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  1. I noticed that the skin temperature gauge menu goes from Blue (completely cool) to red (completely hot). After the body cools down, it drops from red to blue and there's no variables like it was in v41.50. Also noticed that the insulation menu only works for gloves as I have multiple jackets, hoodies and shirts but it's still showing blue (not insulated at all) while the gloves is the only part that shows red. In fact, it looks like the entire temperature menu is faulty as non of it works correctly as indicated by the color spectrum guide at the bottom. Nothing is ever green or yellow. There were no mods when this was tested. using v41.65 SP
  2. Before the recent update, there use to be weapons sprawled out throughout the safe houses. Now hardly any weapons spawn at all except for rare chances in a closet. Is there a way to add weapons spawning to safe houses? about 70% of the safe houses I've visited have none and I even added abundant on loot options just to test it and it doesn't it didn't change it. Safe houses are now just normal houses with some wood on the windows.
  3. I saw Project Zomboid trending on Steam front page for awhile. I'm glad it's finally getting wide spread publicity. I'm sure this helps motivate the devs even more knowing their work is being recognized wildly.
  4. I'm single player only currently.
  5. Yes it is. What's it even do? Is there an in game store now? Or is there a progression system to unlock cartable clothes?
  6. CORRECTION: It does it with no mods as well as it just happened. Here's a video of it. 06-01-22_04-41-51_DebugLog.zip
  7. Since the recent update to 41.65, I've noticed that there's a ton of errors that pop up. The most recent one I'm encountering is when you die and click on new character, an error pops up and the new character menu never shows. I've tried it both with no mods, one mod and multiple mods. When there's only one mod (doesn't seem to matter which one as I've tried 6 very common ones) this error shows up. When there's no mods, the new character menu shows just fine. This error is what shows in the log but I'm not sure if this is what's causing the no menu though. [06-01-22 04:35:33.941] ERROR: General , 1641465333941> ExceptionLogger.logException> Exception thrown java.lang.RuntimeException: Expected a table at KahluaUtil.fail line:82.. [06-01-22 04:35:33.941] ERROR: General , 1641465333941> DebugLogStream.printException> Stack trace:. [06-01-22 04:35:33.944] LOG : General , 1641465333944> ----------------------------------------- STACK TRACE ----------------------------------------- Callframe at: table.pairs function: disableBtn -- file: CharacterCreationMain.lua line # 1277 function: create -- file: CharacterCreationMain.lua line # 299 function: createChildren -- file: CoopCharacterCreation.lua line # 187 function: instantiate -- file: ISUIElement.lua line # 653 function: setUIName -- file: ISUIElement.lua line # 1466 function: new -- file: CoopCharacterCreation.lua line # 204 function: newPlayerMouse -- file: CoopCharacterCreation.lua line # 276 function: onRespawn -- file: ISPostDeathUI.lua line # 142 function: onMouseUp -- file: ISButton.lua line # 56. 06-01-22_04-32-40_DebugLog.zip
  8. Are there going to be electric vehicles coming? We already have sound assets for them. I often forget my sound is on while driving.
  9. Hotfix to revert to old sounds? Seriously... at least for the vehicles Either way, thank you for the continued updates for free. Props for developing for so long.
  10. Did the vehicle performance change? They all seem way slower than prior. This was an existing world.
  11. They all sound exactly same with a tone of a jet. There's no RPM idle sound and sounds very dull
  12. Did all the vehicle sounds change? They sound terrible now.
  13. Same... My game also crashes a lot with 41.53
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