Box Interface (from leobodnar, if it matters) Saitek Combat Rudder Pedals I have to disconnect (or disable in windows device manager) those two to get the game to the main menu. The last thing I see is "Loading Characters texturepack" with which it becomes unresponsive and I have to kill the game process. I will attach my console.txt. (Shortened, as it repeated the same java error endlessly and got to 35mb of text with that) Not having to do extra steps to load up the game would be neat and might keep others from dealing with the troubleshooting I had to go through. Maybe let the game skip devices it can't deal with, I don't know... My Thrustmaster Joystick and Throttle are no problem though. I guess I could even play with them... zomboid_controllerbuild_console_2.txt
  5. The cutaway algorithm is missing some essential walls on my player build structure leading to some obstruction. It seems to be directly tied to stairs and structures above them. I'll add some screenshots of the problem. Hope the green markings help understanding the geometry. The three tile wall in screenhot A is the biggest problem. It is always fully opaque (when I'm on ground floor) and completely blocks the visibility of a substantial part of my space.
  6. I was especially reacting to the "Please let us have to click/dig for every single body". That wouldn't add anything, imo. I'm not asking for a "click once win all" solution. xD I'm voting for just leave it as it is, it's fine.
  7. I'm ok with extending the time needed to dig and/or increasing fatigue taken from it but please don't make an action take 10 clicks for the same effect that it has now with two clicks. That's not better realism/gameplay, thats just more tedium without benefit. Also, as a person who doesn't like to start corpse fires: Have you ever cleaned the surroundings of your safehouse of 50+ zeds without burning them? That's already "tedious enough".
  8. Are you sure your friend is around all the time? He is never out of sight, switching an oven on while you're not looking? I guess someone is having a bit of fun by making it more spooky for you. Edit: I forgot about the "no electricity" part, but there are other simple ways to start a fire.
  9. I can confirm. Though it does not "go out" but gets extremely muffled or rather very quiet. It only happens when you move over long distances, like from Muldraugh towards the western or northern end of the map.
  10. 667. Make car tires a 3D Object when dropped to the floor like generators. Make them stackable like crates. Let us store them in a visually appealing way in our bases or build tire barricades (for racetracks ;-).
  11. I noticed that, too. It's quite too much. Lost 35%+ by going somewhat "straight" from Riverside to the Rusty Rifle in Muldraugh without driving offroad at all. Combined with the hassle of changing mufflers at lower skill levels it makes me feel uncomfortable driving my "in good shape" car at all. I know the intention is to balance it properly, but I guess we will deteriorate our cars enough by driving badly and through crashing into everything and its brother because we can, so you don't have to make wear too intense. Mechanics profession will be extremely useful anyways. Just saying... Besides that I really love cars. They are a really nice addition to gameplay and the idea of connecting "coastability" to tire pressure is just awesome (and logical ). Thanks again for the best zombie game ever!
  12. Not 100% sure if I undestand you correctly, but there already is a bugtracker here or via the menu at the top of this forum (its called "Tracker").
  13. Sure, it existed back then, but how many average cars had it in rural KY in the early 90's. I know that ABS was far from common here in Europe at that point in time. Quick google search didn't give me any numbers though. While a cruise-feature is a nice idea, it does not address my request (or concern) at all. Brakes are useless at the moment. Even more the different types. Releasing the throttle stops the car as fast as (or even faster than - idk) braking. It's ok, it's easy driving but it destroys the purpose of the whole mechanics complexity in that regard, imo. Also I think it would be more fun for me to handle some difficulty and feel the reward for good driving. Plus it is simply less realistic the way it is now. Coasting with reduced noise is another argument pro realism. I know it would be more difficult coding-wise, but maybe two different modes of driving physics would settle these contrary complaints. It would increase realism for those that don't want an easy driving mode. Something like the gun reloading option, which I am very thankful for and always set to realistic (or what it's called).
  14. Strange, I could swear I tried right clicking on the key and got no options at all yesterday. Will try again tonight, thanks. Edit: Um left clicking simply starts the ignition I thought. It's all a bit confusing because of the replicating keys, i guess.
  15. Like Shin said at the moment every car seems to have a key in the ignition (Tooltext always says "keys in Ignition"). Maybe make the key symbol yellow if a key is present (grey if there is no key) and green if the ignition is on. At the moment im always looking for the tooltip, which feels a bit cumbersome. Ideally a glance at the symbol should be enough to know. Additional question: how do I let the key in / take a key from the ignition to allow/prevent others from driving? That's not really clear to me. It already feels like there is a very strong "engine braking" present at the moment, and it feels way too strong to me. I don't know how the different brakes perform because I don't really have to use them right now. In my opinion a car shouldn't decelerate as much as it does at the moment if I lift my finger from the forward-key. Engine-brake (which I use a lot irl), especially in higher gears is far less effective. I think driving would be more fun if I would have to brake sometimes for turns or zombies on the road. At the moment I just lift my finger and after very few meters the car is already slow enough to take whatever turn without problems. So, my message in short: Reduce engine brake - active braking becomes a thing - then we can talk about balancing brake-effectiveness between the different kinds of brakes. The icing on the cake would be if cars would become somewhat unstable when breaking strongly at high speeds (no ABS back then) or when turning shortly before braking (load changes) etc..
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