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  1. Ability to make metal doors. How is this not already a thing?
  2. It's 15 degrees outside and there's a blizzard going on but the fish fillet spoils way quicker in my trailer and in a shelf outside than it does in my fridge. Not sure if this is a bug or an oversight/not implemented yet
  3. Ability to dehydrate food such as bananas other fruits. Also the ability to make beef jerky
  4. It's definitely not a bug as it starts off fairly quick and slowly goes slower and then resets. It's noticeable even with clicking every shot. Also, it's reported on steam as a recent update nerf
  5. Still effects it with bursts. Either way, they should reverse it.
  6. Happens in vanilla. They HEAVILY nerfed it in the recent update, apparently.
  7. Remove the progressive slow down of gun fire. If I have the very limited ammo with the fairly rare gun, I shouldn't be artificially limited with some progressive slow down mechanic. Right now the M16 isn't even worth the weight of carrying it around.
  8. Ability to repair doors, garage doors and other structure items
  9. I like the changing texture idea
  10. Tow Rope made from tailoring. Perhaps multiple ropes (requires tailoring to combine) and twisted together using industrial glue (requires cooking to harden) and wire (perhaps metalwork).
  11. I like your idea. What if when you did 'examine,' it showed in text a description of what state the item appears to be in. "The door appears to have no damage." or "The door has large gaping holes."
  12. Could be fixed with the addition of solar panels made with very high electrical using very rare components and requiring a read pamplett to learn how to make it. Solar panels could also open a lot of other options
  13. Seems like this has already been suggested
  14. The ability to repair trailer's bodywork. Perhaps repair amount is determined by metalwork lvl
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